LNP, Costa Supporters Clash at Vamoma House

Henry P. Costa says despite his surreptitious departure from Liberia last week, he will return in May.

As LNP denies Costa from entering Monrovia 

What started off as a peaceful interactions between officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and hundreds of Liberians who gathered to welcome popular talk-show host, Henry P. Costa, into the country ahead of the pending December 30 protest, turned chaotic with many sustaining wounds.

The LNP’s decision to create a buffer-zone at the Vamoma House, on Tubman Boulevard near the old Fish-Market, created a melee that saw teargas fired at the crowd. It is even reported that live bullets were discharged by LNP officers, though this could not be independently verified. Sources say the buffer-zone was meant to deny Costa and his group from entering central Monrovia, where the firebrand political commentator was expected to address scores of supporters at a popular intellectual center in downtown. The procession of Costa and his supporters from the Roberts International Airport (RIA), where he touched down at 10:10 from Accra, Ghana, was peaceful until its serenity was obstructed at the Vamoma House Buffer-Zone.

LNP Spokesman, Moses Carter had earlier stated that there would have been a detour of the crowd in Sinkor, but unfortunately, the group was not allowed to enter the Sinkor area as the police had planted their equipment and used their vehicles and other objects to create a buffer-zone. According to initiatial report, the buffer-zone was meant to ensure that the incoming crowd could not combine with others that were already waiting at Vamoma—the designated location that the parade should have actually started from.

LNP set up a buffer-zone around the Fish Market on Tubman Blvd

Addressing a huge crowd of his supporters later in the day, Henry Costa who appeared thrilled by the reception acknowledged the resilience of his supporters to risk their lives for him by gathering in huge crowd and sleeping at the RIA the night before his arrival.

“When people do such a thing for you; you do not forget about them,” Costa said, noting, “This is a covenant that you have brought between you and me, and I must not let you down.”

He assured the huge crowd that he remains humble and together they can move forward with changing Liberia and emancipating it from corruption, bad governance, abuse of office and violation of the Liberian Constitution.

As always mentioned in his talk show comments, Costa said President Weah came out of a slum community of Gibraltar, ascended as an international footballer and became President of the country, giving public impression that he would bring their expectation to pass. However, contrary to the expectation of the people, he is flying private jet, building estates for himself and putting his wife on the national budget, taking thousands of United States dollars that should address the development needs of the country.

On the instant popularity he has gained, Costa said as a 35 years old man he could not match a world football star, but because George Weah has dashed the people’s hope and he (Costa) is advocating for them, so he is attracting the huge crowd that has welcomed him on two occasions; the current and the one that happened in May this year.

“One day, one day, I tell you, we will free our country.  We will free our country and will have a leadership we deserve; we will have a leadership that will not be concerned about building wealth for itself, taking our money and diverting it in personal account,” he told the crowd.

While coming from the RIA earlier in the day, Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah joined him along the highway and they both stood together in the open-top vehicle driving towards central Monrovia.

Costa acknowledged the “Patriotic” role of the lawmaker and said he was happy to be back home and together they will “Save the state.”

A large contingent of police officers in riot gear hold Costa’s supports at the curb at the Roberts International Airport.

Earlier that day, Costa touched down in the country ahead of the planned December 30 protest.

Thousands of Liberians, believed to be followers of Mr. Costa and supporters of the planned December 30 protest, had gathered at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Margibi County to welcome him in a euphoric mood.

However, prior to the arrival of Mr. Costa, a contingent of armed officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) were seen at the airport and juxtaposed along the highway leading from the airport to Monrovia.

The leadership of CoP is calling for President George M. Weah to step down as the country experiences extreme economic hardship since he ascended to power for nearly two years. The group is also demanding good governance from the ex-footballer who, they say, has no regard for the rule of law, especially the Constitution.

Some of the supporters told the Daily Observer that they left their homes as early as Wednesday and slept at the airport, awaiting Henry Costa with eager anticipation.

Amid rumors that the famous talk show host Mr. Costa would be arrested upon arrival at the RIA today Thursday, December 19, Costa emerged from the airport terminal unhindered, into the embrace of his supporters.

The crowd greeted him with chantings and slogans, singing: “George Weah go, George Weah go, George Weah go…”

Six big yellow buses were chartered to transport the CoP’s supporters to and from the airport, while some carried their own vehicles.

“Weah not able to govern this country. Weah’s nightmare is here now. December 30 is successful already with the arrival of Mr. Costa. Weah worries with the presence of Henry Costa,” supporters of the December 30 protest sang at the arrival of Henry Costa.

