LNBA: ‘Nwabudike’s Presence at LACC Undermines Corruption Fight’

Tiawon Gongloe_web.jpg
Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, President, Liberia National Bar Association

The President of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, was concise and unflinching in reaffirming his organization’s position that all member lawyers refrain from commenting on any matter having to do with the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) whose head, Cllr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike, was expelled from the Bar.

Following President’s Annual Address to the joint session of the 54th Legislature on Monday, January 25, the Daily Observer had contacted Cllr. Gongloe to hear his thoughts on President Weah’s push for legal reforms to strengthen the fight against corruption by empowering the LACC. It was supposed to be a simple call — and yes, a simple but loaded answer we got.

“The only thing I can say to you is that with Nwabudike still in charge of LACC, every effort, including Legislations to fight against corruption only helps to further undermine the process rather than doing good,” Cllr. Gongloe told the Daily Observer via telephone.

At the helm of the LACC, Nwabudike has been pushing for legal reforms to strengthen the LACC to independently investigate and prosecute government officials caught in acts of corruption. But the LNBA has consistently frowned upon President Weah’s choice of Nwabudike as the man for the job. Among reasons, the Bar cites findings of its own investigation of reports that Nwabudike, a Nigerian by birth, illegally obtained Liberian citizenship and is now operating in the echelons of the legal profession in Liberia.

Earlier, at the Senate, during the confirmation hearing following President Weah’s nomination of Nwabudike to head the National Elections Commission, some Senators revealed evidence that Nwabudike had several different passports with different dates of birth.

The Senate refused to confirm him to the NEC. Later, the LNBA, the umbrella institution for lawyers, noted that the controversial LACC boss, who once served as the Bar’s Secretary-General, also expelled him for lying under oath that he obtained Liberian citizenship by naturalization, even though he failed to produce any legal records to authenticate his claim.

In spite of these glaring discrepancies on the part of Nwabudike, President George Manneh Weah has continued to exert his brazen allegiance to Nwabudike, maintaining him at one of the potentially most powerful integrity institutions in the country, the LACC. And it appears Nwabudike might be sitting pretty, though apparently not for long.

On the legal front, Nwabudike went to the Supreme Court and filed a complaint against the LNBA for allegedly expelling him “Wrongfully,” but the Supreme Court is yet to make public the report of grievance and ethics committee concerning the matter.

On the political front the Senate, which is now controlled by the opposition and like-minded independents, are gearing up to finish what they started — to ensure that Nwabudike is completely ousted from government.

But President Weah appears unfazed, having called on the 54th Legislature to pass into law a Bill seeking the Whistle-Blower and Witness Protection Act in order to help fight corruption in the country. The President’s request, if considered by the Legislature, will support the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission’s (LACC) plea for more Constitutional powers to prosecute corruption cases, even if the Ministry of Justice is not involved.

In his fourth annual address on the state of the nation, Weah said the bill, if passed into law, will also lead to the establishment of Criminal Court “F” in order to fast-track the prosecution of corruption cases.

In addition to the Whistle Blower and Witness Protection Bill, President Weah called on the 54th Legislature to pass the “The Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Preventive Measures and Proceeds of Crime Act of 2019.”

And while these suggestions of reform in favor of the anti-corruption effort may appear appealing, pundits find it rather appalling that the President would, against ethical and professional advice, undermining the very fight against corruption by his preference of an individual who has been found anything but ethical to champion the cause of integrity.

Nwabudike enrolled at the Louis Arthur School of Law as a Liberian citizen, gaining all the privileges and rights like any other Liberian, graduated and subsequently began practicing Law at the disadvantage of the same Law all Lawyers are called to defend.

However, during Nwabudike’s confirmation hearing for the NEC position, the Senate also learned that he applied for naturalization below the legal age of doing so, as prescribed in the Liberian Constitution, which nullifies his claim to citizenship. According to Liberian law, only Liberian citizens are permitted to practice law in Liberia.


