LNP Appeals to Media, CSOs


Police Director Chris Massaquoi has called on the media and civil society organizations (CSOs) to help educate the public to respect the rule of law.

Director Massaquoi made the appeal recently at the University of Liberia during a dialogue organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports between President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and youths who are actors in the ongoing government transformation agenda.

He said the security of the state is everybody’s business and as such, journalists and every one serving in other areas of society should not create ill-feelings, panic or uncontrolled emotions in the hearts of the ordinary people who are striving to cope with everyday challenges of life.

’Remember that we are all Liberians, but with different responsibilities and commitments to our country. Police in collaboration with other security agencies are all concerned about the safety of the country, and are therefore working hard to ensure that there continues to be a stable nation,” Massaquoi said.

He said since 2004, state security agencies closely worked alongside the then United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and gradually took over security responsibilities before the UN mission drawdown.

He said community watch teams that were recognized by the government had to be dissolved because they reportedly breached many human rights laws, which included the misuse of force on people they suspected of being threats to their communities.

Massaquoi called on the public to report crimes in their various communities to the police and warned them not to hide perpetrators.

For his part, Defense Minister J. Brownie Samukai said students attending the University of Liberia are constantly found in the practice of disrupting normal school activities whenever they are disenchanted.

Minister Samukai urged the students to redirect their ideas to consultations and on their future contributions to the building of the nation.

‘’You are expected to take over from us tomorrow,’’ Samukai said.

He said in the military, everyone is a follower, no matter your rank, adding, “This is what defines the uniqueness of the army.”

‘’In the army if you cannot follow, it means you are not worth to be a leader,’’ Samukai said.

The dialogue, which was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with the National Steering Committee for the 169th Independence Celebrations, discussed the theme, ‘’Consolidating the Process Toward Transformation.’’

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