According to some of the supporters, the decision to call on President Weah to step down is intended to seek the interest of the Liberian people and not him (Weah). Mr. Mo Ali, Unity Party’s director for Press and Propaganda, was also seen welcoming Mr. Costa with a hug.

Mr. Costa’s convoy was expected to stop at the VAMOMA Junction, near the 24th street and begin with a marching band, headed for for central Monrovia.

Mr. Costa told supporters upon arrival that he was delighted to be back in Liberia, and there should be no tension about his arrival.

“I’m honored by the turnout today by my supporters and I’m prepared to work in their interest and the general interest of all Liberians. I’m also happy for the love and support,” Mr. Cotsa said.

Costa told supporters that the purpose of his return to Liberia is because of the importance of the December 30 “Weah Step Down Campaign” protest which, he said, “is supported by thousands of Liberians.”

He added that “the Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean does not know the law because the law says you have freedom of expression and freedom of assembly according to Articles 17 and 15 and we are combining the both and utilizing them on December 30.”


  1. Well, my only PRAYER is no one should get kill in the process becuz I know unlike the USA, Africa mostly Liberia, no president had been impended without force or remove by the gun. If it happens the weah step down than well good for all of your those going out to protest. I just know that weah is no t acting on his own. Those around him are the ones enjoying the presidency. They will never allow that power to leave them without death or fight. As for weah he will want to leave on that day by those that control him will not allow it. This is the fact.

    For me, weah has done all the worst in Liberia, my kind advice is to leave the man along, get wait for the next election and vote home out.

    If you all say no, so be it. Hope it goes well.

    One thing I know is, during the war, not everyone was killed, not everyone join the rebels to fight. The war came and It is gone long time.

    The protest is coming and it will get over but Liberia will be worst than what it is now because the problem is not weah along. The senators and representatives must also be remove. No one goes to wash a dish pan, just move the spoon from the pan and leave dirty forks, oil and other dirt in it. Than the pan is not wash.

    Hopefully I am in prayer with Mama Liberia.

    • And what is more laughable is that this fool of a boy will get into the illusion that any given generational ELECTORATE (eg. election 2017), OR EVEN A SELECTORATE (Gyude Bryant’ selection, Amos Sawyer’s selection , Tamba Taylor’s, Kpomakpor’s,) can ever even consider a scumbag numskull as a Henry Costa simply because he has been talk show host at a n FM station established through stolen money by a Urey. He knows NOTHING about domestic or international politics! Hence he wants to compare himself with Dr. Weah or others who ascended to head our Government and State.

  2. I like to congratulate THE GOVERNMENT AND THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES! Now that that bastard they call talk show host and others have smelled the coffee, and ran away, the bastard and the rest of their so called organizers MUST NOW BE ARRESTED TO SEND A MESSAGE THAT NEITHER THE GOVERNMENT NOR THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES SHALL ALLOW ANYONE COMMITTING ANY CRININALACT , TREASON OR SEDITION.

    • Please go to back to school or at minimum start reading more books before you open your mouth to speak. I beg you o … You are a Liberian. We had pride and understanding. We as Liberians can’t keep uttering nonsense and showing our lack of understanding with such confidence … It is very embarrassing.

  3. This is a complete joke from Costa and his supporters that the president must step down. For what? Is it because few handful of people are not happy about the Weah presidency? For the record, this president was elected by 14 of Liberia’s 15 political sub-divisions and it is only those people who have the authority through elections to remove Weah from office through the ballot box.
    Weah is going nowhere!!

    • Being elected by 14 counties out of 15 doesn’t mean you should govern poorly and allow corruption to top your government. Because he was voted that is why it very important he stops listening to those corrupt officials closed to him who make him to keep doing the wrong things and making wrong decisions.
      He’s elected and must do things that will improve the people’s lives and the State in general instead of paying them back with bad economy, several months of no pay, banks insolvency to not being able to respond to depositors and investors, a hell harmonisation process, and you name the rest. President Weah was elected to deliver and when such is not happening and the citizens feel their interest and that of the State is no longer paramount, the president can be called on to amend things.
      I do not think you’re here in Liberia that is why you say handful people are not happy with the President. Over 70% are currently not happy with President Weah’s leadership. Why do you think that People would go sleep at RIA to await Costa or to march with him from RIA to town? Why you think so? It is not because they love him that much; they feel he is the only one speaking for them at this time where everything seems cracking and falling apart economically. It is to tell and show to the President that is not doing what he is supposed to do be doing. People come out to Costa’s call as a way to express their dissatisfaction and anger of how badly the president is handling the affairs of the State.
      Besides, have you recently followed the CDC saga? I do not think so because if you had, you would say a handful of people is unhappy with the President. Even his own party’s people are beginning to raise the red flag. It is better you guys tell the president to do the right and govern properly by promoting the general interest of his citizens. Liberia belongs to all and I do not think we are not entitled to better life.

