LNRCS Identifies with Storm Victims in Lofa


The Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) has begun rendering humanitarian services to 14 communities that were recently hit by storm in Lofa County.

The LNRCS began the process on June 10, and it is distributing assorted relief items to 452 families struggling to rebuild their homes following the devastating storm.

The storm incident occurred in that part of the country on May 31, 2014 destroying buildings, business centers and farms.

Items the Red Cross is distributing include Zinc, mats, buckets, lappers, sets of cooking utensils, and five cartoons of roofing nails.

According to authorities and residents in Lofa, the storm completely damaged about 115 houses and partially affected 202.

Over three thousand people were rendered homeless as a result.

LNRCS Lofa County chapter Field officer, Joseph Varnie, said though storm encounter is not strange to people of Lofa, the May 31 storm was very devastating.

He said the level of destruction is severe to the extent that the Red Cross alone cannot reach all affected families with relief.

He told journalists that the Red Cross is considering identifying with the 452 family heads, but the materials available are not enough to cover all the victims.

“We at the Red Cross want to send out SOS for more relief items as the victims are still in desperate need of clothing and building materials, Mr. Varney said.

“On the first day of distribution, we covered at least 45-family heads; yet there are many still standing by and the relief items are not enough to address their needs,” he added.

The relief items being distributed to the victims were made available by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Danish Red Cross (DRC), partners to the Liberian National Red Cross Society.

At the same time, the Red Cross Lofa Chapter has also begun creating awareness for tree planting to help save people in the county from future destruction.


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