‘Liberians Have the Choice to Make Liberia What They Want’

    Ambassador GANG- “You have the choice to decide.”.jpg

    Cameroonian Ambassador, Augustine Beng’yela Gang, has stressed that Liberia’s fate lies in the hands of Liberians as they (Liberians) begin the constitution review process.

    Ambassador GANG was among a group of foreign diplomats including Brazil’s Ambassador and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) officials who attended the official launching of the Constitution Review Committee Civic Education campaign on February 14.

    In his remarks on behalf of the Doyen and members of the Diplomatic Corp during the launching, the Cameroonian Ambassador stressed that the Constitution Review process is a serious one that Liberians have to attach importance to.

    Ambassador Gang made his statement reflecting Joshua’s call ( Joshua 1:1-18) saying, “The Constitution Review process is serious business.  It is a choice for you to decide whether you can run the country by taking up machetes against one another, or by using laws and discussion.”

    He said constitutional problems are not new issue specific only to Liberia and that other country around the world also struggled because they lacked a strong constitution.

    According to him, these countries went through a similar process to the one Liberia is currently undergoing in order to repair the damage caused by the lack of a constitution.

    He also noted that diplomats themselves suffered many problems when there was no constitution; which according to him causes them to argue bitterly.

    In order to address this problem that puts diplomats at loggerheads, Ambassador Gang said a decision was reached and constitution drafted at the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic practice in 1961 to guide diplomats in relating to one another.

    Urging Liberians not to be confused about what their Constitution means, he defined it as the basic fundamental laws on which all other laws are based.

    Ambassador Gang stressed that it is important for Liberians to attach seriousness to reviewing the Constitution because whatever is written therein is a legal decision that citizens can use against their government or that the government can use against its citizens.

    The assertive diplomat said that Liberians have to think carefully of beneficial ideas they can craft to be contained in the Constitution, saying, “Do not put something in the Constitution for vengeance. Keep in mind that your child may also become President in the future.”

    “These are things we have to take into consideration when we are making the Constitution.  Diplomats are not part of the process, we serve as observers.  We do not have a say in it but perform our duties according to how you decide it should be,” he concluded.


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