Liberians to Benefit from ABAS’ ‘Free Healthcare’


The association of brotherhood academic scholars (ABAS) said it will on Saturday, February 25 offer welfare services such as free medical care, open kitchen and the provision of personal effects for the poor.

ABAS is a non-denominational spiritual movement which teaches and practices universal love for all irrespective of status for the peace, righteousness and unity of the human family.

Dr. Thomas Commander, ABAS International president, who spoke to journalists at ABAS’ Caldwell headquarters, said apart from the free services, the group will also spread the word of God to spiritually revive Liberians as they conduct the October elections.

The need to spread the word of God and rally for the conduct of a successful October poll, he said, necessitated a peace march.

“The fellowship mandated us to organize this peace march in Monrovia to usher in peace, stability, good governance, and sustainable development,” Dr. Commander said.

Over the years Liberians have been faced with a series of calamities, including the prevalence of diseases, poverty and underdevelopment, that led to the destruction of many lives, he recalled.

He said Liberians are now enjoying the benefits of peace, stability and some level of development as the result of God’s special intervention.

Dr. Commander, who is also known as ‘Christ’s Ambassador,’ said that the upcoming peace march is an annual event that his members have dedicated to pray for peace from country to country.

He said as a sovereign nation preparing for another general election in October, “the Almighty God, through this medium of the peace march by the ABASites, has ushered in a peaceful and crisis-free election to enthrone a new democratic government.”

He added: “This is why the Holy Father directed that this peace march be organized to avert the possibility of another round of political turmoil and the prospect of another civil war.”

Dr. Commander called on Liberians to join ABAS on the peace march, saying, “It is not about religious differences, but for the good of the country.”


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