Liberia’s First Pinkberry Franchise Opens Today

For those not familiar with Pinkberry, Krua said, it is frozen yogurt, though it is sometimes confused with ice cream.

The management of Liberia’s first ever Pinkberry store has announced that the entity will officially commence its operation in the country today, Thursday, December 19, 2019.

Pinkberry is known for its light and refreshing frozen “made-fresh daily” food with nonfat milk and yogurt. This, according to its director, Mr. Jefferson Krua, will be the first time in Liberia, a franchise that started in the United States of America.

“Our long civil war meant that no American food franchise has been able to take hold in the country,” he said.

Krua, who spoke to journalists on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, at his 10th Street office, said Pinkberry was first launched in Los Angeles, California, in the United States and has since been known across the world for its fresh and tasty gourmet frozen yogurt.

According to him, there are now close to 300 stores in over 20 countries around the world, with Liberia being the fourth African country after Ghana, Egypt, and Nigeria.

The Pinkberry store is located in the trendy Sinkor neighborhood of Monrovia, at the intersection of 10th Street and Tubman Boulevard.

The new location will be serving Pinberry’s six distinctive flavours: the signature original flavor, Wild Berry, Blackberry, Stawberry Banana, Chocolate Hazelnut, and cookies and cream. They also serve tasty waffles, refreshing smoothies, and loaded parfaits.

“I’m partnering with Africa Franchise Holdings, a company owned by Ghanaian nationals, to launch Pinkberry in Liberia. The franchise’s arrival is a sign that Liberia is opened for business and can attract major international brands. Without even yet being opened, we’ve already hired a dozen of staff and paid tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and fees to the government. When we start operating, the amounts are expected to grow significantly,” Krua said.

For Krua, it is truly exciting to be able to bring the brand to Liberia. “I think it is now up to every Liberian to do our best to attract development to our country. If more Liberians can do that and stop waiting on the government, we can accelerate the pace of development.”

For those not familiar with Pinkberry, Krua said, it is frozen yogurt, though it is sometimes confused with ice cream.

He said the yogurt is made fresh daily with only the highest quality ingredients, including nonfat milk and nonfat yogurt to deliver the perfect balance of tart and sweet, resulting in a refreshing and light taste.

Krua: “We complement the yogurt with over 30 toppings, including fresh seasonal fruit that is cut in-store every single day-never frozen, in syrup, or canned. We hope with our superb service and quality products, all Liberians will be proud of this investment in the economy and come out to support.”



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