Liberian Woman in Sierra Leone Fears Another Mudslide Might Kill the Rest of Her Family

Ruth Dobor (with her kids): "I want to come back home and help my husband to come back to himself,"

Ruth Dorbor struggled to speak to our reporter in colloquia so that she could be understood while articulating her needs and fear of remaining in Sierra Leone after the tragic flooding and mudslide that took place two weeks ago, killing her husband’s entire family and Ruth’s fear is, that another mudslide might this time around kill her, her husband and two children.

“We have no where to go, everyone has already evacuated the area except us,” she said.

In a cluttered zinc room where the family of four live, two doors down from a house that was completely wiped out by gushing water, Ruth manages to express her pain and fear as her two small children watched with sadness in their eye, to their mother giving the account of what happened to her in-laws.

“My husband lost all his living relatives. His brother, wife and kids came to visit him for the holiday and the place we put them for lodging because our room is too small, was covered in mud and they all died. None of them survived; we have not been able to find their bodies yet,” she panicked.

Her husband has been unable to talk, the grief he says he feels is beyond words and his heart is broken as a result of losing his last surviving relatives who managed to surpass war and Ebola, but succumbed to the deadly mudslide.

According to Ruth, the community is now covered in pitch black, all of the house lights, music and signs of people living in her community have all vanished, along with those who she remembered seeing just a few days ago.

“I am tormented, I can’t sleep, its too sad, all those that we were used to have all died,’ she added.

Left in place of a home Ruth says she has lived since leaving Liberia more than 10 years ago, is the smell of death and sounds of wailing and empty houses that have managed to withstand the storms that continues to pour down on Salone.

“No selling because all of those that used to buy from us have all died, and there is no one that we are used to in the area again,’ she added.

Ruth says that she has not heard from her family in Liberia for years and appeals to her parents from the Gardnersville Supermarket community, Beatrice Baidu and her father, Daniel J. Baidu to come to her aid.

“I don’t know if they are still alive but I want to go back to Liberia because everyone is leaving and we don’t have nowhere to go. We are appealing to the Liberian government to help us please, I want to come back home and help my husband to come back to himself,” she pled.

Foday Sesay, a Sierra Leonean survivor

Meanwhile, Ruth and her family are not the only ones wandering around in hopes of finding somewhere else to go, our reporter came across Foday Sesay, a Sierra Leonean survivor. He gave us an account of what happened to him and how Ruth’s family’s house vanished as he watched it being covered in red mud.

“The storm covered me and by the grace of God, I was able to come out alive. There were 12 of us in the house, I was able to save the rest, but one died, my brother’s son did did not make it. I was inside of the incident; that is why my face is scraped like this, I was hurt saving my brother and his children, but one passed away. Since coming from he hospital, I have no where to go, so I just walk around, I have not been registered, I have no where to lay down,” he said.


  1. This is a sad story for poor Ruth Dorbor and her children including several Liberians who are stranded in Freetown. I hope Liberians in Sierra Leone who were affected by the mudslide and wants to return home but have no means can go to our embassy in Freetown and ask to be repatriated to Liberia at the expense of our Government. I hope the Liberian embassy will find humanitarian grounds to help these stranded Liberian citizens in Freetown.


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