Liberty Party Vows to Resist Boakai


Liberty Party (LP) has vowed to resist every attempt by the governing Unity Party to renew another twelve years of governance over the state.

The UP took power in 2006 bringing into office Africa’s first female elected President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who later won a second six year mandate in 2011.

President Sirleaf’s running mate in the past two consecutive elections, Vice President Joseph Boakai, recently accepted a petition from his home county Lofa, to contest the presidency in the 2017 presidential and general elections.

Political commentators tip Boakai to win his party’s nomination and surge as a front runner, but the opposition believes affording UP another 12 years of uninterrupted leadership will have a negative effect on the progress of the country.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County over the weekend, Liberty Party Chairman Cllr. Fonati Koffa acknowledged that even though his party is devoted to producing Liberia’s next president, “no one political party can obtain the majority required.” As such,
forming a strong coalition that will resist Vice President Boakai and the UP imposing continued dominance on Liberia is a cardinal direction of the party.

“We do not believe UP will achieve 12 more years of power in this country and the 2017 Legislative and Presidential elections will be the time to change the ruling party. We are very prepared and that’s why we’re developing a system to reduce the number of political parties in order to build three or four blocks for the elections.

“We believe that block LP will emerge as the winner because we are building together a block of political parties, institutions and individuals that are capable of not only delivering the message of change to the people of Liberia but also delivering good governance and credible leadership,” Cllr. Koffa asserted.

He confirmed holding discussions with about five political parties, including the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). It is noteworthy that as LP is being branded “regime collaborators,” the official spokesperson of the party dismissed having any conversation with the governing Unity
Party, maintaining that their engagement remains open to any party or individual.

Liberty Party goes into these discussions without preconditions, he contended. “We will consider anything that will make the coalition stronger, but remember that LP believes we have the right proposition and we put it on the table. Our proposition is that the political leader of LP is by far the best to lead this country and if it does not favor us we will support whoever the coalition favors and we will work hard to ensure that person wins.”

Meanwhile, LP has announced that it will hold a convention in Lofa County shortly to elect the new leadership of the party.


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