LNBA to Probe Cllr. Nwabudike’s Citizenship

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Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, President, Liberia National Bar Association

Following days of twist and turns in the ongoing confirmation of the newly nominated chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Cllr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike, a Nigerian national, as to how he (Nwabudike) obtained his Liberian citizenship and subsequently entered the legal profession as a Supreme Court lawyer, the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) has instructed its Grievance and Ethics Committee to expeditiously conduct an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding Nwabudike’s citizenship.

The LNBA is the umbrella and self-regulating body of all lawyers in the country and its membership is limited to Liberians who are graduates of any recognized law school in Liberia or abroad. Such persons must have sat and passed the bar exam and, thereafter, been qualified and admitted to practice law in Liberia, which Nwabudike’s membership is now seriously challenged due to his questionable citizenship.

In a statement by the LNBA dated Wednesday, April 1, the umbrella body of lawyers in the country said, “Its attention is drawn to the brewing controversy over the citizenship of its member Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike recently nominated for the position of chairman of the NEC.”

According to the Bar, Chapter 17.1 of the Judiciary Law restricts the practice of law in Liberia to only Liberian citizens, of which Nwabudike citizenship is being seriously questioned by some Senators including Senator Darius Dillon of Montserrado County.

Therefore, the LNBA statement continues, “Because of these continuing doubts being expressed regarding Nwabudike’s citizenship and his responses regarding how he obtained the citizenship, and in the effort of the bar to clear its doubts regarding the citizenship of Cllr. Nwabudike, the National Executive Council of the LNBA has mandated its Grievance and Ethics Committee to expeditiously conduct an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the issues being raised about the citizenship of Cllr. Nwabudike.”

The LNBA noted that its investigation is to verify whether or not Nwabudike met the requirement of becoming a citizen of Liberia in order to provide clarifications to the public or proceed with the appropriate legal steps.

“LNBA assures the Liberian people that as the general counsel, it will continue to perform its role in advocating for and ensuring adherence to the rule of law by all branches of the government,” the statement noted.

The bar believes that elections rigging in 1985 led to the 14-year brutal civil war in the country, and it has set a basis for lack of confidence in the electoral process, thus laying the foundation for conflict in Liberia.

“Our government must therefore, tale all measures consistent with law and the public good to stimulate the trust, confidence in the integrity of the NEC to conduct a free, fair and transparent election, so as to prevent any threat to our fledgling democracy and introduce another fratricidal conflict in our dear country,” the bar cautioned the government.

The LNBA further observed that confidence in the NEC starts with nominating and confirming of persons generally perceived by the voting population to be men or women of integrity that are independent-minded and experienced in decision making as well as ensuring that appointees meet the requirement of the law and a Liberian citizenship, and possess good moral character.


  1. Shouldn’t there be a file for Cllr. Nwabudike and files for all members of the Bar with their credentials/particulars?
    Do you the #LNBA have a copy of the Cllr’s naturalization certificate on file?
    Did he really graduate from the UL Law School?
    Can you request for a copy from LIS?

  2. Cllr. Gonglore, we are waiting for the result of your investigation. If the law school and the supreme Court failed to catch this guy, your association could have.

  3. Corrupt and dull opportunist Tiawen Gongloe is simply playing politics as usual. Here is an incompetent guy who never won a single high 0rofile case or even a low profile case when as a reward for campaigning for corrupt Ellen and Joseph Boakai, he served as chief prosecutor at the Ministry of Justice. If he and his LNBA were credible, he would be ashamed to spew such rubbish at this time for not engaging due diligence when Nwabudike was appointed as Governance and LACC Chairman respectively. Gongloe, you are a disgraced opportunist.

    • Everyone has their low and high sides but refer to Cllr. Gongloe as corrupt and disgraced opportunist is unfair.

      • Gonah Zee Gondah, no one’s ”low or high sides” should be a harm to people. When Gongloe was Labor Minister, ”his low or his high” was a harm to our own people of our county Nimba. While at the Labor Ministry as minister proper, Gongloe claiming to be human rights activist sat there and conspired with THE MITTAL COMPANY and violated the labour rights of our people.

