Liberty Party, Youth, Women Wing, Others Endorse Amb. Boakai

VP Boakai and other partisans of the UP and LP on the platform

With barely four days to the run-off election, the national executive committee, legislators, former legislators, youth and women’s wing of the opposition Liberty Party (LP) yesterday endorsed Vice President and standard bearer of the Unity Party (UP) Joseph N. Boakai, promising to campaign to ensure he is victorious at the Dec. 26 runoff election.

At an elaborate program at the Unity Party’s headquarters in Congo Town, Jacob Smith, secretary general of LP, who read the statement, said they believe that some of the things in their party’s platform can also be found with the UP.

Mr. Smith said VP Boakai is the best choice for the people of Liberia as he is prepared to educate the youth, empower citizens and ensure that the country’s development agenda is maintained through sound decisions.

At the endorsement, young and senior Liberty Party partisans chanted slogans: “We want an educated leader; Liberia can only move forward with the leadership of VP Boakai; we value education; our children want to go to school; we don’t need Weah for president.”

Mr. Smith said though the party is not fully represented at the gathering, “it is the biggest endorsement so far by the party with more than eighty percent of its leadership.”

Wilmot Paye, chairman of the ruling Unity Party, in his acceptance remarks, said Senator Weah (of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change) is not an alternative for Liberia, and should not be given the country’s highest seat.

Chairman Paye said Liberia needs a leader that can be a reflection of the people of Liberia and not someone who lacks the ability, including education.

He said the Unity Party was excited to receive such huge endorsements from the LP and the ANC, which indicate that victory is certain.

Supporters at the UP headquarters Thursday

He said it was unfortunate for some people to attribute the current economic situation in the country to the LP’s decision to take the National Elections Commission (NEC) to the Supreme Court relative to irregularities and fraud in the October 10 presidential and legislative elections.

Chairman Paye said the development of Liberia can only be achieved through the able leadership of VP Boakai, who has proven to be a complete reflection of change and development.

“It is not true that LP is responsible for the increase in US rate and increment of prices on major commodities in the country. We are never part of such process because VP Boakai wants to change the people who don’t want to see this country change,” Paye said.

According to him, the twelve years of investment by the international community was not intended to send Liberia backward, but to continue the development and empowerment of the people of Liberia.

Those witnessing the endorsement included Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, Montserrado County Senator; standard bearer of the All Liberian Party, Benoni W. Urey, Augustine K. Ngafuan, George Kailondo, Emmanuel Bowier, Kofi Woods and Rep. Edwin Snowe.


  1. Because of the disputed Oct. 10, 2017, 1st round presidential election, there was not enough time to schedule a presidential debate between the two remaining presidential candidates left for run-off.

    The purpose of the debate would have given the Liberian public (including the Liberty Party Youths, Women Wing) a general idea of what goals and policies to be implemented if either candidate is elected president. However, the Supreme Court has mandated that the Dec.26 Run-off election should proceed. This is a safe way to avoid constitutional crisis in Liberia’s presidential succession.

    This election is not about the popularity of George Weah, nor is it about the long governmental service of V.P. Joe Boakai. This election is about the national welfare of Liberia and all it citizens.

    These are some of the questions I and many Liberians would like to know how Liberia will be governed if one of these individuals (George Weah/Joe Boakai) is elected president of Liberia:

    1. What economic development plans and mechanism would either of you put in place to attract foreign and domestic investments?
    2. How do either of you plan on creating jobs to reduce the high unemployment rate in Liberia?
    3. How do either of you plan on balancing our fiscal budget and increasing revenue?
    4. How do either of you plan on paying Liberia external/foreign debt and reduce foreign Aid dependency?
    5. What are your education policies to make sure no child is left uneducated in Liberia?

    6. What are your decentralization policies to attract development in other parts of Liberia?
    7. What are your policies towards agriculture development and food security?
    8. What are your policies towards urban and rural electrification/pipe-borne water, sanitation and sewer system in Liberia?
    9. What are your policies towards Liberia’s modernization: manufacturing raw material extracted/ produced in Liberia?
    10. What are your policies towards making the 15 counties more autonomous to make them less dependent on the central government?

    11. What are your policies to reduce the power of an “imperial presidency” that is detrimental to individual growth and prosperity?
    12. What policies would either of you put in place to encourage free enterprise?
    13. How do either of you plan to strengthen the security sector: military, police, and other law enforcement agencies?
    14. How do either of you plan to protect Liberia’s porous border to limit illegal migration and radical groups from infiltrating into the country?
    15. How do either of you plan to cut down on government waste and crackdown on corruption?

    16. What are your health care policies to avoid another Ebola crisis or a major health catastrophe?
    17. How do you plan to encourage meaningful research and development at various universities?
    18. How do you plan on controlling inflation and strengthening the Liberian Dollar against the U.S. Dollar?
    19. How do you plan on strengthening the criminal justice system and reducing the abuse of power?
    20. What are your short term and long term job creation policies?