      • Jay or whatever you call yourself, no responsible person whether illiterate, literate, rich or poor, will ever go and sleep at an airport to await a FOOLISH boy like this Costa boy doing the dirty and criminal SELFISH acts of Benoni Urey and Joseph Boakai especially, when the FACT is that NONE OF THESE SILLY PROTESTS CAN SOLVE ANY PROBLEM.

        Now, if Costa is anyone serious he would have not ran away ( AFTER THE POLICE MOVED ON THEM) and abandoned these very people who may have slept at the airport.

        That boy and those who stupidly believe they can reverse the will and CHOICE of the MASSES are simply acting out of ignorance. WEAH is in POWER for twelve years!

    • Tell God thank you for Costa. He is giving the people hope dispite his failings. If very intelligent people like yourself don’t allow Costa and the people to vent their frustrations, one day for the most trivial thing we will wake up and our beloved home will be upside down. So you need to be grateful to him instead of been insulting and uttering such statements. If it was up to me, Weah will do 12 years so geniuses like yourself can enjoy the outcome. So the very Liberians can learn a harsh lesson to never put someone and I include the jokers in the legislature with no vision in leadership..

      • Eaddy etc, Costa the stooge, thug, tool, and fool, of Benoni Urey as the Costa himself admitted, is not near ANYTHING trembling hope or leadership. I blame the government’s legal advisers for not advising the government on INVOKING THE HOT PURSUIT LEGAL RULE AND DOCTRINE TO ARREST THAT CRIMINAL COSTA IN GHANA.

        IF the Liberian Governmental thinks over due tolerance is the appropriate strategy or tactics in such a situation, they are inadvertently committing an administrative error.

        By now, since they did not arrest that criminal in Ghana via THE HOT PURSUIT LEGAL DOCTRINE, or even through extradition when his ASS was in America, they SHOULD have him ARRESTED and prove that this is the second quarter of the 21st CENTURY, where asking government to step down via protest and not via the BALLOT BOX is no longer allowed. Governments ARE only changed via impeachment or elections. PERIOD!

        • My dear Liberian brother all you have done is called another Liberian names. You avoided discussing the issues of the complete failure of current leadership yet you focus on an individual. You can call him out on his failures which is fair but on this issue you have nothing of substance to say so you resolve to name calling. Truly sad.

    • To begin with, both Kenneth Best Daily Observer and his nephew’s Rodney Sieh newspaper FPA have LIED that these so called supporters were in the “thousands”; when the truth is that group numbered NOWHERE NEAR A THOUSAND. Watch the YouTube video at RIA. No wonder a very smaller group of pro government supporters were able to easily have these so call supporters running away for dear life including Costa, Kolubah, Ali, who also ran away. THE GOVERNMENT MUST CRUSH THIS LAWLESSNESS.

  4. A Fourth Quadrant FARCE

    I love mathematics, because numbers don’t lie.
    Mr. Henry Costa and his followers said the Liberian Economy is at it worst, touhg time (hard time) in Liberia.
    There is a difference between living in your parents house, while they ( parents) are supporting you, than living on your own and taking care of yourself. During the EJS years, the country had foreign donors and Unmail was in Liberia been paid in USD.

    If you take these factors into consideration, the Government is running on taxes collected by the government. So if Mr. Costa is calling for the unconstitutional regime change as was attempted in Venezuela and Hong Kong, it is nothing but the highest level of FARCE. It is like Baccuse Matthew asking William Tolbert to drop rice price in 1979. By mid 1980, I m sure Liberians were paying for a 100 lbs. more than what it was in 1979. So then, what was the use of the rice riots on April 14, 1979? This tells me that Matthew and others were fighting someone elses war, not the Liberian peoples’ war. They were only using the rice riot as a DECOY.
    I was not around at the time, but successive events and their final results shows HYPOCRISY .

    To my fellow young Liberians, the older generation is fading, life’s trials is testing you, it is also shaping you fast, but don’t let foreign hands change you. For, they are solely depending on you to do the work.
    Good bless the Liberian masses, they have paid a lots of price.

    Mamadu S. Bah ( N/P) Nurse Practitioner Meridian Health.

