Light International School to Open University


The principal of the Light International School System, Alper Erkan, said the school intends to open a university in the country.

Mr. Erkan made the assertion recently during a Ramadan-ending dinner with media leaders held at the school’s campus in Monrovia. The dinner was an expression of friendship as an instrument to build peace and harmony in the Liberian society, he said.

Mr. Erkan revealed that 99 percent of the school’s teachers are Liberian university graduates who continue to perform extremely well in ensuring that students get quality education.

“We are making progress based on the level of attention given to our students at all levels. Providing quality education for our students remains a priority to authorities here,” he said.

According to Erkan, due to the past Ebola crisis, some of the school’s students, some of who were from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and other nations, departed the country and are yet to return.

Before the Ebola crisis, he said, “We had over 500 students, but currently we have a little over 400.”

Philip Wisseh, publisher and managing editor of The Inquirer newspaper, lauded the Light International School System for organizing the dinner with media heads. He called on the school’s authority to collaborate with other schools, especially in the sciences, to ensure that kids build an interest in the sciences, a subject area many Liberian students tend to avoid.

The Light International School was established in 2006 and has graduated hundreds from the senior high level. The school has a well-functioning air-conditioned computer lab that adds to the school’s attraction, among other facilities.


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