Liberian Youth Urged to be Tolerant During Elections


An Alumnus of the Pan African Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP), Jee-won M. E. Arkoi, said as the 2017 elections draw near, Liberians must be tolerant toward each other to ensure that the peace being enjoyed is sustained.

Speaking on Wednesday at the celebration of International Peace Day at the Brewerville City Hall, an event organized by the NGO Center Peace Education (CPE), Ms. Arkoi, 16, said tolerance is the ability to accept other people who have different beliefs and habits.

She said no two persons think alike; and everyone lives differently, with divergent interests.

“We are all Liberians; and in order for peace to prevail we must learn to tolerate one another and live in harmony. We have every reason to tolerate each other. And as the 2017 elections come nearer, we have to engage each other,” she said. “We need peace in our hearts, peace in our families, peace in our nation, peace on the continent and peace among races and religions.”

Jee-won M. E. Arkoi is a high school graduate and alumni of the Pan African Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP) based in the United States.

“Today, after 13 years of relative peace, as Liberia enters a critical period in its nascent democracy and consolidates the peace gain thus far, it is appropriate to commemorate this year’s International Day of Peace with a theme that fosters sustainable peaceful coexistence,” said Arkoi.

Meanwhile, CPE Founder and Executive Director, Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm, used the occasion “to remind Liberians that peace is not a separate entity; instead, it is part of us.”

He said peace starts from within and extends outward. “This means that if parents in Fish Town or Rivercess cannot afford to send their children to school, it should equally affect all Liberians, because empathy is the foundation of long-term peace and development,” he added.

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to establishing a comprehensive peace building program in Liberia by teaching mediation and conflict resolution as a means of achieving harmony and a better life for future generations.

For the past three years, CPE has been teaching peace education as a subject in grade schools and peer mediation in local communities for youths to understand and address the elements of a peaceful society in contrast to forces that promulgate violence.

“Every year our Annual World Peace Day has a theme that is reflected in all of the programs and activities of the Organization throughout the year,” Vonhm said.


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