    • Very well said my brother,
      Liberians need to learn to think with their heads and their stomachs. The majority that are calling for Weah to step down do not understand the economic impact of such a protest. Frequent unnecessary protests will continue to brand our beloved nation as unstable.

    • You started of saying you love math but you cited no statistics from anywhere reputable. In fact you didn’t list any stats at all.

  5. Just less than three years into his presidency, Weah’s political enemies are demanding him to step down because of the country’s worsening situation. As president, Weah cannot come out with excuses. I get it! On the other hand, I think it’s in the protesters’ best interest to chill. Let’s talk people.

    The problems of Liberia were there before Weah became president. Of course, that doesn’t mean because the country’s problems were there before he became president so therefore Weah is free from being criticized. What I think is that the opposition and the Weah government should find a way to patch things up quickly. It’s always good to come around the table of peace regardless of whether one’s opponent is perceived as a bogey man. Certainly, in matters like these, reason prevails.

    In 1979, while in exile in France, the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran demanded the Shah to step down. A whopping majority (although not all Iranians) received the Ayatollah’s demand with happiness. Supporters of the Shah and those of the Ayatollah got into street demonstrations. Initially, the Shah’s supporters including the army, stood with him. But as the Ayatollah became more and more popular, even though he was in France, the Iranian army became refractory. Right there, things fell apart quickly. Sadly, thousands of Iranians lost their lives just because of power struggle.

    Although there’s a big difference between Liberia and Iran, I came up with the Iranian scenario because it is similar to what’s going on in Liberia. Costa is a talk show host, not a politician. He is backed by many tricky people in Liberia. Liberia is fragile. Anything can happen. I think the opposition should be extremely careful. For God’s sake, a peaceful solution is needed. In our struggle, I hope and pray that no life will be lost.


    • Hney, neither Immanuel Kant, nor Locke, is applicable to such selfish and irresponsible brutes as Costa, Ali, Boakai, Urey, or Kolubah. What is applicable here and now is Thomas Hobbes! Government should apply HEAVYHANDEDNESS just as Ellen used on the very CDC with Colonel Kromah and brought him back! The only language such silly brutes understand is FORCE! NIGERIA, RWANDA, EGYPT, SENEGAL, ARE CALM TODAY BECAUSE OF FORCE!

  6. Thanks Mr. Bah for that piece.

    President Weah did not put people in the streets of Monrovia and ask them to stay there in order for him or someone to be President. It was the People in the Majority that put him there. If for any reason a group of people want him to leave, There are only 2 ways to do it, Go Back To The People and obtain a Majority through the ballot box or an Impeachment through your law makers, Anything short of that will lead to chaos in Liberia for a long time because when any DICK or HARRY is dissatisfy with government for whatever the reasons are, can ask people to get in the streets and disrupt the functions of that government. That’s the precedent that is being set right now in Liberia and that circle will continue to repeat itself.

    What Mr. Costa is doing in Liberia right now is not a new discovery, just read our history.
    The vast majority of the people that come out in the streets failed over and over to realize that most of your leaders that are calling for you to come in the streets and those that say they support the protest are American Green Card Holders and American Citizens and every time the rubber hits the road, they run back to the States like chicken, sit in the comfort of their homes and leave their chicks in the streets of Monrovia to fend for themselves. COP is Not the economic solution to Liberia, Unconstitutional regime change is Not the economic solution to Liberia. Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue might be a good starting point on both sides.

    • Amehn I keep hoping to find someone to disagree with on the facts and have substance fill conversation but Liberians keep disappointment me. I forgot you are in Minnesota… It is not your fault…

      • Can one of the supporters of the December 30th Weah Step Down protest answer the question that was asked ‘ Assuming hypothetically that the protesters demand is met ‘ Who assumes The Presidency ? Vice Presidency ?

        It’s only fair if the Liberian people are going to be led into this unconstitutional mess, at least give a plan of action and who our next unelected leaders will be.

  7. My dear compatriot Zedjallah,
    I agree. Frankly, I do not appreciate how things are quickly unfolding in the motherland.

    The hardship in Liberia was there before Weah became president. Weah’s predecessor, madam EJS did an irreparable harm. I just don’t know why Weah’s opponents cannot call for a meaningful dialogue. I am bothered by that just as I believe you as well as many Liberians are as well. On the other hand, you’re darn right to say that some people listen when they are dealt with in the toughest of terms. I am afraid that things could deteriorate into choas. Of course, no one likes that.

    As I said above, although he’s the president, Weah is not solely responsible for the problems of Liberia. Example, as poor as Liberia is, Johnson Sirleaf allowed the payment of high salaries for the country’s lawmakers. Can you imagine a monthly salary of $15,000 for a Lower House member? But while that was being done under EJS, the hospitals did not have enough medication, public schools did not have textbooks or enough desks for students. The list of things that EJS should have worked on is almost endless. The money has dried out.

