LNBA Takes Position on Key National Issues


The Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA), legal institution for practicing lawyers in the country, has made its position clear on some prevailing national issues as they unfold.

Among those issues the Bar has taken its firm position on are the controversial referendum, the mysterious deaths of government officials in October, aggrieved judicial workers, the decision by the ECOWAS Court of Justice, and corruption, amongst others.

On the referendum, the LNBA is of the view that same be postponed on ground that the government is not proceeding well in keeping with the Constitution of Liberia.

According to the Bar, Article 91 of the Constitution provides, amongst other things, that, voting in a referendum be conducted by the Elections Commission not sooner than one year after the action of the Legislature.  And Article 92 of the Constitution according to the Bar provides, “Proposed constitutional amendments shall be accompanied by statements setting forth the reasons therefor and shall be published in the Official Gazette and made known to the people through the information services of the Republic.”

“It is the observation of the bar that although the date on the Official Gazette shows that it was published in October 2019, it was not made known to the people through the information services of the Republic until a few months ago,” said the Bar’s release.

“The framers of the Constitution intended for the people to be informed of any proposed amendment to their Constitution one year prior to the day of voting on the proposed amendment in order to be adequately informed before voting yes or no on a proposed amendment. Because the government failed to provide information to the people about the proposed amendment, within the time provided by the Constitution, the bar observes that the majority of the people are confused about the reasons provided for each of the proposed amendments. Even members of the LNBA do not have a clear understanding of the reasons for each of the proposed amendment. Yet, Liberian lawyers are expected by the rest of the Liberian people to advise them on the importance and relevance of each of the proposed amendment,” the release added.

The LNBA claims it has observed with “Consternation” continuous media reports of frequent suspicious deaths across the country, apparently under circumstances unrelated to the covid-19 pandemic.

In the release, the LNBA said it goes without saying that frequent unexplained deaths in a country tend to create fear among the people and may curtail making Liberia an attractive destination for tourism, international conferences, and investment; thereby creating a negative impact on the economy and bringing about untold hardship among the people.

“The LNBA, therefore, calls on the Government to exert every effort to fully investigate these unexplained deaths in order for the families of the victims to find closure, to allay the fear of the public, and to promote trust and confidence in the people about the Government of Liberia’s commitment to protecting their lives, which is the foremost duty of every government. The LNBA calls on citizens and residents who have sensitive information on these unexplained deaths to provide them to the Liberia National Police or through the LNBA for action,” said the release.

The LNBA also said “On the current situation involving aggrieved judicial workers and contingent upon a strong-worded communication received from its leadership, the Executive Council of the LNBA has mandated the Executive Committee to explore every avenue to assist in resolving the current impasse so as to restore a normal atmosphere within the workplace and corridor of the courts.” 

Regarding ruling by the ECOWAS Court of Justice on the impeachment Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh, the LNBA says it applauds the decision of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice and says that said decision is consistent with its well-publicized position on the matter. 

“The LNBA calls on the Government of Liberia to promptly comply with the said judgment, as Liberia is a country of law and not of men. Additionally,” the LNBA said, “Liberia as a founding member of ECOWAS cannot and should not conduct itself in any manner that undermines ECOWAS in any manner, shape, and form.”

On the issue of corruption, the LNBA said that the Liberian Government has not shown nor demonstrated sufficient political will to fight corruption; the menace it says has undermined the development of Liberia for nearly two centuries. 

“We again call on the United States of America and the European Union to deny access to entry into their countries, officials and employees of the three branches of the Liberian Government that are unremorsefully engaged in corruption. The LNBA is once more pleased to applaud the Government of the United States for denying visas to the former Director of Passport, Mr. Wonplue,” the LNBA said.

In reference to election violence, the Bar Association called on political parties and independent candidates to “Scrupulously observe and respect the rights of their opponents in all of the processes leading to the upcoming mid-term senatorial campaign and election so as to avoid violence in any form, shape, or manner.”

It further warned the Liberia National Police to exercise restraint whenever they are called upon to curtail violence and restore peace during the electoral process.

The LNBA also informed its members and the general public that it will be hosting its annual convention in Gbarnga Bong County from November 26 to 29th, 2020. The Convention will be held under the theme: Ethics as a foundation for adherence to the rule of law.


