Liberians in Holland Donate Medical supplies to Rural Clinics &Hospitals

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The Liberian Association in Holland has donated medical supplies to at least 13 clinics and hospitals in Montserrado County and other areas.

The medical supplies which include beds, mattresses, and disinfectants, surgical clothes and masks were brought into Liberia by the President of the Liberian Association in Holland Mrs. Balloh Comfort Williams.

During her donation to Varney Goyah Town in Todee District, Mrs. Williams said the aimed of the medical supplies is to provide support to Liberians who cannot afford to get proper   treatment especially in the fight against the killer Ebola virus in the country.

According to her, the Liberians in Holland saw the pain and difficulties the country is facing since the Ebola outbreak. “We keep seeing our people everyday falling prey to this deadly disease and that is why we decided to join hands with our partners to help fight this virus by bringing in these medical supplies.”

She described the donation as a humanitarian support to the  rural clinics noting that it is better for partners to focus on the rural clinics because they are the ones very hard to reach and that they suffer to get medical attention.

“I focus my donation on the rural areas because the rural places are being neglected and they are the ones who need better medical attention but a majority of the people focus on Montserrado,” she claimed.

When asked by Journalists about the issue of Stigmatization in that part of the world, Mrs. Williams disclosed that she will be stigmatized by friends, family and loved ones because she was warned not to “step in Liberia because of the EVD”.

“I am not surprised at being stigmatized in Holland, but the issue is that I must identify with my country and people in this difficult time and my people need better medication. I believe in the saying, “It’s not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,” said Mrs. Williams.

The medical supplies were brought in two containers and they were distributed to Panetan Community Clinic in Varney Goyah Town, Todee District, Kingsville Community Clinic, and Redemption among others.

Mrs. Williams is a Liberian who hails from Grand Kru County and completed her primary education in Saniquelle.

Upon receiving the items,  the proprietor of the Panetan Community Clinic, Dr. Nessies T.Ngumbu,  thanked Mrs. Williams for the support given to the clinic which he said has been closed  for over six months due to lack of Ebola supplies.

Dr.Ngumbu told reporters that the clinic, when open, provides pre and post natal and other services to the people of Panetan and surrounding areas.

“I was born in this town and my people suffer a lot. When they are sick family members have to put them in hammock and take them to Kakata for treatment. Sometimes they die while in the process,” he explained. He said he worked with Save the Children for eighteen years and used his salary to build an eleven bed room clinic in order to provide medical services to his people, adding that things have now gotten better.

He called on the Government of Liberia, humanitarian organizations to provide the clinic with an Ambulance, lab equipment, microscope and other medical equipment to save more lives in Todee district adding the issue of patient referral is a major challenge for the clinic

At the Kingsville community clinic, which is a government run clinic, Madam Kaytor Kowo, a certified midwife disclosed that the clinic is still using the 1997 patient beds to serve the people.

She said, “We have been advocating to the Government of Liberia and other partners for hospital beds for so long,” adding that the only beds they have now “are the ones we started using since 1997 to present.”  She said the donated beds and other medical items will boost the services of the.

Madam Kowo thanked the Liberians in Holland for the kind gesture and promised to use the items for the purpose intended.


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