    So frankly, Weah inherited most of the problems. It makes sense for the opposition to call for the removal of the lawmakers! Why should they be left out of the equation. After all, the lawmakers helped Ma Ellen make the silly decisions that were made. That’s not to say I am one of those who demands Weah’s ouster. Assuming hypothetically that the protesters’ demand is met. Who assumes the presidency? The Vice president?

    My goodness. The protesters want a change. Everybody wants some kind of a change. The change should come about democratically. A “step down” demand is not the right approach. Let’s talk. Let’s be reasonable. Hungry Liberians could lose their lives if things continue like this.

  8. I think every one has the right as a citizen to demonstrate, but it should be done within the confines of the law. But nevertheless, I would like to call on the Government of Liberia to stop giving attention to H.P. Costa. Just multiply him by zero and you would get nothing. Because the more attention he is given, the fuel he gets to energize his actions. Just ignore him.

  9. You Mr. Costa , please leave Liberia and Liberian alone,we are tired of this mess you are creating in our beloved Liberia . Liberia is not dictator country, we are democracy.. My fellow Liberian please don’t listen to this looser. If you want public office please go through the ballot box. Why Liberian, why are we selling our self so cheap to cause chaos in our country. because of fool that lost his representative election.

  10. Not surprised at all! We dance to any drumbeat as long as the drums play! We danced to the drumbeats of various Liberian Warlords, and now we are dancing to the drumbeat of a social media talk show host. We boast so much of our education, yet we never fail to behave like fools. We are the same people who threatened last elections to declare war if George Weah did not become president. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Liberian Civil War, let us remember the last horrible drumbeat we danced; “He killed my mama, he killed my papa, I will still vote for him.”

  11. Mr. Hney wrote, “Let’s talk people.” I just want to say that the Liberian people will only come to the peace table to talk when the President engages them. The current situation is that President Weah has refused to speak to the Liberian people or even acknowledge their plights and so, the people are looking for a “Heroic” figure in someone who appears to understand their plights. Let’s be honest here. Mr. Henry Costa is the creation of President Weah and his Government. President Weah is the cause of Henry Costa’s popularity. This CDC Government needs to behave responsibly and not play into the hands of people who are taking advantage of Liberia’s current economic situation. Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability must be the hallmark of good leadership.

    This President must lead and not sit idly and watch this Nation collapse under his watch. This CDC Government must be reminded that leadership under these extreme economic situations is not about unleashing members of CDC’s Para-military (Sabu Units) to inflict mayhem on ordinary peaceful Liberians who re exercising their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly. The City Major and his Para-Military or Sabu Units must be investigated for their roles in the mayhem yesterday. The use of “Iron Fist” has never succeeded in the ruler-ship of any Nation. Liberia is a constitutional democracy and therefore, the people have the rights under our laws to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly or demonstration.

    This whole street demonstrations and demand for step-down could have been avoided if, and if, the President of Liberia could find time to communicate with Liberians as often as possible regarding these worsening economic situations in the Nation under his watch. We all can agree that Liberia has its own economic, political and social problems before the ascendancy of the Weah’s Government. However, these problems have been exacerbated by President Weah and cronies due to massive corruption, cronyism, extreme tribalism, ineptitude, and inability to be honest with the Liberian people.

    From the onset, President Weah and his CDC Government claimed they inherited a broken economy when they took over. However, in less than one year, President Weah and his CDC officials are seeing constructing massive structures for their personal enrichment, while President Weah is seeing flying around the world in private jet, which he claimed was intended to boost his morale. Something that Madam Sirleaf did not do in her twelve years as leader of Liberia in good times. President Weah himself has constructed over 40 mansions in less than two years since he came to power. The Liberian people are not stupid.

    Additionally, this CDC Government cannot account for 16b Liberian Dollars brought into this Country under President Weah’s watch. The President’s Minister of Finance and his so-called economic team cannot account for US 25m intended to be infused in the financial sector to stabilize the growing economic problem. Given these conditions, coupled with harsh economic realities on the ground, the people are getting frustrated and believed that this government is corrupt and cannot be trusted any longer by the governed. And therefore, they are finding leadership and honesty in Henry Costa and the COP as their heroes.