  1. Tiawen Gongloe, so all you people did during and after law school has been, and continue to be, making corrupt deals and politicking when you people are faced with a case. You rascals carried out such dung at the onset of this case, when you people together with some justices of the Supreme Court wanted the public to believe that the Judiciary is the decider of impeachment, when the fact tis that it is the Legislature which is THE DECIDER of impeachment, hence has the FIRST WORD AND FINAL WORD in impeachment! The Liberian Constitution could not be clearer about who decides as fired in Article 43 of the very Constitution!!!

    I do not know why such reality turned out to be beyond the understanding of you guys. For example, you people as one not knowing his left or right, could not tell that in that case the House was THE PROSECUTOR, WHILE THE SENATE WAS THE COURT, and the ACCUSED Associate Justice was of course, THE SUSPECT AND THE DEFENDANT. PERIOD!

    I mean you guys are so dumb that to this day that, you BOENUAHNS do not even know that in that impeachment in which that judge the acused associate justice had abused his powers by betraying the nation and then by having imperiled the national economy, no institution is the most appropriate to accuse the given public official but absolutely THE HOUSE THE ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE AT LARGE, !And not any other institution.

    And THE SPIRIT OF THAT POWER extends also to THE SENATE, which, even, if the Chief Justice could have handed a judgement in favor of the suspect and defendant the accused associate justice, the Liberian Constitution gives two thirds of the Senate THE POWER TO OVERTURN SUCH VERDICT!

    And this is also the case if a situation arose where, if the Senate, for any reason weren’t available, and given the fraught political judgments that surround impeachment, THE HOUSE ALONE could wield this power with a mantle of democratic legitimacy, for the simple constitutional jurisprudence that ALL POWER IS INHERENT IN THE PEOPLE AS ENSHRINED AND PROVIDED IN THE LIBERIAN CONSTITITUION???

    What is wrong with these guys? Are you people epistemologically sick or something as it seems to be the case with Edward Asante and his cohorts, in their judicial recklessness wanting to use our country as a scapegoat to set their diabolical and dangerously selfish and extremely foolish and very stupidly wicked precedence!

    Well, as our forebears…those who were met here and those who returned to base, imparted into us the courage and bravado to meet the foe with vigor and with valor, MONROVIA CAPITAL HILL ALONE shall show you rascals that this sovereign and indivisible nation under GODS COMMAND that we know the difference between disputations, controversies, or cases admissible to the ECOWAS Court of Justice ,and matters TOTALLY INADMISSIBLE to that court as is this Janeh’s impeachment is INADMISSIBLE to the Bench of that Court unfortunately by Ed Asante and his cohorts been polluted!

  2. Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh Mistake is about to happen again. first fool is a fool second fool is not a fool. no one listening to the whisper of the same problem or mistake coming until it is done again.

  3. Is “True Nationalist” the mouth piece or paid agent of the Weah’s Government? I ask this question because he has taken upon himself to respond to every article criticizing the Weah’s government all of which don’t make sense or are nonsensical. He continues to speak from his ass but shit comes out of his mouth. This “Paid Agent” of the corrupt Weah Government in all his writings, attempts to denigrate patriotic citizens who speak against corruption and the ills of society. Yet this miscreant, instead of being objective in speaking to the issue, he elects to criticize honest citizens, like our dear Tiawon Gongloe and others, who speak against corruption in our society. “True Nationalist” is not a nationalist in the true sense of the word, but rather an unpatriotic fool who, in hurting us as a people, would sell his country for a fast dollar. “True Nationalist” Put your country first in your arguments and not your self interest(receiving corrupt Money from Weah, Tweah, and Mcgee) to back their dirty deeds including thefts and human rights violation against our people.

  4. Gballay Gotombo AKA H.Boimah Fahnbulleh Jr. It is your ass calling it yourself Boimah which rants from your ass as pupu comes from your jobless mouth! You better go and give account for the people children you abandoned at the Pademba Road Prison in Freetown after you used them for your defective rebel group PDF.

    Mr. Ass, it you a notorious paid agent who was paid by the very people (TWP and their remnants) we dislodged and who according to them and your colleagues James Fromoyan and the late Tom Kamara, you stole and pocketed the money they gave you to buy bullet proof for your November 12 invasion, after buying cheap bullet proof vest. And when Charles Williams and the others blasted you for such theft on your part, you said,” well those fighters would have died any way.”

