LICC Introduces Diversified Agriculture

The LICC Agriculture Department green house nursery

The agriculture program at the Liberia International Christian College (LICC) in Ganta City, Nimba County is gaining momentum with the introduction of what is termed as diversified agriculture.

The program director, Travis Sheets, said the college has introduced farming techniques such as hydroponics, as well as “farming God’s way.”

In the hydroponic farming, vegetables are grown without the use of soil, and are an effective method for growing vegetables.  In the ‘farming God’s way’ method, the dead bush derived from clearing a piece of land is left to decompose, putting nutrients back into the soil.  LICC is also involved in fish farmingand piggery, among others.

The front view of the LICC Agriculture Department and the green house

“We are involved in a wide range of agriculture activities, including animal husbandry and cash crops,” he said. “In this program, we talk about conservation of the environment.”
At the tour of the project site, varieties of poultry, including, geese, turkeys and different types of chickens were observed.

There were also other types of animals, including crocodiles, several species of turtles, rabbits, monkeys and other domesticated animals.

“These animals are here to enhance the study and students are taught how to care for them. They also learn how these animals survive,” said Jacob Dennis, a professor in the Agriculture Department.

“The study is done equally: 50% theory and 50% practical,” he added.
The college is involved in producing goat milk for consumption, as well as to make candles and jelly, the professor said.

“In March this year, we collected 23,675 milliliters (ml) of milk from eight goats,” said Gonbah Burh, a caretaker.

The Liberia International Christian College introduced its agriculture program some years ago and graduated 38 students at last year’s commencement convocation. Presently there are 50 students in the agriculture department.

“The agriculture department is gaining momentum, because the students are learning different methods in farming and how to breed other animals which is not common in

Liberia,” Konah Drogbay, a supervisor said.

Currently, the school has constructed a multi-storey building, where all multipurpose agriculture is conducted.

Soil and other agriculture experimentation will also be carried out there, according to Director Sheets.


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