LNRCS Prevents Diarrhea Outbreak in Bomi, Constructs Pit Latrines in Vulnerable Communities


The Bomi Chapter of the Liberian National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) is continuing intensive efforts to prevent further outbreak of diarrhea, which is the cause of what Liberians referred to as running stomach, in some of the vulnerable communities in the county.

In an effort to prevent epidemic, the local chapter of the LNRCS, in its latest effort to prevent any possible reoccurrence of diarrhea outbreak has constructed and formerly dedicated pit latrines to two vulnerable communities. The communities include, namely Bogbeh and Gbadinkla all in Senjeh District.

The Red Cross in December last year carried out immediate distribution of water guards and the chlorination of more than 50-wells in December following an outbreak of diarrhea in Bomi in which five of its project communities were affected badly.

The field offer of the Red Cross in Bomi, Zinnah Quaye, speaking at the official dedication ceremony of the project on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 said the intervention of the Red Cross was hugely based on assessment report that there were opened defecations in the communities.

“We believe it was safe enough to help the communities construct the pit latrines to at least minimize the health threat in the environment” said the Bomi Field Officer of the Red Cross asserted.

Mr. Quaye said their assessment also established that using the nearby bushes for toilet has over the year contaminated the running water and polluted the air which most likely cause people to suffer from running stomach, diarrhea and other health hazards in the communities.

He said the communities are still desperate and there is a need for more interventions to rehabilitating damaged well and constructing additional ones as well as building more latrines to avoid any outbreak because Diarrhea is a fast killer disease.  

The Red Cross Bomi Chapter Field Officer maintained that the issue of water and sanitation remains a huge challenge for the vulnerable community, stressing that people are still drinking from running water and defecating openly around their own communities.

The Red Cross in Bomi is working in five communities, training and empowering community people on the repair of damaged wells and providing training on the management of water sources and latrine facilities as part of the steps take to promote community health care. 

I want to thank the Red Cross people for this big project, at least our children and us will now have somewhere to go to cease ourselves”, a man referred to as the Dean Elder Morris Abdullai expressed joyfully.

Mr. Abdullai continues: This is the first project for latrine in our town and we really appreciate the respond of the Red Cross”. He also encourages other surrounding community to welcome the Red Cross into their communities for development.


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