LICFO Urges Liberians to Vote One-China Policy


The Liberia-China Friendship Organization (LICFO) has called on Liberian voters to participate in the electoral process to elect individuals who will support and uphold the One-China Policy.

“You get the politicians you warrant if you don’t vote right by accessing the candidates who will reflect the interest of the nation and the aspirations of its people,” LICFO said in a release.

Politicians, the release said, can help guide policy, “and so we need the ones that will guide and protect the One-China Policy.”

The One-China Policy is the firm foundation of the Liberia-China relationship. As a result of that relationship, Liberians have immensely benefitted and are still benefitting from the Government and people of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

According to the release, some of the benefits Liberia is enjoying from the relationship include the reconstruction of the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex after the civil war and its current renovation, the construction of the Ministry of Health and the University of Liberia Fendell Campus, as well as the ongoing constructions of the Ministerial Complex and the annexes of the Capitol Building.

LICFO is urging the Liberian electorate to vote for those who intend to guide and protect the One-China Policy not only because Liberia has benefited and is still benefiting from the Liberia-China relationship, but also because China is a member of the Security Council, which decides the fate of any nation.

“It is good to elect those who will go with us in the same direction,” the release said.

“There are those political elements who want to sway Liberia back to the renegade province of Taiwan when they gain state power.” Their action, the statement said, is intended to enrich themselves, “because Taiwan authorities know checkbook diplomacy very well. They want to use your votes, get to power and deny your infrastructure developments that the People’s Republic of China is currently providing.”

“This is the reason LICFO is calling on the electorates to ensure that people you elect during the upcoming elections should be the ones that represent your development ambition that will truly lift Liberia,” the statement concluded.


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