    Your ass stayed with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for twelve years advising everything which went in that corrupt government and the country from massive corruption to the killing of whistleblowers and worst no development in any part of the country including the untold lawlessness which became the trademark of that government fundamentally controlled by you Joseph Boakai and the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her children who made small out of you by having Robert Sirleaf as your boss.

    I do not have to be a paid agent to expose the ills of societies or champion the cause of a democratic elected government doing everything possible to build everyone of us a great nation as is the case with this government of our God sent leader President George Manneh Weah who according to Transparency International has a government under which there is towering improvement of the rule of law and far far far less corruption as compared to that Unity Party Government run by your ass Gballay Gotombo AKA H.Boimah Fahnbulleh Jr, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the rest of you people defeated and rejected gang by the people!

    Gballay Gotombo AKA H.Boimah Fahnbulleh Jr, instead of being bothered about me debunking the corrupt mindset and political stupidity of the likes of Tiawen Gongloe who is on public and court records for stealing police letter head to carry out his corruption after asking for and receiving bribe to bury evidence, in effect to obstruct justice in the innocent 13 year Angel Tokpa case,, your ass should be worried about how France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc. are just awaiting your arrival on their soil to have you arrested and prosecuted (UNDER THE PRINCIPLE OF UNIVERSAL JURISDICTION) for your war crimes. You better go and give account for the people children you abandoned at the Pademba Road Prison in Freetown after you used them for your defective rebel group PDF.

  5. “True Nationalist”, What do you have against the Honorable, Dr. H. Boymah Fahnbulleh, Jr., a patriot who fought in the trenches against the Grand Old True Whig Party when hapless ragamuffins like you and your kind were seen daily begging for the crumbs that fell under the table of your masters who at the time portrayed themselves as the political untouchables whose regime they thought could not be brought down until the inevitable happened on April 12, 1980?

    You were seen on the day of the revolution hiding in the ghettos of Monrovia with your trousers in tatters and begging bread from Lebanese and other unsuspecting Indian merchants at the water front in Monrovia.
    You have now gate crashed your way to George Weah and his kleptocratic government and your role in this miasma of cesspool gangsterism is to write rubbish for pay from your unpatriotic masters at the Executive Mansion and the Treasury Department.

    I am not the Honorable, Dr. H. Boymah Fahnbulleh, Jr., as you would have others believe. I am Gballay Gotombo . If you want to attack, attack me and not the Honorable, Dr. H. Boymah Fahnbulleh,Jr., Former Minister of Education, and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Liberia. Unlike you and your kind, the Honorable, Dr. Fahnbulleh, has served and continues to serve our country with credit and distinction in various capacities.

    Instead of spewing venom at our dear Dr. Fahnbulleh, it would do you well to criticize your corrupt boss, George Weah, who is yet to account for the people’s USD 25 million and 16 billion Liberian dollars, amidst his building of 45 mansions in two years. If this is not high grade corruption, then tell me what it is. You agent of the pen, your day of reckoning will soon be at hand. We know you and this time we will make sure you pay for not only the theft that you and your boss are committing at the national treasury; but for also your crime against humanity.

  6. Boima, you are a fool to delude yourself into the intellectual masturbation that by you deliberately misspelling your own first name but still obsessed with your one and ever brand of syntax and decadent diction (eg gate crashed etc.) mentally clear people will not effortlessly identify your ass.

    Look Boima, I can never have anything against anyone, not to talk about you who we pity. So get that into your skull.

    My advice to you is that just as you are of the conviction you have the right to support any government especially when you (Boima) are a beneficiary as was the cases when you served in the junta’s government as Major Fahnbulleh in the 80s, and as national security adviser for two rebels Alhaji Kromah ULIMO, and for Ellen respectively, so too, ANYONE has the freedom to such right, once he or she does not abuse same. Period!

    And we are not implying that we work for this government nor are we a beneficiary. No! We do not even really know anyone in this government. But what we know as an intelligent person is that this government is one of the best governments in Liberian history! PERIOD!

    So, my counsel to you is that instead of being bothered about me or anyone being a paid agent or otherwise, you should be thinking about how you may be able to assemble the best brains to stand in your defense WHEN (WE DID NOT SAY IF) that time comes for you to face justice in Germany, America, Austria, France, Britain, or Switzerland, etc. under the principle of universal jurisdiction for your war crimes.


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