Liberty Party Assures of Unwavering Collaboration

Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence

— Senator Lawrence Writes Unity Party (USA) Convention

Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, political leader of the opposition Liberty Party (LP), and Grand Bassa County Senator, has assured that her party stands in unwavering solidarity and friendship with the former ruling Unity Party (UP), as well as the Alternative National Congress (ANC), and the All Liberian Party (ALP) in the spirit of the opposition determination to collaborate in the best interest of the Liberian people.

In a communication to the Unity Party’s United States Convention in the State of Minnesota, Senator Lawrence, extended deep regret for her inability to be present at the convention due to “ongoing and immediate family engagements.”  “However, on behalf of the leadership and partisans of the Liberty Party in Liberia, and also in the United States of America, I extend felicitations to Liberia former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the leadership of the Unity Party-USA Branch, as well as the entire membership of the UP, and wish the convention well,” Senator Lawrence communication added.

The Liberty Party, she assured, “Stands in unwavering solidarity, and friendship with the UP, as well as the ANC, and the ALP in the spirit of our determination to collaborate in the best interest of the Liberian people.”

As the only female senator among the current 30-member senate, Madam Lawrence declared that while the UP USA Convention pertains to the internal matters of that party, “we are pleased to note that it will also seek to highlight and support the spirit of our collaborative efforts intended to sustain the togetherness of the UP, the LP, the ANC and the ALP, which is the urgent desire of the Liberian people, who are determined to preserve and consolidate their young democracy that is evidently and increasingly under stress.”

Senator Lawrence reminded the United States-based UP partisans that they were convening at a difficult time for Liberia – “A time of extremely worsening political and economic conditions. On the one hand, the CDC-led government is determined to sow seeds of political divisions and instability, while threatening the body politic with pervasive fear and undemocratic actions in its antiquated version of governance.”

Senator Lawrence , who chairs the senate committee on Rules, Order and Administration, further said that members of the former ruling party were meeting at a worse time, “when Liberians are experiencing unprecedented hardships as the economy hovers perilously on the verge of collapse due largely in part to the  obvious lack of leadership, corruption, mismanagement, incompetence, carelessness and poor decision making.”

The cost of living, Senator Lawrence lamented, is rising daily to the extent that “the Liberian dollar is falling freely, the public has no confidence in our banking system; our financial structure is unreliable, our reputation is soiled in un-trustworthiness, civil servants salaries are delayed, hospitals are becoming unresponsive and non-functional, and the educational system is moribund, and manifestly crying out for help, just to name a few.”

She decried that the “careless response” of the Weah-led administration is to increasingly reduce the salaries of the already suffering civil servants to accommodate thoughtless, and wholly partisan explosion of the wage bill.

“Even as they undertake this exercise, the President and his friends are globetrotting the world with over-sized delegations on mindless spending sprees,” Senator Lawrence said.

And added that it is painfully sad that the Weah-led administration is asking ordinary Liberians – healthcare workers, teachers, police and other service officers and civil servants – to sacrifice for their wasteful enjoyment.

“As one of the leaders of the Collaborating political party (CPP), your leader, Ambassador Boakai brings a deepened knowledge and vast political experience to the CPP, for which we are proud to be a part. Working together with the high-caliber of trusted leaders across the CPP, and the many qualified Liberians we hope to attract to the CPP as a viable alternative to the current mix of runaway incompetents and self-seeking officials, we feel inspired, despite the presenting difficulties to look to the future with hope,” Senator Lawrence assured.

The Liberty Party she said “assures you, and all Liberians that we are ready to conclude on the framework documents that will guide the CPP along the paths of its collaborative objectives.”

“We who are blessed at this time to faithfully respond to the call of the Liberian people for the coming together of the CPP and a better alternative to lead our country undertake this solemn duty with humility, seriousness and statesmanlike dedication. We know it is a calling that is bigger than each of us and our personal aspirations. Its a calling of our people for our people. We will succeed,” she vowed, and added; “we will stand together and work together in the best interests of the Liberian people.”


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