LNBA Prez Outlines Agenda for “Development”

Cllr. Paegar: "Cllr. Johnson's decision was more troubling and was tantamount to serious ethical transgression."

The President-elect of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) has promised to promote and strengthen dialogue, cooperation, and interaction between the Supreme Court Bench and the Bar, as well as forge relevant relationship with key stakeholders.
In his induction address last Friday at the Monrovia City Hall, Cllr. Moses G. Paegar said his leadership would also build capacity of members through continuing education and training.
“It is time for a paradigm shift in the Bar; it is time for perspectives; structural arrangements, and new administration approaches,” Cllr. Paegar assured. He is also managing director and partner of the Sherman and Sherman Law Firm.
He expressed the hope to accomplish his agenda by taking advantage of, and using the Bar’s quarterly assemblies, conventions, and Law Day program as ideal forum.
“We shall organize symposiums, workshops, and roundtables meeting on various legal issues and topics of interest, not only to us, as lawyers, but also the general public,” Cllr. Paegar stated.
He said his administration would engage in research and publication of newsletter highlighting policies and or activities of the Bar.
He promised to launch strenuous efforts within the shortest possible time, which will include the publication of a journal that will serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge-based information and ideas as well as the examining legal issues.
He said the Bar would robustly pursue and encourage pro-bono legal services.
“The Bar has been providing pro-bono legal services to indigents over the years. However, there is a need to increase the number of beneficiaries on a case by case basis.”
“We are going to constantly remind and encourage lawyers to scrupulously uphold the code and rules governing courts and conduct of lawyers.”
Cllr. Paegar then acknowledged the bar vocal stance on national and political issues, promising to responsibly remain vocal on issues of national concerns, legal, political and socio-economic.
“In about two years hence, there will be presidential and general elections in this country. There is no gainsaying that as a country moves toward 2017, hot button issues of varied legal implications will emerge.”
Therefore, he said the bar will assume its proper place to speak on such issues and providing sound legal guidance to and for the benefit of the citizenry.
Accordingly, Cllr. Paegar intends to re-establish affiliation with foreign national and international law societies, which he noted would be done in line with the bar’s constitutional mandate.
Cllr. Paegar observed that for many years, the bar has been depending on the government to sustain it members, noting that it is high time that the members strife to change the course.
“We shall work to actualize the bar long-held dream and much-talked- about project to construct its national headquarters and convention center,” according to him.
To do this, he noted that the Bar shall organize various fund-raisers, tap on the generosity of friends, and call in earlier promises made in this respect.
He however, applauded the out-going president Cllr. Theophilus C. Gould for what he described as “well organized, transparent and competitive election which he emerged victorious.
He then recognize the efforts and sacrifices made by the election committee in ensuring that the process was credible.


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