LNP Gets Confession From Korto’s Killer

-Believes the two were ‘lovers’


The Liberia National Police (LNP) has revealed the identity of a man they suspect of conniving with some unknown persons in the alleged raped and murder of 42-year old Korto Kollie, on Friday night at a garage on Benson and Lynch streets in Central Monrovia.

Police spokesperson Sam Collins reported that alleged leader of the perpetrators, Belidi Barry, 24, was arrested after police undercover agents reconstructed the crime scene. The agents, according to Collins, arrested suspect Barry and eight others believed to be workers at the garage.

Collins added: “Barry has admitted to the police investigation team that he alone committed the act in a vehicle that was stationed at the garage.”

He also revealed that the eight other suspects the police arrested at the crime scene will be released to their lawyers, but that the police will call on them when the need arises.

Suspect Barry is yet to tell the police the reason for killing his sex victim; however, he has reportedly admitted to the police of having a relationship with Korto prior to her death on Friday.

There are speculations that Korto’s decision to move to another boyfriend in Suakoko, Bong County, might have provoked Barry to take her life.

It can be recalled that Korto’s remains was discovered early Saturday at a garage located between Benson and Lynch streets in Monrovia, where it was reported that she was gang-raped to death.

Meanwhile, Collins said the police will forward suspect Barry to court after completing preliminary investigation.


  1. Unless corroborated by crime scene DNA evidences such as semen, blood, finger prints, or statements of a witness, camera image, or property of the victim in the possession of suspect, confession alone isn’t enough to go to trial. Best practices in murder investigations require that indictments are delayed until the smoking gun or necessary facts are at hand.

    Lest we forget, is there now a functioning coroner’s section at JFK to ascertain cause of death in Korto Kollie’s death irrespective of police assumptions? Moreover, a confession must be voluntarily given, example, not obtained by false pretenses, or coercion to be admissible in evidence.

    Anyway, assuming that LNP got all the relevant evidences for a conviction, we join other well – wishers in saying “bravo, and congratulations”. Needless to say, successful breaking of complex cases such as murder ensures public confidence, and, by extension, more cooperation from communities in achieving policing goals. Which, undoubtedly, is win – win for the public and LNP.

  2. The suspect should have been given access to a LAWYER. Under what condition(s) did he conconfess to the CRIME? Out of fear and intermedation by the Police, some people may make false confession. If Ms. Korto, was gang raped, how sure is the Police that their MAN is the right MAN? The Police need to investigate further; with the assistance of EXPERTS. My Deepest SYMPATHY! to the bereaved.


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