LNP Online Crime Statistics System Goes Live

A one of the trainees seated behind the computer for the LNP online tool.

…At the same time, TOT exercise on the platform for personnel commences

An online Crime Statistics Information System (CSIS) has been launched at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP). The “Go Live” launch of the system, held January 25, 2021, was also marked by the beginning of a five-day Training of Trainer’s workshop on the crime database system for 15 personnel.

It forms part of a wider rule of law case management system which uses a modern web application that allows relevant institutions to record reported crimes and cases as they are processed through the criminal justice chain in Liberia.

This case tracking tool will be utilized by major rule of law institutions like the Ministry of Justice and the LNP, which will initially be piloted separately by the various institutions.

The Initiative is under the joint UN Liberia Rule of Law Program that brings together relevant UN Agencies under the UN Global Focal Point on Rule of Law. It is supported by UNDP Crisis Bureau and it leverages specialization and comparative advantages.

Speaking at the official launch of the platform, James Monibah, representing the United Nations Development Program, acknowledged UNDP’s long-standing relationship and trusted partnership with the Liberia National Police over the years.

According to him, the link between rule of law and development provides an imperative for continual technical capacity building and service delivery in the justice and security sector.

“Having a crime statistics data system enables relevant stakeholders to track cases as they move through the criminal justice system by receiving information on the patterns of crime, its prevalence, the hot-spots and periods of increased criminality,” said Monibah.

He also mentioned that the system measures case backlog in courts, the status of pre-trial detention and assesses the disposal rate of cases, which will enable policymakers to put appropriate responses in place to enhance the efficiency of the criminal justice system.”

Kofi Ireland of UN Women said he hoped to see follow-up trainings that will be led by the Liberia National Police as a sign of transfer of skills.

Ireland thanked UNDP for leading the program and reiterated that regular and updated statistics on crime is important to the operations of the police and the public.

For his part, the LNP Deputy Commissioner for Administration, Ambrose Nebo, thanked the United Nations for its continued support to the LNP, especially regarding crime statistics.

Mr. Nebo noted that capacity building adds values to the work of the Liberia National Police. He said the LNP remains indebted to its partners and will ensure that the training bears fruit.

He encouraged participants to take advantage of the training and reiterated that his institution will do all it can to ensure that more female officers benefit from the program, bearing in mind UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on the role of women in peace and security.


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