LNFS to Engage in Awareness Campaigns

LNFS director Alex K. Dickson

By Jallah Amoson

The Director of Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS), Alex K. Dickson, says the LNFS has the responsibility to safeguard life and property of citizens and residents from fire hazards throughout the country.

Speaking an the official taking over ceremony at the Liberia National Fire Service’s headquarters on Carey Street in Monrovia recently, Mr. Dickson said his administration will increase patrols around the city of Monrovia to minimize power theft and illegal connection.

He said the LNFS will create awareness in all communities across the nation, to educate people on how to prevent fire outbreaks.

Dickson called on residents of Monrovia and the fifteen sub-political divisions to always contact the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) for connecting power lines and must be careful with generators and candlelight.

He said the Liberia National Fire Service also has the responsibility to educate consumers about the dangers of fire and said people should be alert and must properly put off fire in their homes.

He said the Liberia National Fire Service was created to provide efficient fire prevention services and improve firefighting methods, to safeguard lives and properties of everyone in the country.

He emphasized that the improper connection of electrical power lines and the usage of candlelight, generators, mosquito coils, among others, are the major sources of fire-related incidents and outbreaks in the country.

He said the Liberia National Fire Service did not receive much support as expected in the last twelve years and, therefore, the LNFS will move forward, in order to promote efficient fire prevention and improve fire-fighting methods.

He called on members of the Ways, Means and Finance Committee at the National Legislature to consider the need to augment the budgetary allotment for the Liberia National Fire Service, to make the LNFS more effective in its mandate.

He noted the LNFS will function properly if the central government allocates funding for its annual operations, to acquire the necessary equipment for its smooth operations.

The LNFS presently needs additional fire trucks, among other logistics, for its effective operations.


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