LISGIS Begins 12-Month Household Income Expenditure Survey

Dr. T. Edward Liberty and his Wife at the award program_web.jpg

The Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo Information Services (LISGIS) has begun a 12-month survey of Household Incomes and Expenditures across Liberia.

LISGIS Director General, Dr. T. Edward Liberty, said the program, if completed, would help older people currently taking care of their grand children throughout Liberia, specifically those who lost family members during the civil crisis and needed extra support.

Speaking at a program held in his honor by The Evidence Newspaper, the LISGIS Director General, Dr. T. Edward Liberty, explained that the institution has been focused on ensuring that information concerning statistics around Liberia was properly maintained as expected by the Government of Liberia.

Dr. Liberty said the recent survey conducted over the past year showed that vast majority of the population was unemployed, with many taking part in the informal sector to make ends meet.

Also speaking at the ceremony was the Managing Editor and publisher of The Evidence Newspaper, James T. Lloyd, who said the Director General performed extremely well at LISGIS by providing the government of Liberia with useful information for every sector.

Mr. Lloyd explained that Dr. Liberty has helped the government to record the necessary information, including the census and demography survey conducted and the health survive that are currently helping to reach out by the health sector and others people.


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