  1. Liberia is a banana Republic. Weah is defiant because he feels Liberians are ignorant, thanks to his blind and devoted “praise singing” followers as well as the vice the CDC inquisitors will employ to silence anyone who dares question his point of view on matters concerning this country.

    While some of our African counterparts are accelerating in the positive direction towards development, Liberia is decelerating. We are a nation where a vast majority of the population are conditioned to empower and glorify ill meaning, corrupt and malevolent “shepherds” to lead the flock to the slaughter.

    I can’t think of any Liberian politicians now who have the Liberian people at heart. All of them have their very own agenda and are power hungry. They will form coalitions with demons just to ascend to power, then the story is carried on from where the previous regime left it!

    We need a new mindset and a new day in our history if we are to move the country forward!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Should Be DOA(Dead On Arrival) ! Ha ha ha ha !
    Speaking about strengthening the so-called corruption agency, and at the same time disrespecting the authority of the Senate that rejected the head of that agency, and at the same time wants to push a bill of that agency to be approved by the same Senate, its called play hardball or just playing to see how stupid the SENATORS are. Were they elected by George or were they elected by the people to seek the best interest of that God Forsaken Land ? Your will see if the SENATORS are stupid ! Your will see if the SENATORS have the same mindset of the people who voted them into office saying: You disrespected us, you na disrespect us, we will vote for the bill.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    What A God Forsaken SENATORS ? What A God Forsaken Country ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Oh Well.

  3. A President of a mere voluntary association sharing identical status with such voluntary associations as The PEM PEM Association, the Fishermen Association, Teachers Association, the Farmers Association, The Rubber Tappers Association, The Yana Boys Association, etc. telling his colleagues to “refrain from commenting on any matter having to do with the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) whose head, Cllr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike, was expelled from the Bar,“ WHEN HE KNOWS SUCH IS NOT POSSIBLE AS EVIDENCED RECENTLY INFRA.

    “Minutes after LNBA announced the expulsion of Mr. Nwabudike, a senior member of the bar, Cllr. Aamara Sheriff, described the decision as ‘illegal’ and that it undermines the earlier judgment (Opinon) of the Supreme Court conferring the counselorship of Nwabudike, which, according to Sheriff, solidified his citizenship.

    “No one organization’s law is above the judgment of the Supreme Court,” Cllr. Sheriff claimed, “The court had declared Nwabudike citizenship. Who is the bar to revoke his admission as Counselor-At-Law?” Sheriff wondered.

    “The bar cannot undo what the highest court had legally done and they cannot ask the court to withdraw its opinion,” Sheriff added.

    “Nobody can interfere with the Supreme Court’s exercise of its constitutional powers, and from assuming any functions that are exclusively entrusted to it. It does not, however, allow the LNBA to review its opinion,” Sheriff noted.

    However, Cllr. Gongloe said, the LNBA felt duty bound to investigate and find out what the truth is relative to Cllr. Nwabudike’s Liberian citizenship. “

    Tiawen Gongloe, you need to go back to school and get tutored on ethics and the rule of law, or at most statutory interpretations, or better still the jurisprudence of the legal inclusive positivism, the legal exclusive positivism, the separability thesis or the social fact thesis.

    With the metatheoretical questions that relate to the respective ontology and epistemology of each and every jurisprudential tenet supra, you are bound to rescind such a mentality that a mere voluntary association has a say, not to talk about its way in who is or is not a citizen.

    Tiawen you are so blind (as evidenced in Cllr. Sherrif’s critique against you) that you believe in the mirage that you can ever have your whims or caprices undo the spirit or even the letter of the constitutional mandatory rights and powers of the judicial Branch and the Executive Branch.

    • At least for once, he has started disagreeing with people using appropriate civil debate tones. For the first time ever, on this blog, this “Vieux Con” has adopted a non-vulgar tune, for his old and rusty age.

      Again the word “epistemology”. I don’t know why the white guys can’t extract this word from their dictionary.

      The “Vieux Con” is inviting Cllr. Gongloe to go back to school and get tutored on ethics, what ethics is he referring to here my people? What is the definition of the word ETHICS?

