Liberia’s Education Suffers Brain Drain

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“Liberia’s educational sector has suffered serious brain drain and degradation, as a result, misfits and high school degenerates have trooped their way into the system thereby unleashing serious financial terror in the sector,” Varney Jarsey, President of the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU) has said.
According to him, the issues of bribery and financial misconducts have been seen as worthwhile venture giving rise to other vices such as sex for grade, dysfunctional library and nonexistence computer laboratory, etc.
The LINSU President indicated that others are using the teaching profession as a stepping stone to seek for greener pasture to the extent that some so-called teachers have turned the entire profession into a revenue collectorate.
Mr. Jarsey added that the failure of students at public tests, including the WAEC Exams, the University of Liberia entrance and other exams speaks to the decadence of a problem that threatened the nation’s long term growth and stability.
“We are calling on our parents to be supportive of the reform process that the Ministry of Education is expected to undertake,” he pleaded.
Jarsey said despite the backward learning environment, students with the help of their parents’ support have not held back in pursuit of education.
“With no books to do research, no science laboratories to bring theories to practice, no computer lab to meet up with the demands of technology, no chairs couple with poor infrastructures, and few qualified instructors, we have remain steadfast and determined to learn with what we have,” he added.
He said Liberia cannot and must not accept to be under the present situation facing the educational sector, noting that advancement is a must if “we must catch up with the contemporaries’ world.”
He further urged everyone to embrace the Government’s reform measures to be undertaken.
Mr. Jarsey used the occasion to remind Liberians that there can be no reforms in society without paying the price, no matter how difficult it may be.


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