LMDC Pursues Standards for Health Facilities to Ensure Quality Healthcare

chairperson of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council, Dr. Linda Birch

Body will no longer license foreign General Practitioners, only Specialists

The chairperson of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council, Dr. Linda Birch has called on all health facilities to upgrade their hospitals and clinics as inspection kicks-up shortly.

Speaking at the secretariat meeting, Dr. Birch warned health facilities who fail to meet the standards set by LMDC that they will be penalized accordingly.

“Even though we are faced with budgetary issues and support to the council, we will not be deterred by distracted measures. We vowed to ensure that quality health care services are provided to all persons irrespective of race, tribe, gender, nationality, religious affiliation,” she said.

She frowned on over the counter treatment and warned patients to seek doctor’s prescription before buying medication to avoid the risk of buying expired or substandard medications that are smuggled onto the market.

“Liberia [has] many general practitioners and very low number of specialists. We, therefore, appeal to donors and partners to help by providing more scholarship opportunities to enable postgraduate specializations training,” Dr. Birch said.

Dr. Birch further stated that the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine graduates about 30 or more doctors annually. These doctors are subsequently licensed based on completion of the internship in various disciplines as General Practitioners (GP).

“Given this huge number of trained Liberian GPs, the LMDC, in an effort to protect and support Liberian GPs, shall license only Liberian GPs. Non-Liberian GPs shall no longer be licensed. Exemptions shall be granted when LMDC deems it necessary. Only Specialists providing evidence of specialties shall be licensed and qualified to work in Liberia,” Dr. Birch said.


  1. Thanks, Dr. Birch and the LMDC for ensuring standards are followed by the many Healthcare Facilities in our country.
    We know this is the beginning to provide standardized health services to our population, but please begin your inspection with the major hospitals (JFK, Catholic Hosp., Redemption Hosp. and others) in and around Monrovia. This will indicate the LMDC seriousness toward its compliance effort for better healthcare service for our people. Also, admonish our general practitioners (GP) from practicing as specialists. Cases that can not be handled by our GP should immediately be referred to a specialist.

  2. Great… another shot in the foot of the efforts being made to help Liberia shore up their failed medical system.
    Simple minded. Have you ever had care in the Emergency room at JFK? I can’t even begin to list the infractions to a basic standard of care that I observed. You should take all of the help you can get while educating all of those GPs. Can you tell me where they are when they’re supposed to be on duty at St. Francis? Short sighted. Those practitioners are often out of town, holding out their hands for DSA or off to foreign adventures. Make them account for their time.


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