      Look, I did not do Law but I think I can teach this “Vieux Con” lessons in law from the craps he writes. Why will you use “Legal Positivism” inclusively and exclusively on a given matter? Is it the Law you learn from your American university? Please tell me, because I took some law courses in a black or African country, maybe the white guys gave you a different interpretation. But I will like you to know that everything written there was just translated for me here.

      Don’t you want us (Liberia) to use the Separability Thesis on an individual who should preside over a morality and probity agency? What are you really saying, stupid old man? Just verbosity or you feel like spending precious time here to insult good and patriotic people?

      Where and when did the Supreme Court of Liberia render its decision on the Nwabudike’s citizenship case?
      Why be so naïve and misleading to our majority innocent populace?

      I hope some you octogenarians who have delayed and caused our country more harms can die as soon as possible from polluting the minds of our new generation of progressive leadership.

      I wish you bad omen for 2021!

      • True Nationalist is a liar and he’s full of shit. All his big talk makes no sense, just a bunch of hyperbole. He’s a crook like George Weah and his bunch of thieves.

    • Mr. Nationalist, if you were, in fact, a lawyer, you would not have spoken so vainly. Come to think about it and because you are not an Attorney-At-Law or left alone a Counsellor-At-Law and know not what constitutes the study and practice of law, you in a reckless form and manner, wouldn’t simply prefer to have a Nigerian born and bred in Nigeria to head one of Liberia’s premier agencies of Government, Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC). Only in Liberia under the Governments and Administrations of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and now Mr. George Manneh Tarpeh Weah that a Nigerian would shamelessly steal his way into Liberia and serve as Chairman of LACC. I am certain that the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia knows better and can do better whenever the citizenship of Mr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike is fairly and squarely raised and challenged before the Court. Apart from being not an Attorney or Counsellor-At-Law, you, Mr. Nationalist, are first and foremost, a Liberian born and bred in Liberia. When will you, Sylvester G. Moses, Garsuah Gbovlehn, Mai Moore, Matilda Whitherspoon, and others like you will ever learn to be Liberian first and remain Liberian last when it comes to speaking to issues impacting the life and health of Liberia? Ordinary Liberians wholly and solely trust and depend on educated Liberians to assist them to overcome the mountainous problems facing Liberia and its residents. We cannot afford to be reckless and totally irresponsible with respect to these national matters.

      Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government, like all other Liberian Governments, will come and go, and the Republic of Liberia and its citizens will remain. CHANGE!

      • Mr. Jayweh, within my professional capacity as a municipal, international, and diplomatic lawyer, I am obligated to impart into you etc., the municipal and international legal erudition that..

        (1) in a world where foreign born aliens are Mayors (eg. Great Britain, etc.), Ministers of government (Canada, AU, etc.) ,Senators (EU, US, etc, and Vice Presidents (USA, etc) with even immigrants (whether first or second generation) becoming Presidents (Liberia, USA, etc.) anyone





  4. Mr. Jayweh, so according to you, the members of the Supreme Court Bench, and those members of the LNBA (eg. Amara Sheriff, etc.) are not attorneys at law nor are they counsellors at law?

    Well Mr. Jayweh, others knowing me as an attorney at law or a.counsellor at law is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT. What is relevant is my knowledge in the art of understanding and interpreting the law- THE SINE QUA NON ! And this is why I made sure to be A MASTER OF THE FOUR MAIN BRANCHES OF LAW – INTERNATIONAL LAW, BUSINESS LAW, CRIMINAL LAW, AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!

  5. Mr. Nationalist,
    My Learned Colleague, Counsellor-At-Law, Amara Sheriff, represents Mr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike as Counsel of Record before the Civil Law and the Supreme Courts of Liberia. And so, what realistic and well-settled idea would you expect Cllr. Sheriff to have and present as to whether Mr. Cllr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike is a citizen of the Republic of Liberia or not. Every Liberian, educated or uneducated, knows and had reason to know that Cllr. Harry Varney, Gboto N. Sherman, is and was Liberia’s astute corporate and learned attorney up to and until he was caught and sanctioned by the Government of the United States of America. Howbeit, it is not, the practice of law to adversely advise and encourage your client (s) to violate the laws of Liberia and in the process, offend the law by committing a criminal act.

