Linda Thomas-Greenfield Named US Ambassador to UN

Former US Ambassador to Liberia, Linda Thomas-Greenfield has been named by US President-elect Joe Biden to lead her country's mission to the United Nations.

Former United States Ambassador to Liberia and Assistant Secretary for African Affairs in the Obama Administration, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, is expected now to represent the United States at the United Nations as its Ambassador when the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Administration takes over from Donald Trump in January next year.

Upon claiming victory in the just ended November election in the United States, President-elect Biden tasked Ambassador Greenfield to head the transition team at the level of the US State Department where she has served for many years except during the administration of Trump. 

With 35 years of experience in the U.S. Foreign Service, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield served as Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs under the Obama-Biden Administration and diplomatic positions for the US for Liberia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Kenya, The Gambia, Nigeria, and Jamaica.

While in Liberia as an Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield achieved a lot in transforming post-war Liberia through her diplomatic interventions.  For instance, she was one of the key instrumentalists of the reformation of the Armed Forces of Liberia who enhanced US support to the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).  It may be recalled that during her stay here, US provided a number of boats for the Coast Guard Unit to enable them guard Liberia’s territorial waters.

The intervention of Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield and the US Government in Liberia rebranded the AFL as “a force for good” so conscientious in human rights and defense of the land.

During Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s administration in Liberia as an Ambassador, the United States supported the Government of Liberia through USAID to build the headquarters of the National Elections Commission on 9th Street.   

Interestingly, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield has a deeper connection with Liberia that predeates her ambassadorial position here. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia with specific area of assignment in Lofa County.  Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s stay in Lofa leaves no doubt in the minds of Liberians from there that they have their daughter in the United States.

In fact, before Liberia’s 2017 election, she visited the country and sternly warned Liberians to build a patriotic spirit to vote by considering who will have the country at heart to bring its needed development instead of voting on party lines, tribal lines or on the basis of sectionalism.

In her comments at the African Methodist Episcopal University on Camp Johnson Road at the time, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield, who is well acquainted with the political and demographic structures of Liberia lamented that the country was retrogressing and needed a true nationalist to take it from where it was at the time to the height of prosperity and that there was no time to prioritize individual interests above the interest of the state, noting that doing so will harm it in the next 10 years.

Though an American, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield during her speech admitted that she is equally a Liberian like any other Liberian, based on the relationship she built while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer and an Ambassador, and the welfare of Liberia is dear to her heart that she cannot sit to see its future go down the drain.

Nevertheless, the Ambassador said, the burden is on the voters and elected officials who are to drive Liberia to its brighter future, and all eyes were on them to see how they will meet their responsibilities to their beloved country. As she now takes on the top UN job for her own country, Liberians wish for her the best, hoping that she will be there for both the United States and Liberia who are historically tied together.


  1. This way Americans, still who do not know Liberians, might be able to concentrate and see the actual difference between Americans and Liberians. Crowning Tribal Liberians with attires of Liberian settlers belongings only brought this president elect’s choice to the United Nations in conflict with the Mamba circle while she was Ambassador in Monrovia, while observance in its concupiscence was overlooked. Achievements as regards, the Army and Police all existed prior to the 1970. Thus post war Liberia was a mare petite reconstruction. With rural coherence, the ex-Ambassador might have not been able to see real African urban connections in Liberia, maybe because service to the United States in Liberia while there, was still an illusion of arrogance, one sided, amongst rural vs urban background. Yet to weeks for United States Government to transform from election elect, to election, it is hoped that if the east and the west must be a part of the globe, the need for separate distinction must be recognized at the United Nations. Liberians obsessed with duplication in American citizenship should not see this as an opportunity to those close rural connections with this expected envoy, because the United Nations is just as well on equal par with every nation a part, remembering that every nation supports or is part of this organization, rural or not. In short, each nation has its own voice in the United Nations.

    Praying for Liberia. DO NO Answer me. Tell yours to the People.

  2. For the fact remains that ventures in space have explained that most nations part of the United Nations does not mean and make all nations on earth a part of the United Nations. The universe is still being explored.

  3. We should be thankful that for a dozen years EJS called Liberia’s foreign policy shots, and cultivated close contacts with a number of who’s who in U.S government thereby landing Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield and few of both political parties. It matters not whether she is assigned to the UN, or running that country’s foreign policy. Liberia has a close friend in the new government!


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