LINCSA-BIN Instill Metal Detector at Entry Point


The Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LiNCSA), in collaboration with the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) and the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), has installed an M-Scope Walk-Through Metal Detector at the B’hai Border Point of Entry (from Cote d’ Ivoire) near Toes’ Town in Grand Gedeh County.

The detector was installed last weekend when a joint BIN/LiNCSA team consisting of Commissioner Benoni Knuckles, Jerry Mwagbe and Alimamine Kemokai (LiNCSA) and BIN Officers Jones Scott, Morris Kamara, Nair Jensen and Peterson Jackson along with Mr. Tilmon Gardiner of Global Venture Group travelled to Grand Gedeh to install the detector and train BIN officers on its maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Shortly after the installation of the detector and conclusion of the training, the detector was tested when a soccer team from neighboring Toulepleu (Cote d’Ivoire) crossed the border for a soccer match in Toe’s Town. Within 15 minutes, the detector recorded (85) eighty-five persons going through it (the MScope metal detector).

According to Mr. Tilmon Gardiner of Global Venture Group who conducted the training, “I am confident that the BIN officers, Sieh and Cooper, and Border Post Commander Col. Nuah, who were trained, will conduct the machine wisely.” The installation and training team were escorted by Border Patrol Commander Maj. Caesar A. Reeves.

The exercise is part of a joint BIN-LiNCSA-UNMIL effort to install metal detectors at all ports of entry. Currently, border points that have consistent power supply are being targeted.

It may be recalled that three (3) MScope Walk-Through metal detectors were donated to LiNCSA by the Regional Center on Small Arms & Light Weapons in February 2016. These detectors were turned over to BIN by LiNCSA the following month.

According to Commissioner Knuckles, the team will be heading to Pedebo Border entry point in Maryland County next to install another detector and conduct training.


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