Lions Club Assists Children’s Feeding Program


Ducor Lions Club of Monrovia has partnered with Mr. Philip Gibson of Gurley Street to feed an expected 500 children in Central Monrovia on December 25.

At a pre-Christmas party for over 100 children yesterday, Mr. Collins W. Teah, president of Ducor Lions, told them, “We decided to identify with Mr. Gibson and you children with (a contribution of) foodstuffs because he is working to help you.”

Gibson’s feeding program is held every Saturday, but the news of the program yesterday swept through the community in Central Monrovia, and by 1p.m., children came from every part of the community with their bowls ready for their meal.

Lions Club contributed 15 bags of 25kg rice, 11 cartons of juices, three cartons of biscuits, one carton of sausages and 10 gallons of cooking oil to support Mr. Gibson’s program. Gibson has targeted 500 children to eat free in what he described as a Fun Fest on Christmas Day.

Mr. Gibson, who spoke with the Daily Observer yesterday, revealed that Mrs. Romell Horton, a Liberian humanitarian, also provided a large bag of toys for distribution to the children during the Fun Fest.

“We are grateful to both Ducor Lions and Mrs. Horton for their wonderful support to our program,” Gibson said, adding, “We want these children who benefit from what we do here to know that we care about them.”

“There is not much I can say to express our gratitude to Mr. Teah and his organization and Mrs. Horton for their concern for the welfare of children who are in need of the most basic essentials in life.”

Meanwhile, Gibson conducted a registration of the children to later check on them and to acquaint himself with their parents and guardians. He hoped the program can get the necessary support to provide education and other services to the children.

Gibson’s program began at the height of the Ebola Virus Disease in October 2014, when children roamed the city aimlessly searching for food and doing mischief, neighbors said.

Gibson is supported by a team of volunteers, including Ms. Joanna Zeabo, Ms. Akma Kesha Aaron, Jessica Sarnor (Zoe), Ms. Wonderful Saysay, and several others.


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