LNBA Searches for Money to Host its First African Bar Confab


The local organizing committee of the first annual conference of the African Bar Association (AfBA) to be held in Liberia says based on the enormity of the financial and material implications associated with the preparation of the conference, they have resolved to appeal for financial support to the government, the business community, the international partners to provide materials and financial support to the events, which is scheduled to take place from October 21 to 24, 2019.

A statement by its chairman, Cllr. J.  Bina Lansana, said the conference, which is under the theme, “Tracking Contemporary Issues Facing the African Continent; How Lawyers Can Drive a Renaissance,” will begin with the annual conference, and later followed by a one-day workshop, which will also be under the theme, “Rules of Engagement in Asymmetrical Warfare, and Security Operations; Need for Compliance with Local and International Laws.”

Lansanah said the workshop will mainly focus on crimes that can be committed by armed forces and the security personnel during operations and civil duties.

Some of the topics to be discussed will include, “The nature and scope of the international criminal court in the Hague under the Rome Statute, punishable crimes, trials and procedures.”

Others are “Handling evidences, forensic evidence, oral, written, gathering of evidence admissibility and non-admissibility, military justice system, offenses, trial,  procedure, human rights issues, witnesses judge advocates, command structure, fairness and appeals.”

The workshop, Cllr. Lansanah said, is being organized in collaboration with the local and international partners in furtherance of the social responsibility to keep members of the armed forces and security personnel updated with international standards of engagement with the civilian populace during asymmetrical warfare.

“It will also deal with the military justice system, forensic evidence prosecution at the International Criminal Court and other key areas, including human rights and its many facets,” Cllr. Lansanah said.

The conference has meanwhile invited several key resource persons from the USA, Canada, Germany, and Austria to provide insight on the topics outlined.

Initially, Lansanah said, the conference was scheduled to be held in Egypt, but, for security reasons, Liberia was chosen as the next venue.

“This is the first in the history of this country as the oldest bar on the continent to host the conference, and so we have to do everything possible to succeed,” he said.

It can be recalled that Cllr. Lansanah was appointed on July 26, 2019, as chair of the local organizing committee of the sub-regional conference because of his outstanding commitment to the activities and programmers of the LNBA, and the African Bar Associations.


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