Liberty Party Takes Over CPP Today

Today, ANC political leader Alexander Cummings will hand over the gavel of authority of the CPP the the Liberty Party's political leader, Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence

Members of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) are set to turn the leadership of the collaboration to Liberty Party (LP) political leader, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence.

The rotational leadership of CPP last with a party for eight months and is turned over to the next.

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, a political leader of the ANC, who has served for the last eight months, will be turning over shortly to Senator Karnga-Lawrence. By this transition, the Liberty Party is the third member of the CPP to lead the opposition bloc.

More details to follow.


  1. I think this is how the presidency should be done. Let the presidency be rotational. That will end the constant political problems in Liberia.

  2. The CCP is being democratic! The transition of leadership from one Standard Bearer to the next is going smoothly. But there’s a nagging question….

    (1). What did Alexander Benedict Cummings achieve during the past eight months? In other words, what are his signature accomplishments?

    A person who is elected or selected is expected to do something.

  3. So, tell me what did you expect him to achieve?
    Weren’t you following the meetings over which he presided, coordination missions he accomplished, regularly press briefings he conducted?
    What else do you expect him to realize? Build roads while he doesn’t control the state budget? Or create jobs without him having access to the country’s assets?

    Leave my honorable standard bearer in peace, Grand Frere!
    We call this “les attaques gratuites!”

  4. Grand Defender African,
    Your boss, Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings does not have a signature accomplishment to show or brag about. Neither can you in all sincerety name a thing or two which Cummings did during his 8-month tenure.

    Said you, “weren’t you following the meetings over which he (Cummings) presided, coordination missions which he accomplished, regularly press briefings he conducted”?

    (1). No, I wasn’t following the meetings Cummings presided over.

    Was I supposed to follow him as he presided over meetings? Was I given such a task?

    Second question….
    Would you consider a “meeting” a signature accomplishment?

    (2) Said you…., “Cummings did Coordination Missions”

    I’m placed in a state of disquietude, therefore I’m forced to ask this question……
    What is a “coordination mission”? Is coordination mission considered a signature accomplishment? How? But what is it in the first place?

    (3) Press briefings?
    Is a “press briefing” considered a signature accomplishment? How?
    So how many young Liberians obtained jobs because of Alexander Benedict Cummings’ “press briefings”?

    A patriot does not have to be elected to the presidency before building roads. A patriot can do many things before being elected.

    Mr. Defender, no one, but you suggested the concept of building roads. (See above). By suggesting that very concept, you have vaguely acknowledged that Weah is performing a phenomenal job in terms of the roads he builds. Would you deny what you’ve vaguely acknowledged? The eyes of the readers and the three “powerful ladies” are trained on you, my buddy. So, come clean on this one.

    Mon Petit Frere, please be bold. Be up to the task, don’t deviate or evade the main question.

    What Was Alexander Benedict Cummings’ Signature Accomplishment During His Tenure As President Of The Council Of Collaborating Parties?


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