LNP ‘Invites’ Rebel General Power

Flashback: Ex-rebel General Power (a.k.a. Augustine Nagbe) leads riot police and government sympathizers to rescue Freedom FM, following the shutdown of Roots FM.

After weeks of public outrage against terroristic threats to public safety and against an elected official spoken by ex-rebel fighter Augustine Nagbe, alias ‘General Power’,  the Liberia National Police said it has invited the man for “questioning.”

General Power fought under the banner of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC), a rebel faction run in the 1990s by current Grand Gedeh County Representative, George Boley.

In a press statement issued by the LNP on Wednesday, November 27, 2019, Police Spokesman, H. Moses Carter, said by directive of the Justice Ministry, the LNP “has invited Augustine Nagbe, alias ‘Ex-Rebel General Power’ to clarify his statements about the formation of a Kru Defense Force” to defend President George Weah, claiming that the national security is ineffective to defend the President.

Augustine Nagbe, alias General Power, who is named in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report as  the rebel fighter who forced a woman at gunpoint in the West Point community, outside Monrovia, to eat a whole can of human feces, has promised to organize what he called a ‘Kru defense force’ to defend President George Weah.

President Weah is also a member of the Kru ethnic group, who hails from Grand Kru county, Southeastern Liberia

General Power added, “I don’t trust personnel of the state security, therefore, I will form a Kru Defense Force to protect ethnic Krus and the President.”

The notorious ex-general, on a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Thursday, November 21, 2019, threatened that his ethnic group will form a force that would rise in defense of President Weah if anyone tries to attack him.

General Power, who boasted of being a proud Kru man, said he is prepared to use his military training to defend the Kru people, who include President Weah.

He is reportedly assigned with the National Security Agency (NSA), but has in recent months allegedly coordinated operation of LNP.

General Power said he is a Kru warrior, and does not care how anybody takes his position, but said inasmuch as there is a Kru man in power, “I will not allow people to talk to him anyhow.”

He maintained: “President Weah is the Commander-in-Chief of Liberia, so I will defend him, and if anybody tries to molest him, the way they had Lofa Defense Force, you will see the Kru Defense Force.”

“The LNP will also investigate allegation that Augustine Nagbe is impersonating, as a member of the joint security forces in the country,” Carter said.

Carter said that the joint security has warned all citizens, and other nationals residing in the country to desist from engaging in acts that undermine the peace and stability of the state, as anyone caught will face the full weight of the law.

While the three-paragraphed press statement said what the LNP intends to do with Nagbe, there are concerns over the multiple cases of harassment and terroristic threats that have come from the mouth of Nagbe, and a number of other ex-rebel generals.

It can be recalled that on October 10, 2019, the Daily Observer and several print and electronic media outlets reported that General Power was at the center of the operations that led to the closure, and forceful confiscation of Roots FM broadcast equipment.

Roots FM 102.7 was the radio station owned and operated by Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)’s controversial critic, Henery Pedro Costa.

General Power led a group of ex-rebel generals in a press conference, giving Representative Yekeh Kolubah a 72 hour ultimatum to turn himself over to them for question on why he was reigning insults and other inflammatory remarks on President Weah.

He, too being an ex-rebel, general Rep. Kolubah, defied General Power, and his colleagues by not showing up to their invitation, but in a short while, pickups of armed Police officers stumped the home of Rep. Kolubah in an attempt to arrest him and take him away for questioning on allegation that he ordered the flogging of a young man believed to be his neighbor.

Prior to the arrival of the LNP and the representatives from the office of the Economic Community of West (ECOWAS) in Monrovia, Rep. Kolubah’s supporters barricaded his residence in resistance of any attempt to arrest him.

By the intervention of the ECOWAS office in the country and fellow Lawmakers, Rep. Kolubah accepted an invite to answer to questions relative to the allegation that he ordered the flogging of Emmanuel Freeman at 2:00 a.m. on June 5, 2019.

The invite by the LNP was later followed by a search and seizure warrant from the court, which instructed claimed that there were weapons in the Lawmaker’s home he intended using against his opponents.


    • Defending or protecting the President of the country or the STATE, be he Gio, Kru, Congor, Mende, or Kru, IS ABSOLUTE PATRIOTISM! And that is EXACTLY what General Power has vowed!

      While it is true, considering our political, economic, and military climates for our nearly forty years in the wilderness we can:

      (1) SIGNAL TO General Power to be much more or a little bit politically philosophical when exercising his rights relating to his freedom of belief, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, etc, NEITHER the Police, the Opposition, the pubic, NOR the government should:


      • So,are you saying that the constitution of the Republic of Liberia gives all citizens the right to form armed militia groups to protect anybody, including the president? And, you are convinced that such act is “Patriotic”?

        For the record, my questions above are rhetorical because the answer is, No!

        The Liberian state is the only body that is constitutionally charged with the responsibility of creating and dissolving national security apparatus to protect the state, including the president and all residents of the Republic.

        If you are one of those civil war victims who were unable to complete the full curriculum of the Ministry of Education prior to the war years; you are excused for your ignorance of Liberian civics education.

        But, this type of stupid logic is exactly what led to the proliferation of multiple rebel factions during the civil war — because individuals assumed that they had the right to form their own ethnic militia groups to defend their kinsmen.

        Total nonsense…!!!


  2. LIBERIA NATIONAL POLICE: Any objective minded person can see that General Power´s very bold statements are highly constitutional and patriotic. But if you may have a different view, please tell us:


    “Level Monrovia and the rest of Liberia”! Former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

    “If anyone attempts to arrest me for war crimes, my Gio fighters and Nimba County will wage war.” Senator Prince Yormie Johnson

    “In three months, we shall remove George Weah and his Government”. Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey, Alex Cummings, Charles Brumskine, and Yekeh Kolubah, at their CPP program quite on the eve of their June 7 Protest.

