LNP Shows Readiness to Maintain Peace and Security


By George Harris & Anthony Kokoi

A day before the Presidential and Legislative elections, the Liberia National Police paraded the main streets of Monrovia and assured citizens of security and stability on election day which was Tuesday.

Hundreds of people Monday watched in amazement as police officers demonstrated their preparedness to defend and protect the population in case of any threatening eventuality.

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The Deputy Inspector General for Operations, Abraham Kromah, was quoted by witnesses as saying that the national police is equipped and prepared to ensure the maintenance of peace during and after Election Day.

The exhibition followed seven weeks of preparation on election security and crisis management.

Joint security agencies in the training included the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) and the Liberia Fire Service.

There has been a level of uncertainty about Liberia remaining peaceful after the elections due to news and rumors from political camps causing some anxiety among the public.

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Additionally, there is assurance of support from the United Nations and ECOWAS, but the maintenance of peace has been placed on the shoulders of the Liberian government.

Reacting to the national police display, Alieu Kenneh, a bystander, said the exhibition has brought him some level of relief.

“At first I was really worried about how Liberia will be after October 10 but from what I have seen today, I am convinced that our police can handle anything that may happen to disturb the peace that we are enjoying,” said Kenneh.


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