LNP Barracks in Harper in Deplorable State

The look of the LNP barracks in Harper has remained so appalling, thus depriving some of the officers from living there.

The Daily Observer over the weekend obtained an undisputed report that the detachment of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Harper, Maryland County, is in a deplorable state.

A set of photos taken by Michael Biddle, accompanied an open letter on social media to Patrick Sudue, Inspector-General of the LNP. The open letter reads:

“Dear Honorable Sudue, please find attached photos of the Liberia National Police barracks in a very deplorable condition in Harper, Maryland County. Since this complex was constructed over seven years ago, with funding from international donors, it has never been refurbished by past and current administrations, thereby reducing its occupants, some of them police officers, to low esteem.”

“Such situation,” the writer added, “remains a valid excuse for trained officers to refuse to take up assignments in the county to ensure the protection and safety of citizens and properties.

“As a responsible citizen, I have chosen to draw your attention to this situation, to give immediate attention to the plight of our police officers as they sacrifice to serve and protect,” Biddle’s letter concluded.

Up to press time last night, LNP authorities have yet to comment on the Harper Police Barracks. Several calls placed by the Daily Observer to police spokesperson H. Moses Carter could not be answered, as his phone was switched-off.


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