‘LNP Officers to Receive Elections Stipend Shortly’

Sam Collins

Officers to stay at their assigned posts for November 7 runoff

The Liberia National Police spokesman, Sam Collins, has assured officers who have not yet received their election deployment stipend since the end of the first round of the elections that the money is being processed and will soon be placed into their accounts at the various banks.

Collins added that currently, the UNDP is working with various banks across the country to get the process completed in the shortest possible time to avoid any delays.

‘‘We are appealing to you to be patient, and very soon your money will be available. We are working to get things done quickly. Also, let me clarify that this money was given by the Japanese Government and it is taken care of by the UNDP, not the LNP as it has been speculated,” he said.

Collins added that despite the delay, all police officers will still remain at their assigned areas, noting that recent speculations that they will be leaving are misleading.

“We are doing everything possible to maintain the peace and security and at the same time, we are calling on everyone to remain law abiding during and after the conduct of the polls.

“The LNP remains committed to sustaining the peace at all times. We also want to extend our appreciation to patriotic Liberians who conducted themselves well during the October 10 polls, and we hope to see the same conduct on November 7,” he added

Meanwhile, Collins said the LNP is still waiting on the National Elections Commission’s calendar of events for the runoff elections so that they can smoothly control political rallies and monitor the process to keep it violence free.

“All those police officers that were deployed during the first phase of the presidential and legislative elections, most especially those in the rural areas will remain there for the runoff on November 7.

“Those officers in Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, Maryland, River Gee and Grand Kru counties have no need to come to Monrovia as it should have been, rather they will stay there,” he added.

In a related development Collins has confirmed recent reports of an armed robbery case in the township of Brewerville. It was reported that armed robbery activities were taking place in that area. According to Collins, at least six individuals were arrested with 4 single barrel guns and several rounds of ammunition. He, however, said the investigation is ongoing.


  1. It’s really unfortunate that government institutions cannot be trusted with money. What kind of people are we if we can’t govern our own country with honesty? It’s a disgrace that other governments don’t trust the people running the country and it is patently clear in this case wherein the UNDP has to takeover functions that should be done by the Liberian government. Corruption is definitely killing the country.

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