Liberians Urged to Look Beyond Party Lines


– Huge crowd welcomes Dr. Jones and entourage to Cape Mount, where he officially received a symbolic key to the county

The standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. J. Mills Jones, has urged the Liberian electorate to look beyond party or ethnic lines when choosing leaders for the country. He said Liberians must come together and take bold steps towards a new Liberia, and must commit themselves to the building of a new political paradigm that would develop the country through buoyant economic measures and empowerment.

Speaking to thousands of partisans during a campaign tour of Grand Cape Mount County, from Gbah Foboi, Sinje, Tahn, Weaju and up to Mano River, Jones said the economic empowerment of an individual has great implications to ensure a stable macro-economic environment which, in turn, will enhance and assure better income distribution. He said in the midst of economic challenges, regaining Liberia’s place in the history of nations is still possible, a vision that forms a critical part of the party’s motto, which states that “Poverty is not our (Liberians) destiny.”

Dr. Jones, described throughout the country as ‘Poverty Doctor’ for the financial inclusion policy he implemented to benefit many poor people throughout the country while serving as Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, encouraged Liberian electorates to look to the future with hope. He said Liberians must wake up and “look beyond party lines for a leader that you can trust, a leader who has the heart to set the pace for the country’s transformation.” He said the world will not take Liberia serious if people continue to request for change through continuity and called on the young people to wake up to the reality that leadership is not all about money or popularity.

He assured Cape Mountaineers that they would not be forgotten in a Jones-led Liberia. He said under his presidency, Liberians would become prime actors in the growth of the economy, with health, education and agriculture receiving massive boosts never before experienced in the country’s history. He reaffirmed his commitment to marketers and the business community by promising to continue his micro-finance and stimulus initiatives as means to creating a middle-income nation.

Hundreds of jubilant supporters welcome Dr. Jones in Grand Cape Mount

According to Jones, a MOVEE leadership will take steps to improve the skills of teachers and progressively increase their salaries, and will utilize technology for distance learning programs so that teachers do not have to leave their counties to attend training institutes to improve their skills. “We will provide them incentives to encourage teachers to go to or remain in rural areas. We will work to create a conducive atmosphere for learning; and when time and resources are used to train teachers, they will be hired and paid according to their qualifications,” he added. Jones said it is time to use the country’s resources wisely by minimizing corruption and wasteful spending. He called on the citizens of the county to vote for the right leader, who will change their living standard, “because for too long Liberians have been yearning for change,” which he believes must come with the economic empowerment of the people.

Earlier, Kiason Kiadii, Commissioner of Garwula District in his welcome statement at the Sinje Town Hall, said the people were excited to receive Dr. Jones, describing his visit as a sign of hope. Varney Kamara, the youth leader of Gbah Foboi, recounted the numerous support Dr. Jones has provided to students in the country. Kamara noted that the MOVEE presidential candidate is the highest contributor to the scholarship fund drive to enter the University of Liberia, which he said has impacted the lives of hundreds of students from Cape Mount County.

As a sign of support to Dr. Jones, Elder Morris Boima presented him a symbolic key which he symbolically used to unlock the county for the people’s support. Elder Boima said Dr. Jones’ poverty eradication initiatives during his tenure as Central Bank Governor greatly changed the lives of ordinary people, who are now contributing to the country’s economy. He said the micro-loan scheme implemented under Jones’ administration reduced the level of hardship in the country. Elder Boima intimated that Dr. Jones’ main focus is on rural women, who he provides loans for their businesses.

Receiving the symbolic key, the MOVEE political leader challenged perceptions from some quarters that the county is owned by certain political parties, individuals or politicians, and vowed that he is not focusing on names, but is rather actively engaging the people to elect him as Liberia’s next president – promising to be a fighter that will work with the people to change things for the better.

The MOVEE political leader was accompanied by his wife, Madam Esther Boston Jones; the party’s national chairman, Mr. D. Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr.; deputy Islamic grand mufti of Liberia, Sheik Abdullah Kromah, Thomas Fahn, Sando Grant – MOVEE aspirants for Grand Cape Mount County Districts #1, 2, and 3 respectively; and supporters from across the region.


  1. Mills Jones, you are a loser! You are telling others “to look beyond party or ethnic lines when choosing leaders for the country,” BUT you Mills Jones have not looked beyond ethnic lines when choosing leaders for the country, ipso facto your choosing of another Congau man like yourself Samuel B. Reeves as your Vice President, running mate and vice ´Standard Bearer of your party. THIS IS ALL YOUR POLITICAL RIVALS HAVE TO SAY AGAINST YOU! According to you, a country man is not fit for the presidency.

    As a matter of fact this is where you committed a political suicide!! If life were primarily about social needs or economic empowerment, and ETHNIC DIGNITY (for others), political rights and political empowerment were meaningless, as you seem to believe, the Berlin Wall would have not been torn down, and communism would have not shreded into oblivion!!!

  2. Mr. ZoedJallah,

    Thanks for that insightful observation; unquestionably, the choice of Dr. Reeves was a grave oversight. Especially so, under an electioneering climate dominated by Congua – Country ethnic identity politics, the MOVEE ticket should have reflected our diversity. Nonetheless, rather than an indicator of a belief that a native is not fit to be president, it showed political naivety or overconfidence. And like you rightly said, either could cost the MOVEE candidate the presidential race.

  3. Brother S. Gbahyahforh Moses,

    Thanks for the compliment and your powerful interjecton! You are right “the choice of Samuel Reeves was a grave oversight”, and that “a belief that a native is not fit to be president, showed political naivety or overconfidence”. But in totality it fundamentally indicated ignorance in action on the part of Jones. As a teaching from the Rosicrucian Order goes…”ignorance is really the true original sin and punishment”! And this is evidenced in the “strayed chicken behavior” of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her final hours as President.

  4. Brother Kandajaba Zoebohn ZoedJallah,

    I suspect you don’t seriously think that the selection of Pastor Reeves was as a result of “ignorance”. Contrary to my position about the Congua – Native rigmarole in the coming elections, some would argue that hooking the Christian base, in a country which professes to be a Christian nation, was a masterstroke.

    Of course, as for EJS, she has been moaning for the presidency before Mill Jones graduated from high school, and knew exactly what she wanted to do with it. To therefore associate her performance with “ignorance” is being too generous. Put another way, ironically, you are rationalizing premeditated dangerous misrule.

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