Rev. Boyce Advises Pilgrims to go Back to Their Christian Heritage

ICEJ Pilgrims at the admission ceremony.

Reverend Charles Boyce of the Catholic Church has urged Liberians, who have visited Israel and are known as pilgrims, to make sure to go back to their Christian heritage, to enable them to get their share of the blessings the Lord God has given Israel many years ago.

Rev. Boyce spoke at the admission ceremony of over 25 members of the Pilgrims into the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem-Liberia (ICEJ) at the edifice of the Army of the Living God Ministries International in Monrovia on October 3.

He proxied for the Archbishop of the Catholic Church Lewis Zeigler and drew his admonishing from the Bible book of Zechariah 14:16-18.

The ICEJ comprises of Christians who have visited Jerusalem, Israel.

Rev. Boyce informed the pilgrims to use their experiences from Israel to positively transform Liberia into a God-fearing nation.

“If you ever had the opportunity to go to Israel, your lives will never remain the same. What you have seen and experienced has affected your lives but please do not be selfish with the knowledge and share it with your brothers and sisters to transform our Christian nation,” he said.

Rev. Boyce said the return of the pilgrims from the Holy Land must help Liberia change to the land of truth and serenity and must be dedicated to God.

He informed the pilgrims that Jerusalem is the religious capital on earth, emphasizing that it is important that Christians know their true identity.

Rev. Boyce said God chose Israel as the place of worship and that is the reason why Christians from around the world go to Jerusalem to pay homage to the living God.

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor said she had been to Israel three times, and for every time she entered the holy ground, there were different experiences and feelings that she cannot explain.

“Such feelings make the Holy Bible come alive,” she said.

The vice president said whenever she arrived in the Holy Land, she would seek for a spiritual connection from the Bible that confirms that God is real.

She said Africans hold on to Jesus Christ so strongly because they face a lot of difficulties.

Archbishop Isaac S. Winker of the Dominion Christian Fellowship gave his experience from the holy land and said his greatest movement at the holy land was to enter the tomb that Jesus Christ was buried in.

Montserrado County District #5 representative Thomas P. Fallah said he was baptized in the Jordan River, along with a symbol of Liberia, as he turned Liberia to the Most High.

Those that just returned included Apostle J. Aaron Wrights, Sr., head of the delegation, Bishop Anthony Wennie, Reverend Dellon P. Brown and Thomas P. Fallah.

ICEJ was founded in 1980 to carry out the mandate of Isaiah 40:1 to comfort the people of Israel through humanitarian assistance.

The objective of ICEJ is to stand with Israel in support and friendship and to equip and teach the worldwide church regarding God’s purposes with Israel and the Middle East.

The mission of the organization is to recognize the biblical significance of all Jerusalem and its unique connection with the Jewish people.

Today, ICEJ is representing millions of Christians, churches, and denominations to the people of Israel, with a vision to reach every segment of Israeli society with a Christian testimony of comfort and love.


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