    If Cllr. Harry, Varney Gboto N. Sherman was practicing law in the developed world and his activities and practices were regulated by the American Bar Association (ABA) or the European Bar Association, Cllr. Harry, Varney Gaboto N. Sherman, would have long since been expelled, disbarred and kicked far away from anything known and referenced as the practice of Law. So Cllr. Amara Sheriff’s thoughts and reasoning as to the citizenship of Mr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike, factually and legally means nothing to me. I hope by now, the Executive Committee of the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) would have also summoned the courage and strength to investigate and establish whether Cllr. Harry, Varney Gboto N. Sherman, and Sherman & Sherman Law Office, committed a criminal and egregious offense while representing Sable Mining by creating Big Boy-1 and Boy-2 and allegedly offering bribe money to officials and former officials of the Government of Liberia.

    In my sense, the investigation and finding of the LNBA as to why Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman was sanctioned by the Government of the United States, could certainly help to ensure and uphold the integrity and forthrightness of the LNBA as it been done in the case of Cllr. Mr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike. Like Mr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike, Cllr. Harry Varney Gboto N. Sherman, and Sherman & Sherman Law Firm, operating in Liberia, what may, are not above the LAW.

    Liberia has too many problems amongst which is selective justice and selective enforcement of the Liberia laws of Liberia. From 2013-2017, I traveled to Abuja, Nigeria and represented a naturalized Liberian client before the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice. While in Abuja, Nigeria, I had the privilege to visit the High and Appellate Courts sitting in Abuja, Nigeria. The Nigerians are great, proud and truly nationalistic people. The High and Appellate Courts of Nigeria, come what may, permit no ALIEN to practice before them, whether remotely or directly.

    What, in the world is wrong with Liberia and Liberian professionals? Are Liberians and their agencies or institutions, just born and bred corrupt and have no nationalism in them?

    Liberian educated and professionals need to change or they will be changed.

  6. Mr. Jayweh, arguendo, Mr. Amara Sherriff a private individual AND NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE LNBA might be (as you claim, though I am not sure) “representing Mr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike as Counsel of Record before the Civil Law and the Supreme Courts of Liberia,“ hence should seek the interest of his client.

    But Mr. Jayweh, what about THE CONFLICT OF INTEREST ON THE PART OF THE LNBA PRESIDENT, who, while serving as President of the LNBA is besides been a staunch member of extremely and notoriously corrupt Benoni Urey’s ALP Party is the very solicitor and advocate of the ANC, ALP, AND LP ..THE OPPOSITION??

    So, now tell us in the case of Sherriff and Gongloe who is been the corrupt and unethical one committing the unprofessional and unethical abomination of taking the clients cudgels instead of the clients case? It is notoriously corrupt Tiawen Gongloe the President of the LNBA.

    And this is why the Supreme Court and intelligent people only consider Tiawen Gongloe as another corrupt guy who survives on politicizing cases while recklessly committing the jurisprudential abomination of taking the clients cudgels instead of the clients case! So of course, people with sound judgements have long seen through the duplicity, dishonesty, and unethical conduct of the LNBA.

    Secondly, Gongloe will have to realize that (as fellow member of their LNBA warned him Gongloe) that the LNBA IS NOT an institutional body having any ligament to the machinery of government, but rather a mere voluntary association.

    Hence, the LNBA can never have a say not to talk about its way when it comes to the legal practice, citizenship, nor the appointment to whichever position in government. So, I do not have anytime to waste on such reckless act and omission on the part of the LNBA.

    In the case of Senator Sherman, in accordance with law or the legal and political principle of TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION under both municipal and international law, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which that so called OFAC has ranted against Senator Sherman (or even in the case of an ordinary individual resident in Liberia) can have any effect within the territorial jurisdiction of Liberia!