    “I will buy arms, destroy and kill at the RIA and in Monrovia”. Henry Costa.

    “I will protect the President of my country. He is the Commander in Chief.” General Power


    • Kou, please, pleassssssse,
      Take out certain names from that list you always post.

      Take out, especially, the name of Cummings from that list. He is not one of your dreary politician. He is NOT your toy either.
      Stop playing with some credible names, I beg your pardon.

      • Petarus, I do not like to join such topics, but for a man (Alex Cummings) who financed, fomented, and incited, a violent overthrow of government as discovered By ECOWAS and the UN in particular, and the African Union in general, for which he had to be warned By the very international community, you can´t “take out his name when naming such dangerous culprits!

        Do you not know it was the money spent By Cummings but stolen by Henry Costa on the Yekeh Kolubah/Henry Costa treason and sendition plan disguised as “protest” which brought the destruction of the so called CPP? It was!

        Just ask authorities from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFFL), or Ambassador Neufville who and his groups made their EXODUS FROM CoP!

        • Kou,

          I hope you can prove all those dangerous allegations in the court of law.

          However, we are aware that people will do everything to soil the good reputation and image of our role model, Cummings.
          We know that you will try to cover your inefficiency, mediocrity and failure to the Liberian people by attacking innocent people.

          However, we are warning you to stop your “your character assassination” campaign against an honorable and God-fearing man.

          Kou, let this be the last of such posts. If you continue, we may find the real person behind this name and summon her/him to the court of law.

          Thank you.

        • Mr. Siboe Doe again with so many names, Mae Moore and then Marx Muhammad. Your styled of writings and opinions do not fool anyone.

  3. Lets talk something better than what the police is saying about questioning their own general power.Where were they when this same man led them the roots fm did not question his leadership in government but followed him and destroyed the station? For me, this is just another flashy talk to say that government said something but nothing out of it.

  4. When officials of government are questioned, is it not the same government officials who question them? When people are questioned in ecclesiastical entities, is it not the same authorities from the very religion who bring their own before the Board of Inquiry? As a matter of fact, that Henry Costa and his criminal and lawless radio station should have been burnt down, whith the Costa and his owner Benoni Uray thrown behind bars with the keys burnt to ashes.

    • Then you claim to be democrats.
      What is the meaning of democracy for you people, then?
      Go and burn the radio station. We are looking to see it happen.

      • When Osama Bin Laden was captured, did the world´s policeman (THE USA) take him to court? No! They killed him and threw him into the sea to be eaten By sharks!

        Prior to that, his country Saudi Arabia had long stripped him out of his own Saudi citizenship!

        When YAKPAWOLO WAS CAPTURED IN THE 1960´S did our democratic government take him to court? No! HE WAS SHOT ON SITE!

  5. Here again are the traditionalist campaign workers, saying nothing of substance, but stirring up the pot of confusion.
    Now, let’s get this straight. The LNP is troubled by the provocative statements of Augustine Nagbe, the former war Lord who is also known as Gen. Power. No one knows for sure what Gen. Power’s motivations are. So, in order for something good to be done, the LNP in its weak way has decided to do an in-depth investigation. Following up, the LNP invited Gen. Power to meet the top brass at the headquarters of the LNP.

    Okay, let’s not lose track of the fact that statements of destablization have been made in the past by members of the so called opposition collaborating partners: Rep. Yeke Koluba, talk show firebrand Henry Costa, etc. But the problem here is that the traditionalist campaign workers of the ANC will not accept the fact that some of its masters or redeemers have never disturbed the peace by making outlandish statements. Should in case the traditionalist campaigners and their masters or redeemers take hold of the Executive Mansion, is that how Liberians will be treated? The behavior of the traditionalist campaign workers is disturbing. In fact, it’s a harbinger of sorts. It would be in the best interest of the Liberian people to be extremely careful. The traditionalist campaign workers do not take no for an answer from anyone.

    Liberians are playing catch-up because of the 14 1/2-year uncivil war that has destroyed our beloved country. Liberians are becoming very united because of our recent past. Liberians do not want anymore ethnic divisiveness. Neither do Liberians want any individual or a body of fake politicians such as the opposition collaborating partners who are masters of snake oil sales to continue with making threats.

    Most Liberians applaud the LNP because of its attempt to have invited Gen. Power at its headquarters. Peace talk is undoubtedly in the works! In the name of peace, Rep. Kolubah, Costa and members of the opposition collaborating parties, of which Alexander Cummings is a partner need to be told to quash their destablization tactics. The concept of peace could cause serious problems for them. You know who I am referring to.

    Knowing the traditionalist campaign workers, they will not accept the clumsy fact their redeemer, Alexander Cummings has participated in some unclean stuff. Example, when the march was planned earlier this year, Cummings was present and accounted for. But again, they will not agree. What you will likely hear is….” He wor not there O. Y’all Stoppid”!

    Good politics is all we hope for in Liberia. The set up of bogus charitable organizations that could be used to bribe or by votes is not good politics. The sale of snake oil should stop.

    Peace 🖐️

  6. Liberian institutions are so weak like kima left foot.
    But wait what the president is saying about this guy talking about protecting kru people?

  7. Liberia is NOT set up.

    It can ONLY be done by the best of our educated with the needed know-Hows, Skillsets, etc.
    We need industries, manufacturing, exports, good Jobs, clean drinking water, etc.


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