LIS Margibi Boss Assaults LBS Reporter Degleh

LIS Margibi County County Commander Charles V. Brooks

By Patrick C.M. Kollie

The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) Margibi County Commander Charles V. Brooks on Thursday, July 12, 2018, at about 7-8 p.m. physically attacked the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) Margibi Correspondent Emmanuel Degleh. It all started when the LBS Margibi Correspondent, who also serves as manager for a local radio station, Classic FM, retired from his regular duty and was on his way home.

According to Degleh, the LIS Officer called his attention and asked whether he was the LBS reporter assigned in Margibi. Degleh replied “Yes.”

Journalist Emmanuel Degleh

Degleh laments that it was at that moment officer Brooks rained insults on him, including on his mother, saying the LBS reporter gave false news about him (LIS officer) and without getting his side of the story. While trying to leave the scene, officer Brooks physically attacked him and took away his cellphone (SamSung J.5 prime) valued at US$200.00, according to bystanders.

The incident took place around the St. Christopher Catholic High School along the Kakata – BWI street.

The incident, which attracted many onlookers including Margibi LNP Commander Sylvester Hinneh, was brought under control but officer Brooks refused to turn over the LBS correspondent’s belongings.

Degleh has however vowed to pursue his case to a logical conclusion and through legal means.

When contacted by this reporter at the Kakata police headquarters, the LIS officer refused to comment on the matter. Officer Brooks was however seen boasting around the Kakata police station, saying that nobody can do him harm, as he served in the AFL, NSA and now that he is the commander of the LIS in Margibi, he does not give a hoot about whatsoever.


  1. Officer Brooks is in the habit of intimidating and brutalizing peaceful Citizens in the County, two of the Citizens have expressed his brutal behavior two days ago and now he is involved in brutalizing a professional. This Brooks guy should be dealt with accord to our laws and be transfer subsequently.

  2. A formal complaint should be filed with the Ministry of Justice without delay against commander Brooks. He should be made to know that serving with the AFL and NSA does not give him the rights to take law in his own hands as LIS Commander by brutalizing peaceful citizens in the county. Transfer from Margibi should not be the only options but he should face the full weight of the law of the Republic of Liberia

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