Loans, Social Services Top Margibi Citizens’ Requests to Weah

President George M. Weah

President George Weah has agreed to the wish of the people of Margibi County to implement projects that transform their lives and living conditions before the end of tenure in 2023.

The citizen in town hall meeting with the President in Weala asked him to build a recreation center, market halls for businesspeople, elevate the only public school in that area to a high school level, and build a conference hall for the people.  

They furthered remind the President that of the need to regularize volunteered health workers and teachers’ status, provision of loans for marketers, and housing units for health workers amongst others.

Residents of the county also brought to the attention of the President the need to help build a rehabilitation center for disadvantaged you otherwise referred to as “zogos,” and electrify the prison center in the county.  

“Usually, citizens gathered for an important meeting but are faced with the constraint of having a place to have the meeting. Therefore, the request for a conference hall if achieved will be laudable. There are lots of constraints we face and wish you can help with it very soon. They are many but the ones listed are the priority areas including safe drinking water,” said Christiana Sonpon, who spoke on behalf of Weala residents.

Meanwhile, Margibi County District #1 Representative, Clarence G. Garr, reiterated the call by the citizens and urged the President to give special attention to it.

“Since you have not forgotten us, we will not forget you too. We want to appreciate you for your numerous developments in the county. The Clar Weah Foundation which is situated in Margibi County will benefit the people as well. We know some of our problems if not all will be solved,” Rep. Garr said.

In response to the citizens, President Weah assured the citizens of Margibi of his administration’s ambition to improves the country and its citizens’ lives, as such, their county will not be left behind.

According to President Weah, he was delighted that in a period of three years that he has served Liberians, his government has made maximum use of years to achieve “what no government has achieved in their first three year.”

“You can see that my administration is doing what was promised. We are building institutions, building the capacity for your children, providing lights in our major cities, and making sure that everyone in this country has a reason to know that Liberia exists,” President Weah said.

“Despite the noise, you stood by us along with your children. You went to the polls and gave us this opportunity to serve and we are grateful to you people. We have come to listen to you to see how some of your problems can be solved,” President Weah said.

The meeting, which came as a result of the President County Tour — styled “Citizens Engagement,” will see the Liberian leader visiting four counties, including Margibi, Grand Bassa, Rivercess, and Sinoe, and having town hall meetings and dedication of projects and launching of new ones as part of the third phase of his country-wide tour.

Ms. Sonpon further expressed gratitude to Senator James Emmanuel Nuquay for some levels of intervention during his time as House Speaker who started the provision of a pipe-borne water project that when completed will supply Weala and its environs.

“This project will ease the many challenges citizens face in accessing safe drinking water. Drinking from nearby creeks and streams poses serious health problems to citizens’ wellbeing,” she emphasized.   

Meanwhile, the town hall meetings held both in Kakata and Weala were scenes of excitements and jubilation, bringing together young people, traditional leaders, business people, governemnt officials, Muslim and Christian Communities of the county.


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