Thousands to Protest Libya Slavery Wednesday


Liberians are expected to join thousands of other nationals around the world to protest against Libya for buying and selling migrants and refugees, as well as other ‘heartless and deadly’ treatments.

The organizers said their protest is a backlash to Libya’s crimes against humanity. The Liberia protest is organized by Gospel musical icon turned politician, Kanvee Gaine Adams.

In a telephone conversation with the Daily Observer yesterday, Adams said the “march” is set for Wednesday, December 6, where Liberians will peacefully assemble in front of the Libyan Embassy for answers from Libya.

Kanvee ranted over the phone: “We’re going there for answers…Why should Libya prevent a safe route of passage for migrants and refugees to go to Europe; why should Libyans buy and sell human beings as slaves and why should they inhumanely treat other human beings like animals?”

Liberians in Libya

In a rather tearful tone, Kanvee explained that there are also Liberians in Libya who went there to seek passage to Europe, but unfortunately, their documents and money were seized and they were thrown into dungeons, sold as slaves — beaten, molested and some have died.

“There are hundreds of Liberian migrants (travelers) in Libya who have been trapped and probably also been sold and maltreated, according to my brother, Issa, who narrowly bought his way out and is presently in Accra, Ghana.”

She sobbed: “Issa and some of his friends went to Libya — they met Liberians there — Liberians are in Libya…”

Wednesday or Friday

However, Adams said the march and assembly will be scheduled on Wednesday, pending a permit from the Justice Ministry. If not, the final date would be on Friday.

“A call to duty!!! All Africans at the Libyan Embassy on Wednesday, December 6, from 7:30 a.m. demanding an explanation from the Ambassador on gross human rights violations on fellow Africans! Be a part as we will be peaceful, come with posters. A cause we must stand for,” she wrote on her Facebook timeline.

Song against Slavery

As a way to continue and promote the awareness against slavery and maltreatment of other Africans in Libya, she said, she is doing a song, entitled: “Africa is Beautiful, but Leaders are Ugly.”

“The song explains the beautiful lands of Africa – the natural resources, climate, weather, etc, but the leaders – officials of Africa have ugly ways – bad and wicked ways.”

AU and EU Offices

Meanwhile, according to Kanvee, if the Libyan Embassy is closed, the protesters will march on Wednesday to the offices of the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) for answers and petition them to stop the slave trade.

UN Urges Libya

On Thursday, the United Nations urged Libya to “take urgent action” to end the slave trade, a practice exposed by CNN’s exclusive reporting that showed slave auctions in the country.

In a written statement released on Thursday from a panel of UN experts including Urmila Bhoola, special rapporteur on contemporary slavery, and Felipe Gonzalez Morales, special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, the panel said it was “extremely disturbed” by the images.

“It is now clear that slavery is an outrageous reality in Libya. The auctions are reminiscent of one of the darkest chapters in human history when millions of Africans were uprooted, enslaved, trafficked and auctioned to the highest bidder.”

The slave trade was brought to the United Nations’ attention after undercover CNN reporters witnessed a dozen men being sold at auctions outside Libya’s capital, Tripoli.

Many of those being sold are migrants like Victory, a 21-year-old man who fled Nigeria and spent his life savings in hopes of reaching Europe. He made it as far as Libya when he ran out of funds, he told CNN, and smugglers sold him as a day laborer to make a profit.

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  1. Where is the African Union? What is the main purpose of the formation of the African Union? The African Continent is WORSE OFF now than what is was during independence. Let anyone try ill treating any group of Europeans, Americans or Asians, and see what will happen to you!. The African Union sat in 2011 and saw muhammar Gadhafi was brutally murder by gangs that were formed and supported by the EU and NATO alliances.

    When the African Union was founded in 1958 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, countries that were member states, aim and objectives were to unite the continent, and have one central government. That way, the African Union, as should had been; will pull all their resources together and form one united front to counter any outside threat that will try to foster the idea of colonialism. Example: the mogul empire was turned to modern day India, a sub-continent, the sub continent of Zhongguo (China), one country. The USA sub continent, is the United States of America, etc. The African continent founding fathers, wanted the Africa to be one nation.

    In every organizations there factions, and individuals who do sign their signatures to the founding agreements, but do not abide by the rules. In the case of the African Union, it was our own William V S Tubman that turned the other way. After the Addis Ababa meeting with Tubman, Sekou Toure, Nkrumah, Emperor Haile Selassie etc. In 1959 Tubman, known as the GRAND OLD MAN of the continent at the time, convened a meeting in Casablanca called the CASSABLANCA COMPROMISED. History had it that Tubman was working on a master planned orchestrated by western Intelligent. The goal was to fragmentized the African Union to individual member states, which is what we have now in Africa. Leading to a “divide and rule”, status. After the Casablanca meeting, the African Union was now called OAU in 1963, which means: the Organizations of African Unity. Member states having their own government, own police, own soldier(are these soldiers capable of keeping their boarders from being invaded by outside mercenaries). We are more weaker than what we were 50 years ago.

    Our representatives have no saying at the top world meeting body. We are living in an illusion .!!!!


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