Liberians Advised to Stop Secret Killings, Political Bickering


A Pentecostal prelate has admonished Liberians to stop what he called “secret killings, hatred and political bickering” that continue to undermine the country’s development.

“Liberians must see reason to allow the electoral processes to take precedence over hatred, killings and political bickering in our peaceful country,” Rev. Joseph Menjor pleaded.

Rev. Menjor, General Overseer of the Free Pentecostal Global Mission of Liberia (FPGML), gave the caution recently in a Daily Observer interview.

He appealed to Liberians to exercise patience and allow the current government to go through a peaceful democratic transition.

For the past few weeks, Rev. Menjor said too many “strange things” have happened in the country that needed to be resolved by Liberians.

He added that Liberians one way or the other are related to each other and should work to create an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence, dialogue and reconciliation.

Rev. Menjor explained that many Liberians have reached out to ensure that the country is transformed into a Christian nation to get God’s blessings.

He, however, said that the prevalence of secret killings, hatred and political bickering in some parts of the country go directly against the pleas for God’s blessings on the country.

The FPGML overseer appealed to Liberians to wait and witness the peaceful transition of the government to another that will be democratically elected.

“This current government will not remain in power forever; I believe other players will soon come on board,” Rev. Menjor said.

He intimated that there are many wicked things happening in the Liberian society that will need prayers and supplication to overcome.

Rev. Menjor called on Liberians and partners to continue the support necessary for the development of the country.

He said the Liberian government must leave the opposition and other critical voices and concentrate on the current development activities.

Rev. Menjor called on the churches to work together and pray for God’s intervention in the current crisis facing the nation.


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