LNP Launches Investigation into 3 Motorcyclists’ Death

Dir. Massaquoi said the investigation_web.jpg


Authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have launched an investigation into the death of at least three motorcyclists.

The LNP’s investigation aims at ascertaining the facts and establishing the cause(s) of what it termed as “this unfortunate situation,” — referring to the fracas of Thursday, April 16 in which a police officer allegedly clubbed a commercial motorcyclist who fell unconscious and never recovered.  

Police Director C. Clarence Massaquoi vowed to ensure “a speedy and transparent outcome of the investigation in the interest of the public.”

Director Massaquoi said over the weekend that such “outrageous criminal behavior as carried out yesterday [Thursday] resulting in the burning of a police substation and vandalizing of five others, including the violent attack and throwing of rocks and other deadly objects at the police resulting to injuries of several police officers and lives and properties, not to mention stripping bare of some female police officers, will henceforth be dealt with in the most serious way.”

In addition, Director Massaquoi issued a very strong warning to all motorcyclists to strictly observe the restriction placed on the no-go zones. He reiterated the Ministry of Justice’s ban on the movement of “all motorcyclists” from plying the routes between the ELWA to the Double Bridge through the Red Light and from the ELWA Junction to Mount Barclay through the Red Light and ELWA Highway.

This restriction also covers all roads within the GSA and Rehab Communities. “Again, all motorcyclists (pem pem) stay away from the no-go zones mentioned; as no one is exempted,” he stressed.

The police chief warned that all violators will be immediately arrested, their motorbike(s) confiscated and forwarded to court for prosecution.

The police have also strongly advised motorcyclists and the general public that it will not tolerate any illegal street demonstration, rioting, and mob violence.  

The police authorities said they won’t hesitate to deal drastically with anyone caught in such unlawful and criminal behavior in order to maintain law and order.

The Police called on all citizens to desist from taking the law into their own hands and allow the rule of law to prevail. “Don’t test our resolve! Don’t repeat yesterday’s violent action or you will have yourselves to blame,” Director Massaquoi warned.

Meanwhile, the LNP has extended its “deepest condolences” to the bereaved families.


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