LIBNEP Presents 7 Motorbikes to Partners


The Liberia Network of HIV Positive, a non-governmental organization in the business of educating, counselling and curtailing the spread of HIV/AIDS on Tuesday presented seven motor bikes to seven implementing partners.

The brief ceremony which was held at its offices at the ELWA Junction in Paynesville brought together nearly 15 persons representing seven different associations.

The seven YAMAHA bikes, according to the governor of LIBNEP, Jojo Baysah, are worth U$28,000. He said the bikes came in as a humanitarian gesture from the World Bank through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Mr. Baysah, on behalf of his entity acknowledged the many contributions World Bank continues to make towards the improvement of the living standards of the people of Liberia.

He meanwhile called on the media and other partners, including the government, to help LIBNEP to get more logistical support for its offices and their implementing partners.

“The World Bank made the donation to help support the beneficiaries in their huge task in the 15 counties,” he said and cautioned the receivers to use them for the intended purpose.

Receiving the keys to the bikes on behalf of the implementing partners, the program manager of Positive Living Association of Liberia, Mr. Jerome Pokpah thanked LIBNEP and promised to use the bikes to support their work.

Mr. Pokpah expressed gratitude to LIBNEP for always playing a mediating role and assured LIBNEP of mutual cooperation in their operations to kick HIV/AIDS out of Liberia through sound programs.


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