LNBA Election Goes to Buchanan

Contenders for the up-coming election for president of the Liberia National Bar Association, Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe (left) and Cllr. Bima Lansanah

Buchanan, the capital city of Grand Bassa County, is expected to become a hub of political activities this weekend when members of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) assemble there to elect their new corps of officers.

Those contesting  the presidency to replace Cllr. Moses Paegar, whose 3-year constitutional term expires Saturday, December 1, 2018, are Cllr. Bima Lansanah, managing partner of the David A. B. Jallah Law Firm and Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe, founder of the Gongloe and Associates Law Firm.

Currently the vice president of LNBA, Cllr. Lansanah has served as president of the Bomi County Bar Association, members of the Executive Council, LNBA, and member of the Governing Council of the African Bar Association.

If elected, Lansanah  promises to establish a robust welfare program for lawyers which would provide affordable medical insurance coverage to members seeking medical treatment.

This, he said, would help to build the credibility of the Bar as an impartial mediator in controversy of national and international concerns that will have the potential to undermine the interest of the state.

For Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, founder of the Gongloe and Associates Law Firm, he brings to the table a wealth of experience as a human rights lawyer, as a state prosecutor and a ranking government official.

From January 2006 to July 2009, Gongloe  served as Solicitor-General and from July 2009 to November 2010, he was the Minister of Labor, Republic of Liberia.

Prior to these assignments, He once served as executive assistant to then Interim President Amos C. Sawyer from November 1990 to March 1994.

In 2005, Gongloe served as electoral consultant to The Carter Center in Ethiopia.

Over the years, Gongloe has provided legal services to the government when it could not easily find a lawyer, given the task associated with legal services. One of such was the legal service rendered to the Transitional Government headed by Cllr. David Kpormakpor (deceased) in 1994, when General Charles Julu (now deceased), former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia, laid siege to the Executive Mansion and announced to the world that he had overthrown the government, with the support of a group of exiled Liberians referred to as the New Horizon.


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