LLA to Acquire 4,500 Acres for NHA’s Housing Units

Dr. Othello Brandy, Chairman, Liberia Land Authority

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) has begun the process of acquiring 300,000 acres of land in each of the 15 counties for government’s local housing project through the National Housing Authority (NHA).

LLA will also locate both urban and rural land in each county in support of the housing program.

Former Land Commissioners now Acting County Land Administrators, Resident Surveyors, and Registrars of the LLA have been authorized to work with local leaders to identify the land space that will allow the NHA to undertake the housing project.

The technical staff of the LLA Land Use and Management Department have been collecting historical data and verification of sites along with the appropriate land stakeholders in securing public land across the country.

The LLA has already identified parcels of ‘public land’ land in Bentol and Brewerville in Montserrado County for the purpose.

This project is one of President George Weah’s primary objectives to ensure that his administration builds modern, durable and affordable homes for Liberians under the Pro-poor Agenda.

NHA director of public affairs, Maxwell Davies, expressed the NHA’s appreciation for the effort and support from the LLA, which remains a key partner in promoting housing for citizens.

“This will reduce the search for land and help to increase housing units for the Liberian people, and therefore, we are excited by this support, because it will also help the NHA from extra spending,” Mr. Davies said.

According to him, the search for land has been a serious situation for the NHA.


  1. Why are you building new towns? My opinion is, you should discuss with the ordinary Liberians, the housing solutions. That is, you should demonised bad and old homes and rebuild them. You could then ask the dwellers to refund your expenditure.

    You could discuss it with them as family housing and not for individuals’. In this case, you could give them more time to repay your expenses. Slowly but surely, they would reimburse.


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