    In my view, President Weah is his own problem. His careless attitude towards the Liberian people is creating resentments all over the Nation. He’s also making Henry Costa politically relevant due to ill-advised decisions against Mr. Costa by his government. This CDC Government continues to raise the political profile of Mr. Costa and the COP by their actions. Take for instance what took place yesterday. Why will the Government decide to put a blockade on a major street, preventing businesses and ordinary citizens from going about their normal activities just for the arrival of one man? And so, the decision of the CDC Government yesterday to create a blockade on a principal street in Monrovia was very stupid and unwarranted.

  12. There is a YouTube video posted 7 hours ago by one of the supporters of the December 30th protest Sen. Abe Dillion that I found to be very interesting and informative. You all are invited to watch it, I shared some of those sentiments and he had a very nice sense of humor. LOL… It’s a must WATCH LOL…. I couldn’t help it but to laugh….

  13. Tony Leewaye, STOP DISGRACING OUR COUNTY!! THE POSITION OR TITLE IS NOT CITY MAJOR! IT IS CITY MAYOR! Or should I write our Gio dialect to have you digest this education for good?

    So according to your the governments of Rwanda, Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, South Africa, and or India shutting down internets during similar scenarios , or in fact our neighbouring states of the Mano River Union closing down such lawless FM stations as that of Urey and Costa, are “making heroes ” out of similar and or identical irresponsible scumbags as Costa?

    You people are so subjective that you have forgotten that these were the same tactics used by J.J Roberts and his clique which killed EJ Roye the first true and pure African to become President of the Republic of Liberia. You stll cannot remember that it was the same undemocratic conduct, hypocrisy and foolishness on the part of the likes of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Charles Taylor, etc. which has taken our country centuries backward.

    If YOU people could give credence to such educated or intelligent gangs who destroyed the country and massively killed the innocent, is it this scumbag and tool of evil men of rogues as Boakai and Urey who can ever make any difference? Hell no!

    Besides, the fool is a damn coward! He should have “hero” enough and not betrayed his so called supporters by defying police arrest there and then. INSTEAD HE, KOLUBAH, AND MO ALI TOOK TO THEIR HEELS! You are there in your wishful thinking believing a 75 year Boakai who will be around 87 years old after Weah’s twelve years will EVER be President. Which country do you people see with such backward mentality. NONE .


    • Tony Leewaye, STOP DISGRACING OUR COUNTY!! THE POSITION OR TITLE IS NOT CITY MAJOR! IT IS CITY MAYOR! Or should I write our Gio dialect to have you digest this education for good?

      So according to your the governments of Rwanda, Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, South Africa, and or India shutting down internets during similar scenarios , or in fact our neighbouring states of the Mano River Union closing down such lawless FM stations as that of Urey and Costa, are “making heroes ” out of similar and or identical irresponsible scumbags as Costa?

      You people are so subjective that you have forgotten that these were the same tactics used by J.J Roberts and his clique which killed EJ Roye the first true and pure African to become President of the Republic of Liberia. You stll cannot remember that it was the same undemocratic conduct, hypocrisy and foolishness on the part of the likes of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Charles Taylor, etc. which has taken our country centuries backward.

      If YOU people could give credence to such educated or intelligent gangs who destroyed the country and massively killed the innocent, is it this scumbag and tool of evil men of rogues as Boakai and Urey who can ever make any difference? Hell no!

      Besides, the fool is a damn coward! He should have “hero” enough and not betrayed his so called supporters by defying police arrest there and then. INSTEAD HE, KOLUBAH, AND MO ALI TOOK TO THEIR HEELS! You are there in your wishful thinking believing a 75 year Boakai who will be around 87 years old after Weah’s twelve years will EVER be President. Which country do you people see with such backward mentality. NONE .


  14. Kou Gontee

    I am indeed shocked to read your attack on Mr. Leewaye over the typographical error “major”, which is just a simple oversight.

    Now, look at your fifth paragraph and analyze the clause “…He should have “hero” enough and not betrayed his so called supporters by defying police arrest there and then.” Where in the English language did you learn the word hero can be used as a verb?

    Believe it or not, Mr. Leewaye is quite an erudite individual. I have no personal connection with him. But to be objective, he has contributed many invaluable insights to many of the Liberian intellectual forums. He writes with clarity, conciseness, unity and cohesion of thought. Moreover, he stays above the pettiness and personal attacks,

  15. Patrick,

    Most of what Mr. Leewaye wrote was BIAS against the government and personal attacks on the President Of Liberia, therefore he opened up himself for personal attacks too. No one have a monopoly over attacks.

    I will not go through everything he wrote but just a couple of them because I’m sure you read everything to the letter.