    And this is why you see the Supreme Court has since regarded that nonsense from OFAC as TRASH as is the rant from Tiawen Gongloe which the very Supreme Court long ago considered as trash!

    Any lawyer who lacks the knowledge of THE ART of understanding and interpreting the power dynamics of JURISDICTION, shall always behave recklessly and make notoriously UNSOUND JUDGEMENTS!

    And this is the case with those noise amkers making noise about Chairman Nwabudike at the LACC , and the Honorable Senator Henry Varney Gbotonambi Sherman one of Liberia’s finest Harvard graduates who has long been exonerated , vindicated, and acquitted by the supreme jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Liberia within Liberia’s territorial and extra territorial jurisdiction!

  7. Mr. True Nationalist,
    SKA, Municipal, International, and Diplomatic Lawyer, your new and published distinction, certainly amazes and amuses me. Under the noble and respected legal profession, there is no bar or jurisdiction that admits anyone as “Municipal, International and Diplomatic Lawyer.

    Where in the world did you find your new and published role?

  8. Mr. Frederick A. B. Jayweh, you may objectively agree with us that whether I mention that I am a lawyer or you mention that you are a lawyer or anyone mentions he or she is a lawyer, does not matter. Such mentioning, you are aware is a mere dicta and relatively irrelevant.

    To my mind, what should be our concern here is the subject matter of this story, which I believe is JURISDICTION.

    Probably you have a divergent opinion or opposing view on what I believe that readers may be interested in the issues and not who we are professionally or our individual status in academia.

  9. Mr. Nationalist,
    You are the individual that keep fooling yourself and those you think believe in you. By simply designating yourself to a position that don’t exist and cannot be argued and left alone defended, you are introducing yourself and not the issue. You just need to stop these false and feel good moments and actions that mean nothing and simply hurts your integrity and credibility. Just stay focus and honestly address the issue.

    Whether you are a Municipal, Internationally or Democratic Lawyer, is not authentic and so it doesn’t matter. Just stay focus and credible.

  10. Mr. Jayweh, I do not know what you mean by ”Internationally or Democratic Lawyer”. I said I am a professional municipal lawyer, international lawyer, and a diplomatic lawyer! And this is because decades ago, in the area of law, I majored in comparative and international law.

    Now, of course, True Nationalist, appreciates the reality or natural phenomenon that Municipal law, as a distinct area within the discipline of law laws fixed to and for ”a particular city, county, township, or borough (also known as a municipality), and the government bodies within those municipalities is bound to seem to many” an alien postulate, since in undergraduate law, and also in post graduate law (eg. International law), municipal law is generally referred to as domestic law in international legal parlance.

    However, get it right that municipal law entails statutes as zoning laws, real estate laws, real estate management, education policies, property taxes or even police power viz a particular political subdivision. Those tasked with creating such laws are the elected officials of the given municipality.

    Therefore, a lawyer bestowed with the epistemological wherewithal and the ontological wisdom to make sound judgments as a judicious counsellor, hard hitting advocate, a political power figure, popular business getter, with a wealth of knowledge, history, and influential political connections in the given municipality is where we as municipal lawyers are called upon by clients.

    Indeed, such clients may be yes, individuals, families, city and town councils, NGOS, companies, churches, etc. and especially elected and appointed officials who are of course, generally not lawyers!

    In that regard,, their knowledge as to what is within the perimeters of the law is an asset for both elected officials and politicians to make sound judgments in the interest of their municipality and its residents!

    Mr. Jayweh, its simply because DECENTRALIZATION prevalent in many countries across the globe including especially the West and many parts of the rest, IS NONEXISTENT in Liberia and especially MAJORITY OF ECOWAS COUNTRIES, hence, municipal lawyers are to you unknown as EVERYTHING is Monrovia!

    And of course, reason why even native lawyers of their own native municipalities, do not know a damn thing about their own native municipalities viz laws, codes, ordinanceces, standards, etc., despite the fact customary laws, traditions, other laws, codes, and standards are keys to the developments of the political subdivisions of a country which should naturally begin from the City Councils and the Capitol the Legislative Branch!


