Liberia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Arzo Aquoi testified yesterday at the Criminal Court ‘A’ that there is no functional CT Scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine in the country to examine defendant Vandalark Patrick, who has been indic


The reception after the wedding ceremonies were completed was supposed to climax the happy occasion, but many family members and well-wishers who thronged the edifice of God Power Ministries, began to fall to the ground and became helpless after eating salad provided by the couple.

There were no reports of death, but many of the victims vomited and complained of stomach pain and physical weakness.

The incident took place in Logan Town, on Bushrod Island, Monrovia after Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed Konneh’s wedding was held at the God Power Ministries Church.

Eye-witnesses told the Daily Observer that when the bridal party returned after driving through the community, they were joined by a throng of friends, family and other well-wishers.

Later, the couple confirmed that they heard a warning from the wife’s uncle (Sakajeepo Snorh) that the food for the guests had been tampered with and therefore they (husband and wife) should not eat the food.

Eye-witnesses said excited people meanwhile began to enjoy the salad and other delicacies that are normally served at wedding receptions.

“It was after eating the food that people began to fall down, unable to help themselves. Others were vomiting and crying with stomach pain,” a report said.

With the mass of the people appearing helpless, pandemonium broke out and the remaining members at the church, including Mother Grace and Bishop Robert, began to seek help.

The Daily Observer learned that amid the confusion, neighbors began to transport those clutching their stomachs to the nearby Cynthia Nelson Clinic and another described as ‘Small Catholic’ clinic in Logan Town.

Nurses at the two clinics provided first aid to all those sent there, the report added.

Meanwhile, the rest of the food was gathered together and dumped nearby as unfit for human consumption, although there was no testing done to find out what was responsible for the strange sickness.

Many of the people blamed witchcraft. It was later announced by Mother Grace that henceforth, there would be no eating at any reception at the church’s edifice in the future for any occasion.


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