    1. The Liberian people will ONLY come to the peace table to talk when the the President engages them.

    2. President Weah CARELESS ATTITUDE (that’s an attack / fighting words) towards the Liberian people is
    creating resentments all over the nation. Opinion Not Fact.

    Where in Mr. Leewaye BIAS assertions did he mention anything about the chaos that Liberians will face in the wake of this unconstitutional regime change threat that is facing the nation but to say President Weah is responsible for everything and the protesters have the right to protest.

    It’s about time we put Liberia first and stop the gratification of man as erudite.

    What about the 10b LD that printed under Ellen’s watch unauthorized ?

    What about the missing money from the Liberian oil company under Ellen watch that she took responsibility for, Did he call for repayment ? All we hear from him are praise singing about Ellen.

    Did he call for Ellen to go to the ICC when she asked the NPFL to LEVEL Monrovia while some of us were residents there ?

  16. Until see Costa’s family in the front line of this protest that’s when I can take him serious. They will protect their immediate family members and endenger others all in the name fighting for a just cause.

  17. Mr. Leewaye,
    There’s a lot of blame to go around! But regardless who you and I think is more blameworthy, the best rationale for stability in Liberia is to do precisely as I suggested. People ought to talk in order to avert a major catastrophe! The opposition parties headed by Costa and the government of Liberia have a moral obligation to chart a civilized course of action. In other words, the Costa group should not see itself as being supercillous neither should the government of Mr. Weah. It is more rational to talk.

    I hate going back and forth with the idea of who is more blameworthy. That would be a waste of time. One thing is clear: To call for a forceful ouster of Weah while his six-year term hasn’t expired yet amounts to trouble. Also, I am not sure whether Weah has shown no interest to talk with the opposition. The reason it is hard for me to believe this is that there’s a lot of spin that enmanates out of Liberia. One group of people want their side of their story to be believed than the other. Let’s hope that a third party (possibly, the AU or the UN) will call for a sincere dialogue.


  18. The President of Liberia spoke today and said his office is open and have been open to the COP. He said he met with them once at his office and when he asked them to present their petition, They told him they will present it on June 7 at the Capital Building.

    Fast forward, On June 7, The President asked his Vice President, Madam Taylor (was not feeling well) , 4 of his ministers, The Head of the UN mission and Ecowas Representative, Dr. Chambers were present to receive their petition and they refused to present their petition and they were demanding for President Weah himself to leave his office, come through the crowd on capital hill, at the Capital Building to receive their petition. And that Obviously did Not happened.That’s why most Liberians are concern about their new demand and the threat it poses to the nation.

    After they refused to present their petition, both the UN and Ecowas Representatives express their disappointments in the COP. We can say their true intentions are being made.

  19. Thanks for clarifying that for the readers, brother Aaron Nelson. And yes, don’t eat too much breadfruit in Minnesota.
    Na fueh de?

    Let’s go home to make farms on a grand scale.
    Wlee sai minicon in America. But, wlee conmini in Liberia.

  20. Hahahaha Bro. Hney, Na fueh nu sion Babi… LOL… You know breadfruit will be part of the holiday meal.

    Season Greetings.

  21. We now understand some people’s position, their motivation on this blog and their support for ineptitude and mediocrity.
    It has been puzzling me for a long time, but the mystery has been resolved. I therefore promise to never engage with them on any level.

  22. Very good my brother. Cassava and soup filled with fish, crabs and shrimp will be my take. I am not a fufu guy!

    On a more serious note, it doesn’t make sense to beat a dead horse or a horse that’s slowly dying. In this scenario, the dying horse is the motherland. We all know that things aren’t going too well. While that’s the case, it makes absolutely no sense for Costa and his supporters to call for a violent overthrow or even clash with Weah’s supporters.

    Now brother Nelson, like you, I was in Liberia earlier this year for three months. Without a shred of doubt, things on the ground are dead serious. The economy is undeniably bad. Progress is needed. During the rainy season, there seems not to be a Minister of Public Works. Also, potholes in the cities of Monrovia, Paynesvlle and elsewhere are deplorable. We expect Weah to yell at his ministerial appointees to act. But the truth is that the economy of Liberia was in the tank before Weah came on board. And then, just before he became president, the UN withdrew its forces, ExxonMobil which had a billion dollar investment for oil exploration withdrew and many things happened. So, these are hard times for all Liberians! I am not here to say
    Weah shouldn’t do this or that, neither can I say Weah has done no wrong! Unfortunately, Weah has made his own mistakes, that’s because he’s got some weak-minded inexperienced appointees in his government. Those egocentric pragmatists (if they can be considered as such) must go. Of course, no one is perfect.

