Life Imprisonment for Journalist Killer

Police officers escort to prison defendant Jonathan Williams, who has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of journalist Tyron Brown.

The 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Tubmanburg, Bomi County on Wednesday, March 26, 2019, convicted Jonathan Williams and sentenced him to life imprisonment at the Monrovia Central Prison for Killing Super FM Journalist, Tyron Brown, on the night of April 15, 2018, in Monrovia.

Williams without remission of this sentence is expected to spend his remaining days on earth at the Zwedru Correctional Palace.

About a week ago, Jonathan Williams was convicted of murder for killing Tyron Brown in 2018.

After the ruling, the defense lawyers took exception to Judge Nancy Sammy’s judgment by taking an appeal to the Supreme Court.

The late Journalist Tyron Brown (pictured)

After presiding over the case for at least a month, Judge Sammy came down with a guilty verdict which the prosecution had earlier asked for- life imprisonment- and her ruling yesterday just concurred with that.

On March 6, 2020, Jonathan Williams admitted in an open court that he stabbed the victim three times, but insisted it was done in ‘self-defense.’

Defendant Williams was indicted by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County for allegedly killing Journalist Tyron Brown in the Du-Port Road Community, Paynesville.

The government also charged defendant Williams with murder along with Edwina and Alice Youti, two sisters who were also charged with criminal facilitation and conspiracy in connection to the case.

However, the charges against the two sisters were dropped by Justice Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh.

Brown had gone to Williams’ house in an attempt to visit one of his nieces who was not identified when he was stabbed to death by Williams, which prosecutors claimed was witnessed by the sisters.

Defendants Alice and Edwina were jointly indicted with the prime defendant, Jonathan Williams, by the government for the death of Tyron A. Browne.

The sisters were charged with hindering law enforcement on grounds that they allegedly, deliberately and criminally concealed information about the murder of Journalist Browne by defendant Williams from April 15 up to his arrest on April 20, when he was subsequently charged with murder.

Based on those charges, the Youtis’ legal team, headed by Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi, prayed Judge Roosevelt Willie to separately try co-defendants Alice and Edwina from Williams because the indictment charging the two Co-defendants for hindering law enforcement did not point out any acts of conspiracy and facilitation by them to commit the alleged act of murder.

Despite their arguments, Judge Willie proceeded to deny and subsequently demand that the defendant and co-defendants be jointly tried. This, therefore, led Cllr. Massaquoi to file for a writ of certiorari, contending that only the magisterial court has jurisdiction over the matter and not Criminal Court ‘A.’


  1. Greetings to all:

    Most especially to uncle H, Uncle D and Uncle Aaron. Sorry that I have been away for awhile doing some work here in Bomi and also to watch the trial of Williams vs. RL in which Williams is accused of murdering Journalist Brown.

    I, personally, am very pleased with the verdict because, he, Williams, deserves life imprisonment and hopefully will have time to ponder the consequences of his reckless action that resulted in the loss of a young, innocent life.

    My sister is well in California, Uncle Dolo and when I last spoke to her few hours earlier, she said she was fine and observing all medical protocols put in place by the state of California. I hope that whatever this disease this is that is plaguing the globe, will pass away soon. With collective effort, it will go away.

    Uncles Hney, Dolo and Aaron, I hope that where ever you and your families are, that you are all safe. My family is ok, my mother has to self-quarantine herself because she interacted with a friend of hers that came from Europe. So far, she is doing good and will release herself on Sunday, but me and dad pushing for another week.

    Just wanted to give you folks and update on events unfolding in my world. I have a question for you, Uncle Dolo, but will ask you at a later date.


    • Thank God to hear from you Joe.
      Look forward to answering any questions from you, but I can just guess the topic. I usually like to avoid that topic in public discussions but due to the sensitivity of it at this moment, I forcibly poked into it.

      Stay safe and my regards to mommy, daddy and your sibling!

  2. Hello Joe,
    It’s a pleasure to hear from you once again. Glad to know that you and your family are doing extremely well. Your mother took the right step in the right direction. Through His grace and unfailing love, may your mother be healed. Tell your dad hello. Lastly, I certainly hope that your sister is quickly adjusting in California, probably in the Bay Area. Maybe she’s under a lockdown, unfortunately that’s how things are nationwide. But by his grace, the demon (Covid-19) will fade away.

    My family and I are well. I will get out today in order to see my mechanic who happens to be an Ivorian. My car is sick! The mechanic is the doctor.

    Yes, I glanced at the Williams-Tyrone Brown story. Very sad indeed. I hope that the family of Brown will be relieved because of the verdict. For sure, I think Brown is more at ease with his creator than Williams who will be agonized in a jail cell for the balance of his life.

    People have to think before they act. If a person acts before thinking, trouble knocks at the door.
    Williams acted a fool on the night of April 15, 2018 without thinking about the consequences. Now is the time that William will think. It’s too late.

    Hang in there young man. Continue to be a shaker and a mover.


  3. Uncle Dolo

    Greetings again hoping this note finds you and your family doing well. All is well from my end . I left Bomi County and am now in Monrovia, and just so you know, Uncle Hney, my dad sold his car to me at the exorbitant price of 800USD. A car that he has had for over 5 years. Who does that to his only son? And everyday he tells me that I will take care of him in his old age but he won’t give me his old car for free. Such unfairness.

    Uncle Dolo, this question is not meant in any way, shape, or for to put you in an awkward position or anything like that but when my dad told me to ask you the question, I didn’t hesitate because I, too, would like to know your thoughts on it.

    We all admire your intense loyalty and trust that you have for Mr. Cummings and there is no doubt that you will do your utmost best to see that he wins the presidential election the next term. You have no doubt that he can lead us out of this quagmire. Here is the question, in the event that he does not win the election for the presidency, how are you going to handle the disappointment.?

    Please feel free not to answer, Sir, if you so desired. Thank you



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