    21. What are your national unity and reconciliation policies?
    22. What are your foreign policies in continuing bilateral relationship with foreign nations?
    23. What policies will either of you put in place to protect Liberia’s forest and fauna from depletion?
    24. How do either of you plan on cracking down on illegal mining and protecting the environment?
    25. What social programs and policies are in place to protect and help Liberian children?

    26. What policies would be put in place to strengthen public transportation around Liberia via road/air and rail?
    27. What policies would be in place to strengthen youth vocational and technical training?
    28. What policies would be in place to protect freedom of the press, religious liberty and individual constitutional rights?
    29. How either of you going to protect and respect the separation of power?
    30. How either of you going to protect Liberia’s territorial water from foreign fishing vessels?

    31. What policies/incentives/subsidies either of you going to put in place to encourage farmers to produce more food production?
    32. What policies either of you are going to put in place to guarantee free public education to every Liberian child up to secondary school?
    33. What policies either of you are going to put in place to rehabilitate Liberian non-dangerous criminals to become productive citizens?
    34. What policies will either of you put in place for low cost housing and rural development?
    35. What policies will either of you put in place to protect our beaches from sea-erosion, trash and other public indecencies (toilets)?

    It is very difficult for either Joe Boakai or George Weah to govern a country like Liberia that went through total destruction: the rule of rule, jobs, education, infrastructures, moral codes, religious beliefs, traditional beliefs, the tax system, national pride, children welfare, equal rights, women rights, religious rights, health system, Liberian hospitality, the economy, the political system, human development and so on have to be strengthened by whoever is to become the Leader of this recovering backward country called Liberia. These are some of the problems many Liberians want to know from the two candidates vying for the Presidency. Their leadership can either make Liberia better, or break Liberia!!!!!

    May God bless my fellow Liberians in these difficult times!!!!

  2. Ritualistic killings/human sacrifice, skyrocketing unemployment, massive corruption.legalized “conflict of interest” at the legislature…..Liberia’s system of governance is broken beyond redemption. Liberia needs a new system of participatory democracy, not a new president to run a broken system. After 170 years of independence, over 50 elections, 24 presidents, even a fool wouldn’t elect a good president to run a 170 years old corrupt and broken system. Change comes from the people, not politicians! Article I of the Liberian Constitution : “All power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their authority and for their benefit and they have the right to alter and reform the same when their safety and happiness so require.” Liberia is independent politically but for 170 years citizens have been trapped in poverty and illiteracy because of a broken system. That is why Citizens Independence Movement (CIM) [] is demanding a sovereign national conference for a new constitution and new system of governance that empowers the people, not the politicians. The people as masters must set the salaries and benefits of their servants, directly propose laws without the permission or approval of the president or legislature Politicians want six years of a BLANK CHECK. There is a saying; “a fool with a tool is still a fool”. Don’t be a fool. Don’t give a blank check to any politician. Anyone who wants to be a servant must first obey orders from the master: ” We demand a new system of governance in 99 days. As the saying goes, “99 days for rogue, but one day for the master.” It makes no sense to continue with “business as usual” under a proven corrupt and broken system!

  3. Mr. Conneh, great questions! Answers to these questions are keys in building and developing a nation. And it requires knowledge, wisdom and experience to answer these more or less sophisticated questions; for, the Great Holy Bible tells us that …”it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge, and he sins who hastens with his feet.” Proverbs 19:2. The Holy Bible also reminds us that: “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3&4.
    We all know or ought to know that Mr. Weah being a great football star does not give him the knowledge, wisdom and experience needed to answer these 35 difficult questions. Yet, Mr. Weah “hastens with his feet” as the Scripture says, rather than his knowledge, wisdom and experience, to reach the Executive Mansion in order to answer these crucial questions. Mr. Weah is therefore a sinner. Also, his educated gravy-seeking and ill-informed and ignorant supporters are sinners. Let us be honest and sincere. Where is the evidence of Mr. Weah’s elementary and/or junior high school/schools credentials? Why are we so cheap by awarding the sacred office of the Liberian Presidency to Ambassador Weah merely because he was a great football star? “GOD SAVE LIBERIA”.

  4. You guys are funny. You made him ambassador, senator and yet you question why you want to make him president? umm, think the train has left the station. ‘ YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW’ better start looking to 2024

  5. Of all seriousness, Mr. Conneh, between Vice President Joseph N. Boakai and CDC George
    M. Weah, who do you and the Liberian people trust is fully qualified enough to implement
    them? I know there is no if and and, VP Boakai is well educated, experienced and ready
    to implement them.

    George Weah was given the task of reconciling the country. Instead of that he turned to
    Taylor for support and chose Mr. Taylor war wife as his running mate. A BIG FAILURE!


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