    Costa and his supporters don’t seem to have a clue as to what will happen if they succeed in their call for the undemocratic removal of Weah. In America, if by chance president Trump is removed from office, VP Pence will inevitably take over. Just take a look at how the impeachment proceedings against Trump were handled by the Lower House. Throughout the proceedings, we’ve seen how the Republicans revolted. But, regardless of their rebellion or denial, no use of force was applied. Why can’t Costa and his supporters learn such a lesson?

    Every good Liberian wants a change. The economy must change. The government must re-structure. However, the change that we yarn for should not be undemocratic. Gone are the 1960s when some nations in Africa clamoured for the use of arms. Gone are the days when Taylor entered Liberia and demanded Doe to step down or else. The 14 1/2 year war in Liberia ( is, has been) a teachable moment for us. That’s why I strongly believe that when the protest leaders initiate a genuine call for peace talks, their call will be honored.

  23. There was a sign of U.S. President Harry Truman’s that read: “The Buck Stops Here.” What that meant was his office was responsible for any ills or good that happened to his country during is reign. The Buck stops are President Weah’s Desk and would that he would understand that this day.

    In my opinion, he is not communicating effectively with the Liberian people and because he is not doing that, the Liberia people will listen to someone who is communicating with them. Undeniably, things are extremely in the country and the people needs to be assured that things will get better but he is not doing that. to the people, he is showing disdain for their plights and hence their anger.

    President Weah made Costa into a hero. Let him leave Costa be and communicate with the Liberia people. But the more he put his focus on Costa, the more he is giving credence and legitimacy to him.

    Like Uncle Hney right said, Liberia’s problem did not originate with the Weah’s led government. they were there before he ascended to the throne, but he is not handling it the right way. The right way, in my opinion, would be to dialogue directly with his people, be honest and open with us, and be very vocal in condemning violence..Let him be a LEADER.

    When General whoever said that he would form a Kru Defense Force to protect him – Weah- that should have been condemned. by not saying anything, he is silently acquiescing to the General’s pronouncement.

    He should keep himself above the Fray.

    Uncle Hney, your mistakes have amounted to 17 dollars. they keep climbing.

    Happy holidays, all

  24. JM,
    I hope you are having a great day! Once again, let me know where you are. Even if I am unfortunate to see you, I will be more than happy to send a gift to your mom and dad. So let me know where you are.


  25. Uncle Hney,

    Thank you for your sentiments. I am in Rhode Island at the moment and will leave for Liberia on the 29th of this month.

    Happy holidays to you and your family.


  26. What do those who support Henry Pedro Costa, who is himself unemployed, expect him to do for them? Beside agitation and apparent extortion, Costa cannot do anything positive for the masses. He is simply exploiting the distressed economic situation and gullible population for his own selfish interest. His goal is to destabilize the country to the point of returning to power sharing government. Costa is bad news and dangerous for Liberian democracy.

  27. A whole lot more needs to be known about Costa. On the surface, it is known that he is a talk show host. Of late, it’s been said that Costa is presently unemployed. That’s about it! Who sponsors his activities? Does Costa have any political ambitions?

    Costa and his camrades demand Weah’s ouster. The question is this….does Costa and his comrades have any immediate plan to install a new president should in case they succeed? Who is that person that will be the next president? Has that person been vetted? By whom? By Costa and company? Is Costa pleased with the performance of the lawmakers of Liberia? The Liberian legislators have a dubious distinction of being referred to as a bunch of “do nothing” legislators. Why should Weah be demanded to step down without the legislators being asked to step down too? Is it logical in Costa’s head for the legislators to be left alone in their present positions? Or is the “step down” demand being done on a piecemeal basis.

    Bottom Line:
    Every Liberian wants a genuine change! The streets need to be looked at seriously. The public schools need to be looked at again. Running water is an absolute must nationwide. Electricity cannot and should not be left out of the equation. But Costa should not be allowed to lead the change effort!

  28. My 2 cents is that Weah is in way over his head , at the helm of a country that has had every fabric of its society and its basic infrastructure damaged. Ellen was a steady hand, but her shortcomings are now clear for all to see. She did not invest in rebuilding our crumbled infrastructure Weah inherited a country with a disillusioned population anxious for a savior. Unfortunately, he’s not . He does not understand governance or fiscal policies. That said, Costa is dangerous. He’s inciting a discontented population to pressure a sitting government to step down and create a power vacuum that will most likely return Liberian into another round of civil war.
    He should continue to shine the light on the government failures and push for specific changes. I would start with the finance minister been replaced. He’s obviously inept ! The $16B fiasco is proof


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