Life Insurance for Health Workers at 14th Military Hospital


-as Activa-Liberia commits US$105K for Six Months, with possible extension

No one had the slightest thought that a virus would cause unprecedented havoc, locking down practically the entire world that lurks on haplessly.

Even as the virus practically confines everyone in his or her respective home, there is one delicate group of people bracing the storms to combat this invisible, contagious and deadly enemy—healthcare workers. They are at hospitals are attending to the infected, exposing themselves to the dreadful virus. They are rightfully described as warriors by many. But how protected and safe are these warriors? How are important are they being treated by the government and the society as some are already falling prey to this global menace?

The little recognition and cheering from the streets corners windows and mobile phones may bring some smiles to their faces, but is it enough to motivate them during these testing times? This is a question that Activa International Insurance Company (Liberia) Limited thought to answer recently.

The company decided to go beyond the usual feign smiles and cheers and the lip-service and induced promises towards this group that never come to fruition.

Through an act of generosity, Activa has reached an agreement with the government to insure free of charge healthcare workers at the 14-Military Hospital, the main frontline of fight against the deadly coronavirus disease. These workers are now covered by a Life Insurance Policy for six months with a possible extension.

According to Activa, a Pan-African insurer authorized by the Central Bank of Liberia to write both Life and Non-Life (General) Insurance businesses, the policy covers 115 health practitioners and allied workers if they get infected while taking care of COVID-19 Patients. The agreement was consummated recently by the company’s management and authorities at the Ministry of Health.

Activa Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director, Cllr. Saye D. Gbalazeh, signed on behalf of his company while Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah signed for the government.

According to the agreement, which was echoed by Mr. Gbalazeh at the signing ceremony, the Life Insurance Policy covers natural and accidental deaths to include deaths emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cllr. Gbalazeh said it was the Company’s gesture towards assisting the Liberian Government in the fight against the Coronavirus. He said the Policy will cover a six month period with the option to be renewed for another six months if it becomes necessary.

The Activa Chief Executive Office said the total cost of the Life Insurance Policy Package for the frontliners at that center is US$105,000.00 which was made possible through Activa Group Foundation. Cllr Gbalazeh said Activa’s gesture underpins the company’s philosophy of a loyal and purpose-driven corporate citizenship imbued with the culture of giving back to the community in which it operates.

Receiving the donation, Health Minister Jallah expressed appreciation to Activa International Insurance Liberia for reaching out to the frontline health workers during this critical period stating that President George Weah and the Government of Liberia are very grateful for such a gusty gesture. She added that the Insurance Policy would serve as an added incentive in motivating the COVID-19 Health Workers as they carry out their duties.

Another insurance company executive told the Daily Observer that the government needs to do more for health workers as the gesture from Activa is not the regular health insurance policy that covers hospitalization risks. “The insurance amount will be paid only in the case of death. It does not cover the risk in case a healthcare worker is quarantined or hospitalized for COVID-19,” he said.

“In my personal opinion, in these testing times, the government should extend comprehensive financial protection to healthcare workers that cover all kinds of healthcare risks while they attend to the COVID-19 patients. The insurance cover should ideally include a smaller lump-sum benefit against diagnosis, quarantine, or hospitalization for COVID-19,” he said.

It can be recalled that during Liberia’s battle of the EBOLA Scourge, Activa-Liberia made a significant contribution of over 35-thousand United States Dollars to widows and survivors of EBOLA Victims geared towards them re-establishing their independence and social acceptance through the establishment of cooperatives, skills training, and the conduct of a psycho-social program. Activa also funded a sexual and reproductive health program that catered to vulnerable young women in Grand Cape Mount County in western Liberia.

Activa International Insurance (Liberia) Ltd is a licensed composite company that has been working in Liberia over the past six years, providing quality Insurance Packages for Blue Chip Companies, Multinationals, Small/Medium Enterprises, Non-Profit Organizations (NGO), Liberian Institutions and personal lines insurance in the private and public sectors.


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