Liberians in U.S. to Gather in Washington for “National Day of Prayer”


(Washington, D.C.) Liberians in the United States will gather this Sunday near Washington DC for a “National Day of Prayer” event for Liberia in the wake of growing concerns regarding conditions in their homeland.

A joint statement from the President of the Liberian Association of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area (LCA) Madam Lucy Wilson Kear, and the Chairman of the Association Liberian Christian Ministers in the United States (ALCM) Rev. J. Orlando Flahn indicated that the special event will bring together noted leaders of the Liberian clergy, along with diplomats from the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, and recognized leaders of the Liberian Diaspora. They will join hundreds of Liberians and their various congregations from all over the U.S. to pray for what they described as needed improvement in current conditions in Liberia at the onset of the New Year.

The leaders asserted that the decision to convene the special event was triggered by growing concerns by Liberians in the Diaspora regarding the deteriorating conditions in their homeland in the midst of growing calls for unity in purpose to seek solutions to an “unending spiral of backwardness” which has gripped Liberia in recent decades.

LCA President Wilson-Kear also mentioned the National Prayer Day will launch the beginning of a united front combining the leadership of the Liberians in the Diaspora and the clergy to tackle the plight of economic hardship and socio-political conditions affecting Liberia. She said the new united approach will also address issues affecting Liberians in the Diaspora including the looming threat of an imminent expiration of the immigration status of thousands of Liberians in the U.S. who are currently on the temporary status of Deferred Enforced Departure as well as those whose status of Temporary Protective Status (TPS) have already expired.

The “National Day of Prayer” and Dedicatory Service will be held at the Our Savior Lutheran Church located at 13611 Laurel Bowie Road Laurel, Maryland on Sunday January 13, 2019 beginning at 3:30PM. It will be hosted by the Liberian Association of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area (LCA) in collaboration with the Liberian Christian Ministers in the U.S. It will also include a dedicatory ceremony to usher in the newly elected leaders of the LCA in Washington DC.


  1. Here we go again.The Liberian people elected bunch of very poor crooks and now we should pray for them to be good leaders.

  2. You already have the ultimate gift: LIFE. Use it and stop this nonsense about prayer. Prayer for what? God has better things to do with his time than to listen to lazy Africans.

    If you want things to improve in Liberia, go there and make that happen. Haven’t you guys learned anything in all your years in America?

    • No, my friend say it correctly, it’s lazy Liberians, not Africans. They are praying not to return to their own country but sits in America and criticize the Liberian government and people.

      Just My Opinion!

  3. No amount of prayer, without practicality, will ever solve our problem. We been a praying nation since we claim the pharse, “our fouding fathers carved us, based on a [christian priciple]”. It was the same ‘founding fathers’ that sequestrated everything in the past that was meant to uplift the natives, yet they never miss a sunday of Church service.
    Just my thought

  4. Power is in prayer, and when you pray you’ve gotten the power to love and loved! The Bible says, if you pray, whatsoever that is done on Earth, so shall it in heaven. Pray without season, whether you started praying in “Charlie King” or not, just pray without season!


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