        As one who is always curious about the truth, I decided to visit our county and see what was the matter. And what I saw was appalling especially taking into account that our own kinsman was Labor Minister. Gongloe only saw those wrongs and abuses when he was dismissed from government.

    • Kou Gontee if it’s really your name. Do you think Google is dull? Can you point to any corrupt acts Gongole has been involved in?

      • Elijah Barnard, Gondah Zee Gondah 11, J. Mac-Nixon Flomo ,most of you people are new to these fora. And so you are not familiar with facts against especially former government officials who are now either opposition politicians or anti government individuals. But you can check the records, and you will see that I have been on these fora as far back as when they were launched many many years ago.

        Now, as far back as 2007 to 2008 I saw several comments and news reports criticizing Tiawen Gongloe or his opportunist and corrupt character., and when I researched, followed by my personal observation, I saw an opportunist, dull, and corrupt, Tiawen Gongloe, who is more a political rascal than the lawyer he wants people to believe he is..

        Do I have to waste time on Gongloe’s silly arguments during the Kabineh Janeh’s impeachment case, or how he Gongloe went about mobilizing his county residents and tribal kinsmen of Nimba to protest against Janeh’s impeachment? When Gongloe was milking the state while in Ellen’s government, he never saw the government as corrupt. But as soon as he was sent on ”compulsory leave”, he started badmouthing the government! What a hypocrite.

        When Tiawen Gongloe was solicitor general of Liberia, instead of seeking justice, in 2008 he Tiawen Gongloe committed the fraudulent acts of attempting to obstruct justice by stealing A POLICE LETTERHEAD to have the victim in a murder case buried so as to destroy all evidence.

        That victim was a 13 year old little girl Angel Tokpah. The then Police Director and Inspector General of the Liberian National Police publicly exposed him and disgraced him. It was such criminal act on the part of Gongloe for which the then incoming Justice Minister Christiana Tah refused to keep Tiawen Gongloe at the Justice Ministry. And this is how Ellen dumped him Gongloe at the Labor Ministry because he vigorously campaigned for for her during the election in 2005.

  4. @Kou Gontee, for the purpose of your reading public’s (including me) learning, relating to your comments above, could you please point out some of the corrupt acts that Cllr. Tiawen Gongloe had been engaged in that form your judgement of him. This, I think, will lighten your argument with facts not based sentiment.

    • My sister Kou attacks anyone who ever served his country under Ellen. This is what I have gathered about her, so I think you guys should start knowing her for that and just leave her alone.

  5. So, you guys accept anyone on the LNBA without background checks?
    Sir, you must calm down and allow our lawmakers to defend our sovereignty and integrity!


      This Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo is trying to make his way to the Liberian political landscape by trying to hide behind the good works and achievements of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the ANC while at times falsely presents himself to the public and on this forum as the official spokesman of the ANC.

      By this rapist and child molester Petarus Dolo own admission on this forum when questioned said “He has never met Mr. Cummings and Mr. Alexander B.Cummings does not know him”.

      This Demonic rapist and child molester Petarus Dolo is cowardly trying to get credibility on this forum by tarnishing the reputation of individuals, assassinating their character and integrity without PROOF and insulting their female significant other.

      Petarus Dolo, the rapist and child molester only contribution to the Liberian society is his activities during the Liberian civil war that give rise to his self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast. HE IS EXPOSED.
      The Ivory Coast will no longer serve as a safe haven for him. Retribution is on its way.

      Civitas Maxima and other groups will be engage to document oral testimonials. This Bastard Petarus Dolo will be expose anytime while meaningful Liberians are discussing their political future. BE WARNED.

  6. The LNBA should have done the probing of Nwabudike’s record prior to appearing before the Senate confirmation committee. But I am not surprised because nine times out of ten, some things in Liberia are done backwards. Example, before the rainy season hits, the Ministry of Public Works will do absolutely nothing to inspect the roads and bridges. But after the damage has been done through the downpour of torrential rain, that’s when attempts are made to clear debris or repair roads.

    Usher in 2023? Please. Don’t count on it.

  7. Oga, from frying pan to fire…. you need to be prosecuted for fraudulent acts against a sovereign nation….99 days for nailer, one day for the master….


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