    Now we move on to been a diplomatic lawyer. Mr. Jayweh, a diplomatic lawyer is an astute lawyer who has specialized in that area of international law or branch of international law dealing specifically with

    (1) foreign missions of nations, diplomatic relations, functions and privileges, Consular functions, immunities and privileges, treaty making, immunity from jurisdiction, diplomatic protection of citizens abroad,

    (2) functions of diplomatic agent, establishment and conduct of diplomatic relations, functions of diplomatic agents, consular privileges and immunities, duty of consuls, the legal basis for diplomatic protection, multilateral diplomacy, diplomatic ceremonial and protocol, languages used in international agreements. etc. etc.

    In the case of an international law, we and our peers are

    (1) gurus with the epistemological equilibrium as to how international works! whether it is

    (2) within the confines of the nature of international law, its sources, and or the relationship between international and municipal law, international legal personality, international human rights, enforcements, law of the sea, recognition, acquisition of territory, or

    (3) rights in foreign territory, state jurisdiction, the use of force, international criminal law, the international lex scripta, or sovereign rights and powers, etc. And that is why

    (4) we are generally called upon at anytime to serve as legal advisers political, economic, and military alliances, and also with the ministries of foreign affairs of nations, the worlds safety net the UN, etc. etc.!

    So, Mr. Jayweh, I do not know what you mean by ”Internationally or Democratic Lawyer”. I said, and I am saying again, that I am a professional municipal lawyer, international lawyer lawyer, and a diplomatic lawyer!

    And I have asserted and demonstrated such on these pages whenever necessary for the common good!

  11. To: Messrs True Nationalist and
    Frederick Jayweh,

    From: Mr. Hney

    Re: Thanks for your cordiality

    I am happy to see that both of you refer to one another with dignity and respect. Your use of the word “Mister” makes sense. Please keep it up. My peace dividend is paying off.
    Do not allow the bloody demons to get between you. It’s not worth it. Liberia needs both of you to showcase your talents.

    The Catch…
    Gentlemen, I need my cola. Period.

  12. Mr. Hney,

    Thank you for the Treaty offered between the two gentlemen. We hope that it holds. I have known Mr. Jayweh for a while now due to the fact that he taught my brother Criminal Law at the AME Zion University and I know that he will keep the peace. We hope that True Nationalist will do the same.

    Dont ask for the Kola yet until we see how far the Treaty will go.

    To digress, we are still eagerly awaiting to hear from you on how to get to you so we can get we was discussed earlier. At the risk of you getting mad with us, we would like, if possible, for you to please get us some vegetable seeds for planting.

    We have embarked on a project to feed school children where your SIL teaches at. So this is how it works, we give the vegetable seeds to gardeners to plant and when it is harvesting time, they sell the produce to us and we buy it and cook it for the children at school. A win win situation for all.

    Not me asking oo, your SIL is doing that. So if you want to get vex, get vex with her. I am just the messenger.

    Hope you are getting better bit by bit.


  13. Hello BIL,
    After a four-week haitus, it’s a pleasure to spot you in the newsroom once again. You’ve got the proclivity to submerge under water for a while and then all of a sudden, you step out of the water. Hope you are doing well buddy. It’s nice to hear from you.

    Yap. My peace Treaty between the genuine patriot, Mr. True Nationalist and his Courtesy, Mr. Frederick Jayweh is doing exactly what it was intended to do. Who knows? Maybe these two men will end being good buddies. They may turn against me just because I am a Marylander. Doing the James Davis thing…ha ha ha ha, I am joking! I had to shut up quickly because mosquitoes are active around here. Kidding!

    Vegetable Seeds…..
    By His grace, it will be possible. Just give me some time. I haven’t fully recuperated from my accident yet. I don’t get out as much as I would like. But I will try. Let’s keep in touch. However, when the time comes for the seeds to be mailed, I will request your mailing address. Okay?

    Okay, hang in there.


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