LIMU Heads to Election, But Artus Complains against Guidelines


The Liberia National Movie Union (LIMU) has found itself in another crisis barely a month to the holding of its general elections.

The crisis comes days after the Union’s Elections Commission released its guidelines for the conduct of its elections, scheduled for March 31.

In a letter to Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Mr. Frank Artus, the standard bearer of the All-Star Movement, expressed displeasure at what he described as “the unconstitutional guidelines” released by Junior Pewee Russian, chairman of the commission.

“We plead for your intervention in disbanding this commission to save the Union from an inevitable backwardness,” Artus added.

Among other provisions, the LIMU’s elections guidelines want a contestant for LIMU’s president to be a Liberian and his/her parents, should be a property owner with at least L$100,000 in his/her account.

The Commission said such a contestant should have parents who are both Liberians. Frank Artus’ father is an Egyptian.

This wrangling is the second since the beginning of this year and has brought the union to public ridicule. The first confusion was when the Union’s vice president Henry Johnson masterminded the expulsion of the current president Martha Akorsah and five other members.

But the expulsion backfired and 72 members of the Union signed a resolution and expelled him. Since then, the Union has been split between Henry Johnson and Martha Akorsah’s supporters.

Junior Pewee Russian

Meanwhile, the chairman of the National Elections Commission Junior Pewee Russian has denied accusations that a clause, regarding the elections, is meant to deprive Mr. Artus of the presidency.

“The Elections Commission members were appointed by the Union’s president with the consent of the members, including the complainant, who was in that meeting. If the commission’s selection is unconstitutional as he (Frank Artus) claims, I don’t think he could have registered, although he still owes some balance of his registration,” Chairman Russian said.

He added “We are working directly with the constitution of the Union, which was amended last year. It is a shame that Artus bypassed the complaint channel and went directly to the minister to complain. The Union is ready for a new day and people will merit every position they want to ascend to.

“The guidelines drawn for the elections came directly from the amended constitution. The complainant needs to go and read the constitution before coming to the public to make any allegation,” he said in a phone conversation.

Meanwhile, Chairman Russian disclosed that this year’s election, unlike the past will take place in 10 of the 15 counties, making the election decentralized than ever before.



  1. As Liberians we need to stop this practice of discriminating against people of a different race. It should be about ideas, not race. I hope you guys can be open-minded and think about the benefits of bringing people together instead of always fighting. Fighting one another will keep Liberian civilization from advancing.

  2. It’s obvious to me and any objective person that your guidelines about parentage is discriminatory against Artus. You young people need to stop this nonsense! Don’t imitate the adults because they’re corrupt and it keeps our culture backwards. As young people, you need to pursue an enlightened path based on ideas, not racism, and bigotry.

  3. Frank Artus is great actor. He deserves to the president Liberian or not. He has giving more back to Liberians than most I know.

  4. Ha ha ha go to Egypt you Liberian and think you can occupy a position that an Egyptian suppose to occupy and as a Liberian will be given that position..

    This is what we the indigenous that speak our languages need to really control every aspect of our Country…

    Can you as Liberian go to Nigeria or Ghana and become head of any Institution there?

    Many of us Liberians did not leave Liberia during the war and as such many of us just think having foreign people in your circle make your nation great… NO! ! It does not..

    We have a Nigerian trying to be LFA president… Can any Liberian head Nigeria Football Federation… That Liberian will be dead before even the election…

    Ask those that went to Nigeria during the war and hear their stories how many Liberians die in Nigeria.. Or Guinea..

    The war came for us Liberians to be exposed Globally, but many of us Liberians remained in the country.. It is not bad that you remained in the country but those of us that traveled around the World in many countries know how we as Liberians were treated..

    And we have the best economy in the world if only our Resources were properly managed by these slaves leaders we have had over 140 plus years… We could not be where we are now as a country..

    But all is not lost.. Iron Ore still around..

    Liberians First

    • @P. Fahn Dormeyan,

      I am deeply disturbed by your racial bigotry to insinuate that your fellow Liberian (Frank Artus) who is a bona fide Liberian by blood(jus sanguinis… blood) from his mother is a foreigner because one of his parent (dad) is an Egyptian.

      There are many Liberians living in Liberia and mostly in the Diaspora born to parents of mixed race and nationalities. Some Liberians who are still living in the past have to know that time have changed over the last 30 years. Liberians are becoming bi-racial, multi-cultural, and mixed nationalities.
      Do you know what constitutes someone to be a Liberian?

      I will advise you to study your Liberian Constitution to fully comprehend who qualifies to be a Liberian citizen : for simplicity, Liberian citizenship comes by birth, by naturalization, by virtue of one parent being a Liberian………as inscribed in Chapter IV at Articles 27 and 28 of the 1986 Constitution that deals with Liberian Citizenship.

      Chapter IV at Articles 27 and 28 of the 1986 Constitution deals with Liberian Citizenship.
      “The provision of the Constitution speaks directly to your insinuation of Mr. Frank Artus not being a Liberian reads, “Any person, at least one of whose parents was a citizen of Liberia……..”

      Do you know that one of his parents ..mother (is a citizen of Liberia) therefore Mr. Frank Artus is a bona fide citizen of Liberia?

      Please do you homework before you become so xenophobic.


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